The Role of Sex in the Seduction Stage Part 2



Sex is used by all narcissists in some way during seduction of the target.

Certain narcissists use sex frequently, habitually and to greater effect to seduce and control the target. Why is this done and how is it done?

HG Tudor in this second part to the Role of Sex in the Seduction Stage of the Narcissistic Dynamic, explains which narcissists will do this, why they do this and what it achieves. Using his unrivalled insight and providing you with his own personal preferences as well as describing how narcissists operate as a whole, he guides you through a fascinating explanation of the role of sex in the seduction stage of the narcissistic dynamic.

Gain understanding of how sex was used (and will be used if you are not vigilant) to seduce you. Gain insight into how what you thought was really happening was wrong. Understand what the narcissist was really doing when he seduced you through sex.

HG Tudor will provide you with further examples of the role of sex in the seduction stage which will open your eyes to the reality of the narcissistic dynamic. Unmissable.

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3 thoughts on “The Role of Sex in the Seduction Stage Part 2

  1. Cup Cakes says:

    Very Accurate

  2. Eva Bryczkowski says:

    Whenever we had sex my ex used to end it all with wanking. He was soft every time he tried to penetrate me.
    Even when I made him hard via blow jobs, he’d still end up wanking.
    Yet I loved being in bed with him. The foreplay was delightful.
    He was a highly functioning alcoholic and smoked a lot of pot.
    Could this be one cause of ‘brewer’s droop’?
    And to avoid intimacy?

    1. HG Tudor says:

      He may have been physically unable to gain and/or sustain an erection because of the alcohol and pot. It may also have been a reaction caused by the rejection of intimacy.

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