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There are four schools of empath (Co-Dependent, Standard, Super and Contagion). There are many cadres of empath which layer on to those schools. These cadres include the Carrier, the Magnet and the Geyser, about which I have written previously. A further cadre is that of the Saviour Empath.

The Saviour Empath’s mission is to heal and to save, to ensure that good prevails. They are the archetypal believer in the idea that there is some good in everybody. With regard to our kind, the Saviour Empath does not consider that we are intrinsically ‘evil’ or ‘bad’. They prefer to adopt the view that there is good locked away inside of us and that it just has to be discovered, unlocked and set free. This notion of course and the desire to address this apparent goodness is a very strong binder which enables us to keep a hold on the Saviour Empath. Indeed, there are those of our kind who will play on this concept and this is addressed below.

The Saviour Empath feels an overriding need to save the world. They wish to right the wrongs, heal the sick, tend to the injured and ensure that injustices are overturned. It is this desire which is at the very heart of the Saviour Empath. The Saviour Empath is often someone who subscribes to a belief system (whether it is organised religion, karma, paganism or similar) although the absence of such a belief does not discount the person as being a Saviour Empath, but a reliance on a belief system is a hallmark of the Saviour Empath.  How does this manifest with regard to each school of empath?

Standard Empath  – the Saviour Standard Empath regards it as imperative that he or she comes to the aid of people. They will donate to charity, help out voluntary organisations and are giving of their time. With regard to the narcissist, this manifests as adopting a sympathetic and compassionate approach to the unusual behaviours (when the empath is not aware they are ensnared by a narcissist) of the narcissist. Accordingly, they regard the narcissist as a ‘good’ person (supported by the narcissist’s illusory behaviour during the golden period) and therefore when devaluation occurs they will ascribe the behaviour to arising from a third party event rather than seeing it as the behaviour of the narcissist at work. The Standard Empath wants to assist the narcissist and does so by trying to understand and offer solutions linked to the aberrant behaviour that is being witnessed. The Saviour Standard Empath whilst wanting to save the narcissist from whatever terrible third party event or influence that is causing the behaviour (for example, is the narcissist struggling at work, is he stressed, has he got problems with money or drink?). The Saviour Standard Empath will put themselves in the firing line when trying to assist, but they do not tend to regard the problem as much to do with them but rather another factor which they want to tackle and overcome.

Super Empath – the Saviour Super Empath is akin to a caped crusader who fires into action whenever he or she witnesses injustice. They cannot help but interfere when really it is not their business (this is the narcissistic trait of selfishness coming to the fore momentarily). The Saviour Super Empath will not turn a blind eye to someone in trouble, they will help the injured person and then look to tackle the perpetrator (or at least bring them to account through formal channels). Thus is the Saviour Super Empath sees someone being attacked, they will help the victim, look to fight off the attacker and/or chase them down, either themselves or enlisting help. They cannot let any kind of injustice go unaddressed. The Saviour Super Empath has a very strong moral compass and therefore when they see something that is wrong, it very much boils their piss so they spring into action. Whilst they always look to help people, what really matters to the Saviour Super Empath is bringing people to account for their actions. If they see a person cutting into a queue (line) they will upbraid the offender. If they witness a person stealing, they will look to stop them or report them. The Saviour Super Empath is a firm believer in the need for good to prevail, whether this is in a situation or in a person. With regard to the narcissist that a Saviour Super Empath is embroiled with, the Saviour Super Empath knows that this person has a kernel of goodness and if they only triedto embrace it, let it shine etc then such a difference will appear. They believe the narcissist has it inside of them to make adjustments, amend their behaviour and harness the intrinsic goodness inside of them. The Saviour Super Empath knows that they are a force for good and they believe that the narcissist can do the same. The Saviour Super Empath recognises that they themselves are good people but that they have some degree of edge to them (their narcissistic traits appearing from time to time) and they often regard the narcissist in the same light – a person who has edge but is intrinsically good – and this fools the Saviour Super Empath in to wanting to assist and save the narcissist.

