The narcissist survives by confusing and perplexing all around him or her. The narcissist operates in a different reality where what he or she says will means something entirely different to what you perceive. This results in argument, pain and a lack of understanding, with victims unable to comprehend why the narcissist behaves in this manner. Now you can understand what the narcissist is really saying to you with a whole host of familiar comments and phrases used by narcissists. Realise that is meant when a narcissist claims to be your soul mate, what does he or she mean when they declare they need to be alone for a while and what does “just a friend” actually involve? An enlightening and mesmerising insight into what the narcissist really means. Want to know what the narcissist  really means? This is the answer. US e-book here UK e-book here CAN e-book here AUS e-book here

2 thoughts on “Decipher

  1. Asp Emp says:

    This is an excellent book.

    When I talk to my friend about KTN (they’re glad I found some ‘inner peace’ & understanding on this site) – I refer it as ‘narc-speak’ and say that I am learning ‘narc-speak’. I hope HG is ok with this.

  2. Leela says:

    I would LOVE to read more of these “narcish-english”-translations! Hope there will be a “Decipher 2”? 😉

    Or maybe we readers would somehow collect our funniest narc-sentences and translation and we could make a “Decipher-series” in this blog? Like the letters to the narcissist. I´m sure we ALL heard funny, crazy and weird narc-expressions? 😉 😀

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