The Creature



Want to know what lurks beneath in EVERY narcissist?

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5 thoughts on “The Creature

  1. Asp Emp says:

    I still love that image. It never scared me. I, now find it endearing. I can relate to it. When you do the video version, HG, will the ‘creature’ be doing a parody dance? An animated version? This ‘thing’ that we all ‘harbour’ (there are those who have not recognised it yet – but – it’s there, we all have that little fker) should be given centre stage. The little ‘bugger’ that is inside. That litttle ‘fker’ of a flea that cannot be fked off with a fly swat. That’s the ‘hidden’ part of ourselves. That is where them medical “professionals” have not quite “got it” (they won’t admit it!). Surely, there is someone on the blog who can do this vid – for free. That is charity. I’d do it, if I could. My mouth is better than my drawing and video skills…. ehem.

  2. Asp Emp says:

    Lurking is lying hidden, or moving about secretly, as if to ambush someone (definition from

    A very good explanation of what lurks deep within the narcissist. The words HG uses in this audio book describes his perception of what the ‘darkness’ is within him, he is a narcissist but is also a psychopath. I have my own perception of what my own ‘darkness’ was and mine does not need what a narcissist needs – fuel, or control. The empath in me stopped my ‘darkness’ from manifesting into a ‘creature’ of my own. My childhood that I had (the past) cannot be re-written. The damage cannot be undone. My past can be understood but not forgiven, nor accepted. The narcissists I had in my adult life had their own needs to be met and yet they chose me to be the brunt of their own ‘darkness’ that was not of my doing.

    So, who should the narcissists really be angry with? Who should I be angry with? I know who I am. I know what I am. I also know what my strengths are. The learning I have done in the last 4 months have been unmeasurable. Thanks to those bloggers for their support. Much thanks and respect to HG for providing the space, the time, his knowledge, his understanding and support and to me and everyone else on this site.

  3. Whitney says:

    I love to know how the Narcissist feels so I can heal them. Yes, that is Emotional Thinking. Or hopeful thinking.

    1. Fieke says:

      I have the same thing, because I love(d) them.
      But I also have accepted that it is utter arrogance of myself when thinking this. And I really have lost the pretentiousness that a narcissist can heal and definitely not by me.
      That makes me start seeing that things are nomy fault. Even if I were the most perfect of perfect I would still be abused and hurt.
      I still want to contribute anyways; changing his behaviour based on cognitive empathy.
      For myself to not be hurt anymore, for him so he would finally feel that blissful feeling of happiness and that very valuable feeling of grief. But also for all others, so they will not be hurt no more, and we will start preventing the disorder to come to be, by not letting a single child be abused and neglected ever again.
      The whole deal makes me sad and intrigued and interested.

      1. Asp Emp says:

        Put yourself first. Understand yourself first. Then the rest will follow. You’re doing good. Stay strong, stay on the path, you will get there. It’s not easy. Stay safe 🙂

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