The Co-Dependent – the Co-Dependent who is of the Saviour Cadre finds the world to be a terrible place and wishes to administer succour to the downtrodden, to assist the hurt, and to heal the wounds of the injured. They are less concerned about bringing the offender to justice and more about attending to the people who are left cowering and broken in the wake of oppression and violence. The Saviour Co-Dependent is a person who is extremely caring and compassionate – the type of person who would join Medicins Sans Frontieres and arriving at the scene of a humanitarian disaster would work themselves into the ground to try and ease the suffering of each and every person even though it is an impossible task. They are often overwhelmed by the cruelty of the world and despair at its evil ways, but this will not stop them from trying to save each and every person who is in need of help. This applies to the way they engage with the narcissist. The Saviour Co-Dependent (“SCD”) knows and is absolutely convinced that the narcissist is at heart a good person and with the right application of guidance, support, compassion and tolerance the narcissist will change, will improve and let that goodness shine. The SCD will not give up on the narcissist, even to personal cost to themselves. They know that redemption is just around the corner, that improvement is on the horizon and they will, with a zeal bordering on delusion, grasp at any sign of improvement or alteration in the narcissist’s behaviour as evidence that their faith has not proven incorrect.

The SCD will flagellate themselves in the pursuit of trying to help and heal the narcissist, their emotional thinking and innate desire to do good, plus their own need to achieve validation through their giving of themselves means he or she will continue to try to achieve the impossible. They will not wish to give up, they will see glimmers of hope, slivers of optimism and fragments of possibility in order to achieve their aim of saving the narcissist.

The Contagion – the Saviour Contagion Empath (“SCE”) will manifest their desire to assist as a consequence of the severe impact felt by them of the negative energy, suffering and misery that accompanies the human condition. The desire to save and resolve, to eradicate the diseased and bring about the healing is different to that of the other schools of empath. The SCE needs to achieve this in order to secure balance, which is their primary aim. By redressing the bad, through their saving good works then balance is restored and the polluting impact upon them of the negative energy which they feel – the manifestation of the woe, misery and hurt that others feel – is removed and no longer (albeit temporarily) ceases to be a burden upon them. With regard to the narcissist, the removal of the dark energy surrounding and flowing from the narcissist’s behaviours has a considerable impact on the finely-tuned SCE. In order to alleviate their own pain, in order to prevent themselves from being consumed by the darkness which they acutely feel, the SCE seeks to save the narcissist from their dark self. They similarly wish to achieve balance with their own personal narcissist or narcissists.

How are these various schools of Saviour Empath regarded by our brethren? As you might expect, the SE is naturally desired by narcissists for their empathic traits, class and special traits too. Accordingly, no narcissist will ever shy away from the ensnaring of the SE. There are certain schools and cadres of narcissist however that desire the SE in particular.

Victim Narcissists desire the Saviour Empath owing to their need to be mothered, looked after and saved from their various ailments (real or imagined). The SE’s desire to bring about healing and resolution is savoured by this cadre of narcissist. Lesser Narcissists will not turn away a Saviour Empath, but they are not favoured (unless the Lesser is of the Victim Cadre) since the Lesser has no truck with the idea of being healed or saved. From what? Will be the mocking response as their  complete lack of self-awareness means that they have no comprehension or need to be saved in that manner.

Mid Range Narcissists treasure Saviour Empaths because of the fact that some Mid Range Narcissists like to play the ‘troubled soul’ or ‘personal demons’ approach. Whilst unaware of what they are, their awareness that there is something not quite right, coupled with their passive behaviours and need for attention, means that the Mid Range Narcissist truly sees the Saviour Empath as the one who will save him from himself, even though this is just part of the manipulation to keep the Saviour Empath hooked. The Mid Range will revel in becoming the pet project for the Saviour Empath and will instinctively play along by tossing a bone of apparent awareness or improvement in order to maintain the hoped for glorious redemption that the Saviour Empath craves.

The Greater Narcissist is likely to prefer other cadres but again is not going to kick the Saviour Empath out of bed for eating crisps. The Greater may find tormenting the Saviour Empath a delightful machination by increasing the visibility of their dark side so that the Saviour Empath sees a challenge which has to be surmounted. Of course, the Saviour Empath is blind to the fact that the Greater cannot be healed or saved, but that will not stop the Saviour Empath from trying time and time again.

The Empath Detector 

51 thoughts on “The Saviour Cadre of Empath

  1. BC30 says:

    I await an article about the Martyr cadre! I hope!

    1. Asp Emp says:

      There is probably not many around to share their experiences, otherwise, those that are around, need to start praying…..

      1. lickemtomorrow says:

        Haha, AspEmp, I’ve got some Martyr along with my Saviour and Magnet.

