Halting the Hurt


This material will enable you to bring an end to the cycle of hurt you experience from the narcissist.

By utilising HG Tudor´s unrivalled insight into how the narcissist thinks and operates and how this impacts on empathic victims, this will enable you to understand what it is that YOU do which causes you to keep being impaled by the interactions with the narcissist and how this ALWAYS results in a problem for you. You may think that certain forms of interaction with the narcissist are somehow “safe” – think again. HG Tudor explains how every time you interact with the narcissist you are opening yourself up to further problems and thus why you must avoid those interactions.

This material also explains to you how you become trapped in the seemingly endless cycle of interaction and pain, hurt, anger, misery and/or frustration with the narcissist. Why you keep getting dragged back into the dynamic with the narcissist and why you are susceptible to this. HG Tudor explains in his usual direct and no-nonsense style precisely why you go around and around, wasting years on the narcissist, frittering away time, energy and money and how you can break this cycle.

No matter where you are at with regard to your journey to freedom from the narcissist, Halting the Hurt will enable you to achieve freedom and beat the narcissist.

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One thought on “Halting the Hurt

  1. Fieke says:

    Your information, articles, books, podcasts and comments are my daily affirmations on the road to logic thinking and putting myself at nr. 1 again.
    Getting there, stopped the wheel, left. Going through mourning, resting, grieving, regaining “vision” and feeling so much lighter. Got a puppy, started music lessons, singing and guitar, went to see theater plays again, doing workshops pottery with my kid, feeling my life is mine again, feeling happy and free again. Coking again with pleasure. And also feel sad a lot, but a healing kind of sadness, not the crippling kind of sadness, a mourning, not a despair, so different. I lost a lot but regaining my happy future. How could I have been so blind.. Just unimaginable.

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