Why Am I Behaving Like the Narcissist?




Why am I behaving like the narcissist?

This is a common question that I read and that I am asked.

It causes worry and anxiety, it also leads to holes occurring in the No Contact Regime because an empathic victim lays blame on themselves and then engages in remedial action which damages that all-important No Contact regime.

This material provides you with a pillar for your Logic Defences so that you understand what is happening and you start maintain theNo Contact regime.

This material addresses the following :-

Why am I behaving like the narcissist?

What is driving that behaviour?

Can I stop this behaviour and how does that happen?

Am I turning into a narcissist?

Is there such a thing as “narcissistic fleas”?

How the narcissist´s Campaign of Projection is involved

Does Emotional Thinking play a part and if so, how?

What should I look for to distinguish my behaviour from that of the narcissist?

Am I instinctively behaving like the narcissist and if so, why?

Am I consciously behaving like the narcissist and if so, why?

Is this behaviour towards the narcissist only or can it be demonstrated towards non-narcissists as well?

Delivered as an audio file through email, this material, as always explained using HG Tudor´s unique and effective lexicon, will enable you to understand more about your behaviour. Understanding is the key to achieving freedom and it is just as important to understand you as it is to understand the narcissist.

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3 thoughts on “Why Am I Behaving Like the Narcissist?

  1. lickemtomorrow says:

    I bought this one in the ‘flash sale’ earlier 🙂

    Looking forward to getting some answers.

  2. Asp Emp says:

    When I first started reading into narcissism and empathic traits – and before I started using KNT. I came across an article – about how an empath can become the narcissist’s narcissist. I surprised myself after reading this one and felt so much better for having my ‘supanova’ moment.

    From that and what I have gained in knowledge so far, it is possible for an empath to start mirroring the narcissist. I have to admit, I was ‘turning the tables’ on him and he didn’t like it – made out that I was being horrible etc when in fact he was pity playing to others. So, yes, I reckon that is exactly what happened in my case. Afterall, the narcissist ‘mirrors’ us during seduction / golden period time.

    Can the narcissist start ‘mirroring’ the empath when he notices that the empath is starting to change (in his eyes, into a right cow), without even looking at his own behaviours that led to it in the first place?

    I suppose, it also depends on how many narcissists, or the length of time being with one during the life time of an empath.

  3. Leela says:

    Oh man! Gotta “digest” my TDC results first – but I will definitely keep this one in mind! 😉

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