        They are called Martyrs for a reason and praying may be the only option.

        1. Asp Emp says:

          Laughing….. oh, dear LET….. you’re fkd……

          1. lickemtomorrow says:

            Haha, AspEmp, it’s my lowest percentage so that might save me 😉

          2. Asp Emp says:

            Only, just. 😉

        2. A Victor says:

          LET, how does your Savior show with the rest of your combination?

          1. lickemtomorrow says:

            My Saviour is the overriding (or majority) of my combination of Cadres, AV.

            I am the quintessential Saviour (minus the cloak 😉 ) who is geared to save the world, right the wrongs, etc. I have an enormous bent towards justice. I also subscribe to a belief system and was very surprised to read that was part of our make up. HG has that right, at least for me. And not all need to, of course. Spot on for me though.

            Surprisingly my minority SuperEmpath appears to reign supreme here, as opposed to my Co-dependency as far a my schools go. That’s my impression from reading HGs article. I can see myself fitting in nicely here.

            The martyr is probably the added bonus that will get me killed one day 😛

          2. A Victor says:

            LET, that is interesting, so you see yourself more in the Super/Savior than the CoD/Savior? I had the opposite happen, it clarified for me that I am Standard/Savior and why I’m not Super as a majority, though they are close. I also have a belief system that I subscribe to but even had I not, I think this wouldn’t have been enough to put Savior in second place in my mix, it’s quite strong. I couldn’t see it at first, similar to how I couldn’t see some of my MBPT results in myself at first. But others told me those were true, they could so clearly see them, that it finally dawned on me that those aspects are so much who I am that I can’t separate them enough to even identify them. I think that’s the same for me with Savior. I can clearly see all of the other ones in my school’s and cadres. Thank you for sharing, it is a very fun part of this learning experience.

          3. lickemtomorrow says:

            Hi, AV, it is a fun part of our learning and I’m not sure if we also lean more towards the empaths that we share schools and cadres with or not. I certainly enjoy all your posts and I find it hard to believe you have no magnet, though I’m sure HG is correct in his assessment. And it’s true we often can’t see the part of ourselves which others can see so clearly. Literally can’t see the forest for the trees, which is why the EDC is so helpful. Like I’ve said here before, I never considered myself co-dependent and would have rejected that label previously. Now I can see it as clear as day. And knowing how co-dependents are formed I can also embrace it as an initial survival strategy. I think it might be the only school where some ‘unlearning’ needs to be done as well as having an awareness around it. Not sure, but I will ask HG when I get the chance. I do see myself reflected more in the Super/Saviour.

        3. Auti says:


          What do you mean? Praying for what?

          1. Asp Emp says:

            A Greater Redemption.

          2. lickemtomorrow says:

            Hi Auti, Martyrs are normally people who are prepared to die for any number of reasons, normally for their beliefs but possibly for other reasons. It, in my mind, relates to a willingness to put your life on the line for something that exists outside of yourself or is altruistic. In my case a reference to martyrs would include the martyrs of the Catholic Church. Saints who were prepared to be put to death rather than renege on their beliefs. We describe them as having been ‘martyred’. And on that basis they may eventually attain Sainthood. Which is why I included the element of prayer. Saints/Martyrs are generally known or understood to have been very serene and prayerful at their time of death. I just hope my 10% or so never gets me there!

        4. Auti says:


          Ah yes, i understand what you mean about the catholic concept of it.

          Martyr as a cadre is for me slightly different.

          1. lickemtomorrow says:

            I’d like to get your take on this one when you get the chance, Auti.

            Didn’t mean to go off on a tangent there in explaining that, but I suppose there was talk of Saviour, too, and I tend to see Martyr, even as a cadre I guess, as being willing to lay down their life … basically not considering themselves at all, but something more altruistic. And perhaps that something for some is the narcissist. In other words, they might give their all for the narcissist and be willing to lay down their lives in that sense.

        5. BC30 says:

          Martyrs—The Original Ride or Die

    2. MP says:

      I believe I have seen a commenter here say before that the Doormat article talks about the Martyr cadre. I have a little bit of Martyr too.

      1. BC30 says:

        Thanks MP! I have a significant minority. I’ll be sure to check it out.

        1. A Victor says:

          BC30, do you know how these all manifest in you? Can you separate them and know what’s showing in different situations? That is a lot going on! Or do you feel like they blend in their presentation more?

