Meghan Markle : A Less Than Royal Narcissist : Part 20 The Future

16 thoughts on “Meghan Markle : A Less Than Royal Narcissist : Part 20 The Future

  1. $nigl€7 says:

    Hello HG
    I listened to your analysis of Harry and Meghan’s engagement interview and enjoyed it very much. Your observations are absolutely correct. Her comportment is obvious of an unaware narcissist – quite infuriating if one didn’t know better. To think that she squandered such a magnificent opportunity to live within the Royal family for longer than 2 yrs and hone her skills, network and gain some popularity is unthinkable. Simply put, she could not do the job. I imagine most courtiers celebrated her and his exit like the removal of an abscess from a rotten tooth.

    I always look forward to your new videos! Lots of hugs. $.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Thank you.

  2. Monica W says:

    Meghan is good looking, and I’m sure she knows what she’s doing in the sack, but I am surprised Harry is so besotted. Meghan Markle is the L.A. cliche and her every move is predictable. The only thing interesting about this woman is her family and HG’s analysis of her flawed character.

  3. marecristallino says:

    Or maybe Harry arrives here at like we all have done before… 😉 when trying to find out what is happening to him 😀
    Or we can help sending him the link to the series… Anybody has his e-mail???

  4. Dolores Haze says:

    What an excellent piece, dear HG. A sophisticated elaboration on what was said in the “Inside Track” that I highly recommend for purchase to see how accurately HG predicts the events of the future in the narcissistic dynamic.

    A question. As a company owner I make sure my business would never depend on a 100% revenue from just a single client that I need to constantly please. It’s sustainable to have several smaller accounts that may come and go. More hustle to keep them happy, yes – but strategically it’s the only way. Am I correct in suggesting the midrange narcissist keeps all his/her eggs in one basket with regard to his IPPS because it’s all about control NOW, not being able to think strategically?

  5. HBARDO says:

    It’s disgusting how transparent she is. Even if one knows nothing about Narcissism, one cannot ignore the unmistakable gut feeling that she is SO FAKE !!!

    She is the last person on this earth that would even contemplate suicide. I’m sure she played that card very well with Harry, so she could extract him from an environment where she knew she was being watched. I’m sure she knew she would be found out very soon if she stayed in the Royal environment. So predictable … Common practice for Narcissists. Ensnare the victim and convince ihim that the rest of the world is against you both as a couple. That you need to withdraw into your cave and away from the “bad people” that want to “destroy” your “happiness”. Isolate the victim and brainwash it. Weaponize it against the people that are on to you. So pathetically predictable …

    Also, it was so obvious that the fact that Archie wouldn’t get a royal title was killing her. She mentioned that first and then she immediately realized that this sounded SO WRONG. For a split second you could see it in her eyes that the cogs were turning frantically in her mind. To make up for it, she threw the “color of the baby” bombshell. But it was so obvious that the denial of a royal title for her baby was her primary problem. Otherwise, the “baby color” thing would be the main theme of her concerns. What mother that really loves her child really cares whether it’s going to have a title or not ?

    Seriously, she is so ridiculous and transparent that it makes my stomach turn …

    It may seem far fetched to some but, when I first heard that she left her dog in the US when she moved to the UK, I knew she was a hypocrite. Nobody as empathetic as she portrayed herself to be would dream of abandoning their dog behind …

    1. NarcAngel says:


      It doesn’t seem far-fetched to me. I agree that her words don’t match her actions, and in a nutshell – isn’t that the high flying red flag of narcissism? The behaviours are there for all to see (in the H & M situation as well as in our own lives) and yet we find a way through our empathy to ignore it or explain it away because we so desperately want a happy ending. I have always maintained that it’s not that narcissists are so clever, it’s that our empathy and addiction work against us in offering reasons for their words vs behaviour and presents opportunity. They are opportunists not masterminds. It’s not until we remove opportunity (go completely No Contact) that we can begin to see this about them.

      If only when the words don’t match the actions we didn’t explain and continue to circle the drain and instead went no contact. If only.

      No opportunity. No abuse.

    2. Violetta says:

      She claimed he was too old to travel. A computation of her own blog posts showed he was 5.

  6. WiserNow says:

    Thank you HG, this was very well-explained.

