50 Famous Narcissists or Not?



You wanted more and who am I to say no?

“HG, is Justin Trudeau a narcissist?”

“HG, what about Ghislaine Maxwell?”

“HG, is JK Rowling one of yours?”

Want to know about these three famous/infamous individuals and whether they are narcissists and if so, their school and cadre? Of course you do.

HG Tudor utilises his expertise and after careful consideration details to you the outcome of the Tudorscope on 50 famous people.

The question is, which ones are narcissists and which are not?

HG Tudor confirms which ones are and if they are, tells you their school and cadre.

A range of famous people form history, film, sport, politics and more, spanning the USA, United Kingdom, Canada, Norway, Argentina, India and beyond.

Which of your favourite favourite people find themselves assessed as a narcissist and which ones are not? Will your hero suddenly become a zero or will you cheer that he or she does not belong to the devil´s brethren?

Find out here

2 thoughts on “50 Famous Narcissists or Not?

  1. Asp Emp says:

    I have actually been finding myself questioning people on TV programmes, whether they are a narcissist or not. It’s rather entertaining for me 🙂

  2. KCJ says:

    My favorite Series. So good and so shocking at the same times. But then I realize despite with all my reading I am still not able to recognize the Greaters. WOW that’s all I can say.

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