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In a discussion with Dr E we were engaged in one of the sessions where he invites me to consider the situation from the point of view of those that I interact with. On this particular occasion we were discussing situations where a victim wishes to cease interacting with me and he wanted to know if I could understand why they might form that view. Since I am a clever chap I am able to work out how people might feel about being on the receiving end of my behaviour. I understand that anxiety and hyper vigilance, misery and upset follow the way I treat people. As you know though I do not care. People make the mistake that I am dismissive of the way people feel. It is not that. I can see that they are upset. I can see that they are angry. I know all of that. What people often fail to realise is that my needs have to come first. I need my fuel. If that means you standing there sobbing at me then that has to happen so I get my fuel. If there was a different way of getting that fuel then I would use that method. If that alternative method did not leave you upset then I would take it, but there is no other way, not when I grow tired of you. I need the fuel and that means you have to suffer as you supply that to me.

I do understand how you feel because I have seen the reactions over and over again. I know what anger looks like, I know what misery is and I have seen despair so often. I can understand your point of view when you stand arguing with me, but I will not concede to it. I want you to keep arguing as that gives me fuel. I will deploy a circular argument to keep the drama going. I want you to explode through frustration and shower me with your attention as you do so. I hear everything you say to me (although I will wind you up by saying I cannot hear you, so you speak louder and become exasperated). People suspect that I cannot appreciate what your view is. I do but it must always be subservient to my desire for fuel. Of course, by telling you this I can extract even more fuel from you because now you know that I understand your views but I wont pay any heed to them and that will infuriate you all the more.

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  1. FoolMe1Time says:

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    When to the app and downloaded it again. It worked for anyone that wants to try it if you are not able to comment or reply? It only took a minute! 😘

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  4. Delilah Bluelove says:

    I think you see the feelings and can classify them, but you don’t know what it’s like to FEEL fear, anger, frustration, etc. the way we do.

    You have the fear of the creature pulling you over the edge and falling into the abyss.

    Maybe our feelings of pain are similar to your wounding, but they must be different somehow.

  5. About the eyes says:

    Last week I watched an interview with a psychopath, who was arrested for torturing his children (below 10 years of age). He explained he saw the children, his children, as toys to play with. Do all psychpaths do that – see their children as toys? Toys to torture?

    1. HG Tudor says:

      They are objects, our possessions do with as we see fit.

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