Is He A Narcissist?



Is he or she a narcissist?

The information says yes, so why do you keep doubting it and how can you conquer this?

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27 thoughts on “Is He A Narcissist?

  1. Summer says:

    Id also like to add that for me this site has had residual benefits as well. It has helped me deal logically with non narcissist yet highly narcissist people n my family as well as alcohol. Since i left my husband, alcohol became a challenge for me more than i care to share. In my case i view alcohol kind’ve like a narcissistic substance & i can notice my emotional thinking surrounding it. I beg ur pardon for being off topic a bit but wanted to share n case it is useful to anyone. Even though Mr Tudor can b the devil, he is an angel to us 😊 because he has helped me in multiple areas of my life. I love coming here. Thank you very much

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Yes the education that I provide also has collateral benefits for you. Indeed there are a number of readers who consult with me on additional matters which has enabled them to achieve measurable improvements to their lives with regard to other matters.

  2. Summer says:

    I keep thinking this site cant get any better & it does! Even after all I experienced & learned & even the NDC I was plagued by this doubt & never shared because i didnt want it to b viewed as a criticism & i hold Mr Tudors advice so highly i would never go anywhere else on this topic. Till now i didnt connect the dots between the doubt & ET. I just anchored myself by saying i didnt care what he was i was never going near him again. I even engraved the word ‘remember’ Into my bedside lamp to help me not be overly influenced by those around me that hold him n such high regard & feel sorry for him that i left him. I agree this one deserves to b n the Knowledge Vault. I am so grateful that Mr Tudors interests align with ours. Absolutely Priceless.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      I am pleased to see that you have found this to be the case.

    2. NarcAngel says:

      I agree that it just continues to get better and it’s so good to hear that you have made the link that will put the doubt to rest.

      Just a suggestion: maybe you could get yourself one of those Pandora bracelets that reads ‘remember’ to save you carving up the furniture haha.

      1. Summer says:

        Good suggestion NA ill do that. Thank u (& kind of u to reply u make me smile)

  3. Leela says:

    I think this “overt” and “covert” narc stuff comes from the stereotype of THE typical narc who is handsome/pretty, well-groomed, successful, loud, bragging, showing off.

    People think that ALL narcs are like that and this is dangerous, because narcs can obtain many facades and play many cards.

    Because of that stereotype many people would never recognize a narc who plays the innocent, the quiet, the introverted, the nerd or even does the “big loser”-pity play.

    1. HG Tudor says:


  4. blackcoffee30 says:

    I am beginning to suspect my half-sister is a narc. I am the ONLY one in the family who acknowledges her existence or has any contact with her.

  5. Leela says:

    DO IT AGAIN, H.G.! Let´s analyze Daddys school and cadre! 😉

  6. Eternity says:

    HG, if I can be honest with you this one should of been in The Knowledge Vault.
    I have denying it for years and I listen to this one a lot My Emotoonal Thinking was making me feel guilty thinking it, but sometimes the truth hurts. I am starting to look the logic and evidence as you say and again I cannot thank you enough.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Fair observation, Eternity.

      1. Eternity says:

        Thank you HG, logic is so important when dealing with your kind and you made me realize this.

  7. Leela says:

    Okay, let´s say it one more time: VERY GOOD! Like ALL your work! I took the NDC when I suspected that my back-then-“friend” could be a narcissist. The NDC helped A LOT, since then I have had no doubt. I didn´t go no contact immediately after the NDC so I could observe even more red flags that he´s a narcissist and his behavior exactly matched the school and cadre. I read more about this particular school and cadre of narcissist and it was really super accurate! It was fascinating.

    I had to read a lot in order to get rid of my ET, I read and applied “Exorcism” and the lower my ET became, the higher my disgust. I´m not ashamed, I´m not angry, I don´t blame myself but I feel disgusted of what he is: ice cold, arrogant, passive-aggressive, a HUGE Liar, a Gaslighter, a Blame Shifter, emotionless, empathyless, ruthless, aggressive, haughty, Mr. “I am the king and it´s all about ME ME ME and ME!” 😀

    My dad is a completely different type of narc: extroverted, loud, controlling, somatic, dominant, successful.

    1. Empath007 says:

      Ya the covert narcs at SO hard to spot… it’s not even fair ! Haha. Mine seems so innocent to the untrained eye as well. He seems like a “nerd” for lack of a better term. But not AT ALL like a ladies man… behind the scenes… so one is aware of his abuse of women… because he’s not public with any of his “conquests” so he abuses them on the side. And looks like a lowly, single man, who can’t catch a lady, who is scared of dying alone… to others.

      1. Asp Emp says:

        The one that I was involved with is a covert too. Unbelievable!

        1. HG Tudor says:

          No such thing as a covert narcissist, there are only covert behaviours.

          1. Eternity says:

            HG, what exactly is a covert Narcissist? I have heard that word a lot.

          2. HG Tudor says:

            There isn’t one, it is an unhelpful term.

          3. Asp Emp says:

            Thanks HG, for the correction.

          4. NarcAngel says:

            “No such thing as a covert narcissist, there are only covert behaviours.”

            I do understand that, but also know why that term persists. Trump is the poster boy for what people tend to believe a narcissist to be. So it’s easy to link that word to it being a “personality type” rather than it being indicative of manipulative and malign behaviours. StepNarc was like Trump so I continued on for some time believing only those behaviours were indicative of a narcissist, although I began to notice some used “sneakier” tactics than others. It made me question if they could be the same. When you start to search terms like sneaky or quiet narcissists, or people who hide evil well, the responses offered direct you to “covert” narcissists and that seems an appropriate term at the time (certainly better than sneaky fuckers as I deemed them haha). So you start to read about these “covert” narcissists and it is at least confirmation that there are narcissists who display differently than the previously held stereotype. You adopt the term as a category or label rather than a word to describe behaviours. It persists because it was in many cases the first confirmation that you were onto something and in many cases leads you here where it is further explained and makes sense as a behaviour rather than title or school of narcissist. It is more a default categorization that is reverted to rather than an assertion of such a school. Habit that perpetuates inaccuracy and thus why it is corrected.

            How we change that (adopting the term covert during search) short of introducing something catchy that appeals to millennials (they do love their terms like breadcrumbing, ghosting, etc) like: “Jelly Bean Narcs” to introduce the fact that there are different “flavours” of narcs and then to list said “flavours” with the lexicon here, I don’t know haha, but if anyone can find a way to be more quickly directed here through language it is HG Tudor.

          5. Empath007 says:

            I agree with you analysis NA. Had I not found the word covert narc… I would have never known I was with an abuser and never been led here… I appreciate the distinction HG. Always learning.

      2. Leela says:

        Same here, Empath! My dad is loud, successful, extroverted, well-groomed, handsome, charming. On the other hand my ex-narc-“friend”: Exactly the same as yours, except for the nerdy appearance. Claims to be single all the time, claims to be a “total loser with women”, claims that he never has had a relationship, and behind the scenes there´s probably an IPPS or several and he may be a serial cheater. “My” ex-narc wasn´t public with his “conquests” either, claimed all the time that he was single and never talked about his exes, denied to have exes.

        The pity play facade! Alright! 😉

    2. Kim e says:

      Is there anything that determines the schools/cadres of the N’s and the E’s? I mean when they are created? What makes one N a MR somantic and another a greater cerebral? Is it just per chance?

      1. HG Tudor says:

        There are certain factors which do impact on this, I have been steadily accumulating the evidence before writing further about it.

        1. Kim e says:

          HG. Excellent!!!! At this rate, I believe stock in a vinyard would be a good choice for me.

          1. HG Tudor says:

            I agree.

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