The Hunting Narcissist

2 thoughts on “The Hunting Narcissist

  1. Asp Emp says:

    The ‘Prime Aims’ are what the narcissist seeks. They seek ‘quality’ and ‘quantity’ of the ‘Prime Aims’, especially in relation to fuel & ease of control of the ‘target / victim’.

    In a similar way, people that do not have narcissism may also seek ‘quality’, not necessarily ‘quantity’ of traits that suits the person that seeks them in others for example in intimate or platonic relationships (ie compatibility).

    Similar applies in work situations, when seeking new workers – quality & quantity of experiences / skills / knowledge. Also personality traits, not always, applicable – some times it helps.

    Having said above – when narcissists seek people to work for them ie in employment, they are looking more into the people that can be easily controlled and are an ample source of fuel. HG’s ‘How To Deal With A Narcissist At Work’ Assistance Package is a good resource to understand more about narcissist bosses at work.

    Non-narcissists would not be as ‘Machiavellian’ as a narcissist (depending on school & cadre) would apply when they are on the ‘hunt’ for fuel & targets / victims to control.

    So, in my view – everyone has ‘Prime Aims’ yet may word them as ‘goals in life / career’ etc. In this respect, everyone has their own ‘version of hunting’ of some sort.

  2. A Victor says:

    After taking a look at Prime Target, my new goal is to avoid all of these places. Heheh…

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