Silent Night



Silent night, frozen out night,

You’re not calm, feeling shite,

He’s gone missing, leaving you riled

Left alone, bereft and reviled

Should you call the police?

When will this behaviour cease?

Silent night, absent night,

‘Phone not answered, it’s not right,

Left you crying tears on your face,

You’ll keep searching, it’s part of the chase

Taking apart your self-worth

As he gives you a wide berth

Silent night, lonely night,

He’s disappeared from your sight,

How is this meant to be love?

This time you’ve had enough

Change the locks, end the contract

It’s time for no contact

6 thoughts on “Silent Night

  1. December Infinity says:

    Best version of Silent Night which is very applicable these days. I can enjoy silent nights as no contact has been ongoing since March and the last narc is elsewhere. Over the past few months, I have purged the stuff that ‘IT’ left laying about. There is nothing to recall about ‘IT’.

  2. lickemtomorrow says:

    I was married three weeks when this happened to me.

    The devaluation had begun.

  3. NarcAngel says:

    Silent night, lonely night,
    On day seven with no end in sight
    Eyes fixed to cellphone so still and so quiet
    Making you feel both sad and defiled
    Ring and deliver some peace
    Light up and give some relief

    Silent night, lonely night
    Morning eight – it’s coming to life!
    Pleasure awash that it’s his name you see
    Confirming once more that he can’t forget thee
    You’ve forgiven his scorn
    You’re sure this time love’s been reborn

    You’re sure this time love’s been reborn

    Silent night, lonely night
    Day fourteen did bring no delight
    The phone again silent – no calls and no text
    A familiar felling confirms what comes next
    It’s back to wash, rinse, repeat
    You’re once again dirt at his feet


    1. NarcAngel says:


    2. BC30 says:


      There is nothing like a real-time conversation about YOUR specific situation. It’s worth every penny. A gift to yourself. 🎁

      1. HG Tudor says:

        Thank you BC30.

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