What the Narcissist Used To Be

4 thoughts on “What the Narcissist Used To Be

  1. smarinucci1970 says:

    So true yes I , like many can really identify with this yes it became so painful because the lovely summer rides and the outings even though many times they turned into full-blown arguments.. I couldn’t figure out why what caused it but I guess now he was just short on fuel and I was excellent when
    It came to fuel .. but he knows very well that I miss those days just the idea that after all I went through at the time and was going through that at 61 I could still turn many heads but I wanted to turn his .. when I was free , he didn’t want me .never to go for a ride again never to enjoy a little walk in the Sun it hurts so bad. I kept him close by me hoping that those moments would come back, no I see why it hurts even more . Thank you

  2. A Victor says:

    Watched this one more than once. It’s difficult not to allow the good times, as well as the bad, to come to mind. I haven’t had a lot of that until arriving here but it’s been getting more and more since being here. I didn’t realize it was dangerous, not as I should have at least. This video made me more aware to keep these thoughts out of my mind. The reminder that it was all fake is helpful toward that goal.

  3. lickemtomorrow says:

    What an excellent video.

    And the image is very representative as well. Looks like a superhero with a cape. When what you really have is a damaged child who never had a chance to grow up healthy and whole, and whose only way of being now is to wreak havoc in the world around him. How very sad for us all.

  4. Asp Emp says:

    The title ‘What The Narcissist Used To Be’ is apt for the past MRN I was involved with. He changed towards me almost a year before I had my supanova against him. The reason why he changed? A new IPPS had obtained his ‘infatuation’. So, yes, was no longer ‘what he used to be’. I put it down to his illness, stress, work etc etc. No, his narcissism did that. Not me. The IPPS encouraged him too.

    I am not bothered, no emotions for that MRN. The LT is still strong – only thought is by writing this comment but no increased ET.

    So, no, any past narcissists are NOT welcome back into my life AT ALL.

    A useful video for those ‘victims’ whose experiences differ from mine.

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