The Treasure Trove



It is the weekend and it is time to indulge in a wealth of treasures for your entertainment and edification.

Embrace the Treasure Trove and click on the items below for more information!


The Role of Sex in Seduction – Part One

The Role of Sex in Seduction – Part Two

10 Famous Empaths

10 Things You Must Know About Narcissism

10 Ways You Threaten the Narcissist´s Control

Show Me The Empath!

Know the Narcissist!

Fear and the Empathic Victim

2 thoughts on “The Treasure Trove

  1. MommyPino says:

    HG, I didn’t know you have Show Me the Empath! This is in my bucket list for sure. I still haven’t finalized my Narc Hunter list because I’m that indecisive and slow. But I have some people there that I believe to actually be Empaths but I added there because I want to see you say they aren’t narcissists. I’ll just get this one and move them here. Some people I think are Empaths that I want to add there: Tim Ballard, Amy Coney Barrett, Abraham Lincoln, Ben Carson, Tulsi Gabbard. I want to Ads Chris Pratt because I can’t figure him out. To me he could be an Empath, a Normal, or a Narc. Similar to how confused I was about Dwayne Johnson but now thanks to you I know what he is. Mike Pence is another one that I can’t figure out and also Ivanka Trump. Thank you for thinking up this consult!

    1. lickemtomorrow says:

      MP, I bought “Show Me The Empath” a while ago and didn’t get to it right away. I thought HG was going to be telling us more about empaths (and it’s always good to know about yourself), and when I finally got around to checking it out I saw it was to create a list of possible empaths for the Tudorscope. I then found I had a problem as my narc radar is currently off the charts regarding a number of people and I’m more curious about them right now. Maybe it’s because I’m not as concerned about the empaths. They do less damage. I like your list, btw. I’m going to give Lincoln a thumbs up for being an empath and I’d love to know the outcome of HGs assessment. Maybe I could add him to my list, too 🙂 The confusing thing is many narcs do cognitive empathy so well, it’s almost impossible to tell from a distance what they are. Is it also that empaths are incredibly easy to con at times? I have to wonder about that, too. Narcs are either very good at not being detected, or we empaths are very bad at detecting them. I guess that’s why we’re here! Anyway, I like your list and you’ve given me a few ideas. Thanks 🙂 Time to finally utilize my purchase!

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