The Highly Provocative Narcissist

Why do some narcissists thrive on mass negativity?

What is happening, how is the narcissist controlling those people and what is the outcome?

2 thoughts on “The Highly Provocative Narcissist

  1. Asp Emp says:

    Ah, bloody hell. I had forgotten all about Jerry Springer and his shows. I used to watch them and be flabbergasted at the reactions / behaviours of people – whether it was the audience or the ‘guests’ themselves. Jerry certainly would instigate a lot of the resulting behaviours. Shocking entertainment. God, programmes these days are so square!

    This video was an eye-opener in relation to narcissists that are ‘highly provocative’ and I can understand the difference in the behaviours of these narcissists that possess aspect of themselves.

    And I suppose when these narcissists are young (ie late teens / early 20s) this ‘highly provocative’ behaviour comes across as really ‘bad’ (ie very pronounced) – yet it may lessen in ‘strength’ as they get older (through ‘learning’ about their own behaviours and / or consequences / experiences ie ending up in court or prison for their actions). I guess what I am saying is, that the narcissist’s behaviours may come across as ‘totally out of control’ in the eyes of those non-narcissists (because of lack of awareness of narcissism), when in the eyes of the narcissist carrying out these ‘highly provocative’ behaviours cannot ‘see’ anything wrong with what they are doing.

    In my last sentence, I am reminded of HG’s video ‘The Blindness Of The Narcissist’, especially in relation to the explanations of writing the lists of names on paper and examples of the narcissist’s reactions / responses.

  2. A Victor says:

    This is so accurate, the summer narc (ULA) and my mother (LMR) are so much more provocative than my ex and my dad ever were. They would still upset people, but not in the same way at all.

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