      2. BC30 says:

        Oops. My Martyr is insignificant, but still manifests.

        Standard > Super > Contagion
        Geyser – strong minority
        Magnet – significant minority
        Savior – significant minority
        Carrier – insignificant minority
        Martyr – insignificant minority

        1. A Victor says:

          BC30, your breakdown here may clarify a question I had on a thread a while back. It is interesting to state your majority cadre as one of five minorities with a qualifier making it the majority. Must have been very close and it wouldn’t work in this system to say “weak majority” or something similar. The thread I’m thinking of was one where I thought you and Leela were blending the cadres with schools, you explained and I did accept that but now I understand it, it is all about the learning. Thank you!

          1. BC30 says:

            AV — I’m 36% Geyser–so a lot of laugher, tears and RBF over here! 😂 😭😑
            What was interesting to me is that the smaller minorities are evenly split.
            I haven’t yet found anyone here with all cadres.

          2. leelasfuelstinks says:

            I´m around 20 % Geyser and about 17 % Savior.

          3. A Victor says:

            Oh right, also a minority because it’s under 51%, I think. Anyway, thanks again!

          4. A Victor says:

            Oh yes, I’m keeping an eye open for that for you as well. I think we came close a while back but must not have been quite close enough.

        2. leelasfuelstinks says:

          Wow! Well, I guess I´m the most boring Empath here 😀 Cannot offer such a big spectrum of cadres or even schools.

    3. Auti says:

      The article: The Doormat is simular with The Martyr cadre.

    4. leelasfuelstinks says:

      And Carriers have also been “neglected” a bit 😉 😀

      There was an article about Carriers but it´s an older one. 🙂

  2. Asp Emp says:

    “If they see a person cutting into a queue (line) they will upbraid the offender” – I do have a ‘go’, I did this last week to someone and I didn’t care what their ‘excuse’ was. I ‘bristle’ with annoyance and then feel satisfaction if the ‘offender’ goes to the back of the queue. If they don’t, then I’ll stand there and mutter all sorts…….

    1. Fiddleress says:

      Saviour empath here, with an even spread of all four schools so I can see myself in all the descriptions. But I have completely had it with Victim narcissists. I am not saving them anymore (well, not *attempting* anymore, as it never worked anyway). They can turn to professionals for their ailments.

      Asp Emp: “If they see a person cutting into a queue (line) they will upbraid the offender” : I do too, but it is a job that never ends where I live, haha!
      Mind you, with the Covid crisis, people are actually learning how to queue here. A revolution of sorts.
      Another sort of revolution is taking place, on a less funny note: we have now stopped kissing people hello. Now, that’s sad. The only cuddles and warmth from a living being that I get these days is from my cat. Pfff.

      1. Asp Emp says:

        Hello Fiddleress, at least a cat is better than nothing…. yeah, well, there are still a number of ‘Lees, Malcoms, Leeannes and Michelles’ around where I live…… mind you, there is a gentleman or two around that have manners….. (one of them being the owner of a corner shop, he’s respectful)……

      2. A Victor says:

        Hi Fiddleress, Saviour is my majority also! My mother is a Victim narcissist, it is very stressful for me. Both my ex and the summer narc are Somatic, which was less stressful and both of those things surprised me. The most fun one was the summer narc, haha! He is an ULAS, man, I wish he would have not been a narcissist, that would’ve been amazing. Anyway, I only have two schools and a significant minority of Carrier and insignificant of Geyser, I’m learning to enjoy when the Geyser pops out. Enjoy your cat!

        1. leelasfuelstinks says:

          I have significant Geyser minority traits. Somtimes can are helpful and sometimes just a pain in the ass. 😀

          1. A Victor says:

            Leela, I really understand that!! Haha!

          2. leelasfuelstinks says:

            I would love to have more Savior traits! And a little Magnet-traits would be nice, but only like 17 % Savior and 0 % Magnet here. Argh.

          3. BC30 says:


        2. Whitney says:

          Hey A Victor 💖 what are your schools?
          My schools are Codependent and Contagion mostly. Then Super… and standard empath the least.

          Victim Narcs are the worst. I spent some time with one. All his girlfriends must have been absolute saints. Annoying pathetic slobbering man offering nothing and complaining, not working, scrounging (I made him pay me back a $5 drink the next time. There was no way that pathetic sack of shit was getting a cent from me)…

          The Elite Narcs are wonderful company. I don’t have much experience with Somatic or Cerebral.

