Why Am I Drawn To Toxic Behaviours?



You are an empath.

There are many great things about being an empath.

However, there are downsides and a significant one is that you are drawn to Toxic Behaviours more than other people.

Why is this?

This material will assist you in understanding, in clear and concise terms the following :-

The distinction between Toxic Behaviour and Toxic People

Who engages in Toxic Behaviours

Understanding the Empath-Narcissist Spectrum

Understanding the nature of narcissistic and empathic traits within this spectrum

Understanding the position of Emotional Empathy on the Empath-Narcissist Spectrum

Understanding the concept of Proxy Narcissism

How this operates to draw you to Toxic Behaviours

Why other people are not drawn to Toxic Behaviours

How your involvement with Toxic Behaviours pans out

As part of building your Logic Defences, understanding the impact and reason why you an an empathic person are drawn to Toxic Behaviours is fundamental.

Access this unique material through an audio file provided by email.

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2 thoughts on “Why Am I Drawn To Toxic Behaviours?

  1. Kiki says:

    Oh God guys I’ve gone crazy .I need advice .
    Lately my anxiety disorder has erupted due to several factors .I have lived with this for years and kept it under control.
    I lost the plot yesterday after an anxiety attack and sent several severe emails to the Narc who simply abandoned me last October.
    I went crazy , all my emotions I kept repressed came out like a vicious tornado .
    I even threatened to expose him .
    The feelings of anger and abandonment and rejection are triggering these attacks and I’m starting to hate my self image .
    I went through BDD as a teen and it nearly destroyed me .It’s back and I feel like I’m losing it and this rage inside is frightening me.
    My self image is in tatters , depression kicked in .



    1. K says:

      When it gets difficult, just read and post your way through it and don’t stop until you feel better. Listening on The Ultra may help, too!

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