    It seems to me Meghan craves fame and attention and enjoys being a ‘drama queen’. I don’t think having kids and an idyllic home life will be enough. Even though Harry is a royal, at some point he may become too ordinary and not famous enough for her.

    Listening to the possible future outcomes made me feel bad in a surreal kind of way, because they’ve hardly begun their life together and there’s now a second baby on the way. Yet, here we are already contemplating the sad demise of the marriage.

    About the second baby, I had a funny thought. What if Megs has already cheated with a very dark-skinned man and the baby turns out much darker than expected. Imagine that! It could be her plan all along. Ah, narcs, the world would be a lot more boring without them.

  7. Horseyak says:

    Even if William were to get Harry to come to his senses and jettison her, we’re looking at the royal divorce from hell. He would get totally screwed financially. HG, what would it take to scare the living shit out of Meghan such that she would let Harry go peacefully? I’m looking for a general threat to a narcissist along the lines of Meghan being told if she doesn’t stop her manipulations she’s going to wake up in bed with the head of her favorite horse. Also, who or what entity might this be to scare the shit out of her?

  8. Duchessbea says:

    HG, you have surpassed and excelled yourself with this series par excellence. Brilliant. Thank you HG.

  9. Not So Sad. says:

    Excellent article HG… Thank you.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Thank you.

  10. Asp Emp says:

    (05:58) “you’re damned if you do and you’re damned if you don’t” – I think Megsie was determined to marry Prince Harry once she had him ‘ensnared’ – so either they had the whole shebang of a Royal wedding or she would have ‘manipulated’ Harry to elope and still achieved a higher quality and quantity of the ‘Prime Aims’ that she had obtained / achieved prior to meeting Prince Harry.

    (09:25) “it’s not that she’s cheating on him” – not yet, if she ever met someone else with much more money, and being a narcissist, she may not necessarily ‘think’ about the ‘consequences’ and would do this after a period of time has passed and after her ‘proving’ that Harry is not ‘functioning’ as a father / husband etc. Her ‘instincts’ (narcissism) will ‘guide’ her in the pursuance of her ‘Prime Aims’.

    (13:59) “everybody else in the world thinks the narcissist is good” – that is one of the biggest & worse things in this whole ‘saga’ (in my view). Unless, obviously, they are made aware of the existence narcissism and the affects that it has on the narcissist and the victims.

    (16:33) “even if they were to start to know about narcissism it’s a huge subject to take in and to grasp and to understand what is really going on” – and that is even before Harry can get support with understanding his deep & in-built trauma over the loss of his mother.

    Meghan will be doing the ‘pity play’ manipulation for a long time to come – with the new baby on it’s way as well as the ‘aftermath’ (and backlash) of her interview with Oprah.

    Poor Harry.

    He will also be ‘informed’ that he has a “duty of care” towards Meghan and their children (and towards the Royal Family). No doubt, Megsie would use this as ‘coercion of control’ over Harry and she would also use the Royal Family as another ‘tool’, to guilt trip Harry.

    HG’s words in this video ‘Meghan Markle : A Less Than Royal Narcissist : Part 20 : The Future’, “for those of you wondering what will happen with regard to the dynamic between the two people that is my assessment based upon my extensive understanding of the narcissistic dynamic”

    Thank you for this video HG. It was good to see your explanations of the various ‘outcomes’ that may happen in the future. There will be so many people who will have their own views of what may happen in the future, yet, you, HG have the expertise and understanding about narcissism and therefore can come up with the logical outcome possibilities. No doubt, you having advised many people on the best course of action in relation to their own unique situations in dealing with narcissistic abuse / interactions with narcissists – whether in intimate or familial or working relationships (including neighbours!).

    Using Meghan Markle, with her high profile position was absolutely GENIUS. Your series about her started at the right time. Her infamous interview could not have come at a better time to increase public (and world wide) awareness about narcissism – especially at a time when there has been reported a massive increase in ‘domestic’ violence and mental health issues during the Covid-19 pandemic.

    I still think that narcissism awareness should be made mandatory / a legal requirement – everywhere.

    Absolutely genius, HG.

    1. Violetta says:

      “I still think that narcissism awareness should be made mandatory / a legal requirement – everywhere”

      Problem is, narcissists would end up teaching the courses and running the workshops, and it wouldn’t be the self-aware ones. It would be the usual smug little mid-rangers who have poisoned the educational system.

      1. HG Tudor says:


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