          1. A Victor says:

            Hi Whitney, I am majority standard with a very strong Super element. Like 53/47 or something similar.

            The whiny-ness, neediness and demanding nature of the victim drives me crazy. And it’s so right there all the time. On top of that, my mother is a Lower Midrange and so, lots of pouting and expecting everything given to her even without the victim cadre. It’s a bad combination.

            The only other two narcissists that I am sure about are both Somatic but very, very different because of two different schools. I don’t have any experience with Elites or Cerebrals. I would like to meet both of those, to see the variations as well as my reaction to them. Haha, I feel like it might speak to me about myself a bit, am I more”Somatic”. One of the things I appreciated about the summer narc was his ability to have a lively conversation, that in itself was so refreshing. But I would then look for my preferred cadre in a normal or empath. 😂

          2. Fiddleress says:

            If you knew my Elite narcex, you would change your opinion about Elite Narcs being wonderful company.
            He was not, I can tell you!

          3. leelasfuelstinks says:

            Neither was mine! Mainly cerebral elite narc! Eeew!

          4. Whitney says:

            Hey Fiddleress the good company of a narc is fake anyway, isn’t it!

            A Victor thanks for your brilliant reply. The words you use for the victim narc are spot on! Woah you are more Somatic?!? You’re so smart too.

            How does your Saviour cadre manifest for you? And what type of Narcs did HG say you attract (I asked you in another thread also, sorry I’m dying to know)

            Maybe because my first school is (apparently) Codependent, I know SOooooooo many Narcs. Literally hundreds tried to ensnare me by the time I was 16. I know all sorts of them. HG said they would all be drawn to me, because I’m Geyser (apparently).

            By the way, I think you are partly wrong about me being Codependent HG. I’m Geyser so I actually love my partner, I pair bond with him, and I focus on the same one for years and I always hope forever. I can’t switch very easily, because I love him. My friend who is Codependent switches between Narcs very easily and quickly. She doesn’t feel sad about the breakup.

          5. A Victor says:

            Wow Whitney, I’m blushing! Thank you for the kind words!

            I didn’t see your question elsewhere, I will look for it now but only answer here, I hope you see this, sometimes the comments go odd places. Anyway, MMRA and B are the ones most drawn to me. HG told me this, of course I doubted him, and then when he did the NDC for my ex I found out I’d been involved with one for 24 years, a surprise, haha! If my first husband is a narcissist, he’s probably the same, they are quite alike in many ways.

            I don’t actually know if I am Somatic, as Empaths go, but it would not surprise me. Or Cerebral, I love to learn and live in my head as much as I can. But, those are narcissist cadres and, with the exception of leelasfuelstinks comment on this thread, I have not heard them used for Empaths. It was just a thought I had.

            I fit well with the explanation of the Standard Savior in this article. I see where it fits better, by a little bit, than the Super Savior. I wanted more than anything for my ex to be a truly good person who’d just been injured by various things, and that this accounted for his questionable behavior. I wanted to make it better for him and help him heal from those injuries so he could be happy and we could be happy together. I am always pulling for the underdog but am a bit shy about butting in to another’s business, like a Super Savior likely would. I once saw a tiny little girl being struck in the face violently by her enormous mother. The scrawny little man with them did nothing to stop her. Rather than confront her and get myself wiped out, I ran up front to the store people and they called the police. I stayed to speak to the police as I was the witness. But I seriously didn’t want the fight with that huge woman. Leela might have, she’s a Super. Does that make me weak and wimpy? Probably. I don’t feel good about that. But, at least I did something and I like to believe that the little girl is better off today for it. I have called the police on many occasions when I see dogs in cars in the hot summer. I have done a variety of volunteer work and have discovered that I don’t like leading or following, ie-the bake sale at school, but rather teach me the position and leave me to it.

            I could tell you had a good dose of Geyser, Geyser’s are so fun! How does it manifest for you? And your Co-D?

          6. leelasfuelstinks says:

            My “daddy” and two exes are somatics. So what did “daddy” teach me? That appearance is everything in this world. Appearance and representation. My upbringing was ALL about how I look, and ZERO about my personality (of course: I was an extension of him). All about looks, money, representation! “Daddys” ultimate advices for a good marriage: enough sex and enough money. 😀

            As I grew up like this, I can relate more to the somatics and the mainly somatic-elites than every other cadre. Somatics and somatic-elites seem to me the most “human”. When I was younger I considered it as normal that a man is focused on the aesthetics of his girlfriend or wife, that aesthetics is a key factor for a good relationship or marriage. Normal. Usual. Everyday stuff, you know? Couldn´t imagine anything else. And still: Aesthetics is a very important factor in my life (did you expect anything else?). I am strong in somatic narcissistic traits (suprise, surpise! whoohoo!). So, I have the smallest problem with somatics and the mainly somatic elites. They are just “more normal” to me than the other cadres.

            When it comes to the cerebrals and the mainly cerebral elites, oh dear me! They are really alien, especially when it comes to the attitude towards sex! Oh boy, oh dear! Sex is bad, sex is dirty, degrading, demeaning, some wank like crazy instead! Boring! I had a mainly cerebral-elite non-intimate “friend” and a cerebral boss. They are the biggest misogynists on this planet. They love to sadistically frustrate women in every way they can. They belittle female employees, look down to them, promise some benefits but never deliver. Or they may flirt with you, compliment you, tease you and then reject you brutally. Hate women, hate sex and everything which has to do with it. They live in their own worlds, “lost in space”, totally focused on their intellects. Cerebrals appear to me like aliens, like androids.

            I have no experience with victim narcissists.

          7. NarcAngel says:

            “By the way, I think you are partly wrong about me being Codependent HG.”

            Do you all remember Whitney? She was nice.

          8. HG Tudor says:


          9. Witch says:

            I’m sorry and I love you and all but….
            You are definitely partly codependent
            HG was not wrong

            So am I! *high five*

          10. Whitney says:

            Haha HG and NA you two make a scary combination!

          11. Whitney says:

            Thank you Witch I agree. Does that mean my partner of 12 years would have been a Narc?

          12. Witch says:


            I’m not sure Whitney, I never met him
            Was he a psycho?

          13. Whitney says:

            A Victor it is such a pleasure and a delight to talk to you. 💖

            Woah the MMR A and B. I’m so sorry about your 24 year involvement. These freaks would just LOVE to be you. You are so genuine. How could you see these fake scum for who they are? That’s why we need HG.

            I guess you are an Elitey Empath. Somatic and Cerebral!

            That is so sweet of you to help and call the police. What a traumatic scene to witness. Also good work with the dogs. You are such a good person and very special 💖

            I saw a girl the other day being ignored by her dad (he was reading the newspaper) and I started crying. Haha. She was playing by herself shyly on the play equipment at the shopping centre, and intermittently going up to him, quietly sitting beside him. She was so cute. I would love to give her tones of attention. If I saw a child being abused I would be in a hysterical frenzy.

            I saw a dog in a car. It was not dangerous but it would have been stuffy and a bit uncomfortable. I didn’t like that so I went into the shop and asked every single person if it was their dog. Haha. If I saw one in a hot car I would be in a hysterical frenzy, as well.

            I stick up for people being bullied. Maybe that’s the contagion. A friend of mine was being kicked (softly) by a circle of guys. We were teenagers. So I went up to him, gave him my hand, pulled him up, and walked away holding his hand. One of them picked up a broken glass. I pointed my finger at him “put it down” and he did!! (We were all basically children). I’ve always done something when I see someone bullied. Or socially ostracised.

            I think my Geyser/ Codependency manifests in me giving loads of fuel. I get really engrossed in the Narcs construct (my Codependency), and I embellish it (my Geyser).

            I don’t think the cadres of Empath (Saviour, Magnet, etc) should be percentages that equal 100%. Because they don’t interfere with each other. I think each cadre of Empath should be separate, on a scale of 0 to 100%. The questions should be designed in such a way that each question addresses one cadre separately. This is a flaw (HG and NA) with the Empath Detector.

          14. A Victor says:

            Hi Whitney, I am so sorry, I just saw this comment! I have been wondering what happened to you here! Sometimes it seems WordPress doesn’t send notifications.

            Again, thank you for the kind words. Your idea about the cadres is very interesting. Did NA and HG come up with the EDC? I always assumed the good doctors and HG had but had wondered about it.

            It is nice to know you a bit better, you are a kind and thoughtful person, clearly. I hope you are able to avoid narcissists going forward, you deserve so much better.

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