America : You Are Being Conned

America _ You Are Being Conned


The police officer accused of murdering George Floyd has been convicted. The ongoing pandemic has been denounced by some as a hoax, an attempt by the federal government to control its populace. Many opinions have been advanced about why such behaviour occurs and what drives it? Those opinions repeatedly miss the catalyst and result in people being conned again and again.

Why does police brutality occur?

Why do peaceful protests erupt into violence?

Why does looting and destruction occur in the very communities of those protestors?

Why is misinformation spread and what drives this behaviour?

Why does social media explode into accusation, counter-accusation, fake allegations and vitriol pitting people against one another?

What is the dark force choking the life out of America?

Why are you, America and indeed the world being conned?

There is something behind it all.

This will explain what it is.

Compact, explosive and to the point.

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7 thoughts on “America : You Are Being Conned

  1. Ciara says:

    I believe the media blows everything out of proportion, to keep us against one another which is very sad to me.The police brutality against people of color is ridiculous! The ones who turn a blind eye or kill just for the hell of it has no Conscience. Back then I had no word for it but it is obvious to me now, They are Narcs! (Thanks to H.G ) I was in the Military (Air force)for 8 years and we learned several techniques on how to survive and kill. Therefore, when I saw the news and the tactic Mr. Chauvin had used, I knew and he knew it was deadly to begin with. .Mr. Chauvin didn’t care, have no sympathy, felt entitled, had no conscience and showed no remorse. The dark forces behind many relentless people are their narcissism.

  2. wildviolet22 says:

    This one, and The Fuel Matrix, I got around the same time, and they have really given me clarity on a lot of things. I see now that it’s not your gender, ethnicity, race, socioeconomic status, profession, political affiliation, etc- it’s how certain personality traits (lack of empathy, lack of boundary recognition, need for control, etc) manifest themselves in different people.

    And being an Empath isn’t necessarily “better” if you are turning a blind eye to, or making excuses for, certain behaviors, if the person or group doing it is on your “side”. It’s a dysfunctional yin-yang dynamic, really. Add to it media bias and spin ( has a great article on how for media, it really comes down to, “will it rate?”), and how quickly mobs form (in person, but also now the online mobs), and it makes sense why things are as they are.

    I also have read, and look forward to reading, more analyses of various people. Oftentimes you hear people talking about “master manipulators”, but I think after my time here, I’ve gotten proficient at (hurray for applied knowledge) recognizing that very few people who this is said about are really “master manipulators”/ Greaters; most of the time they are Mid-Rangers, and even Lessers. Usually there’s some cognitive dissonance going on when people want to believe certain things, despite evidence on the contrary. I also see this more clearly now in my own situation, now that I’ve been out for a while (no contact approaching 9 months).

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Well stated, especially your final paragraph.

  3. lickemtomorrow says:

    I enjoyed reading this article the first time round, thought it was exceptional in the circumstances at the time, and find the additional material absorbing. It encourages critical thinking and highlights the need to consider situations from a different perspective – that of the narcissist.

    It is a battle cry in some respects to consider what we, as empaths and normals, intend to do about what we see happening around us. How we intend to respond. And much of that response seems to be a stepping back from heated rhetoric and actions as we consider what is behind them. The narcissist.

    One paragraph stood out to me in particular as it relates to my favourite movie franchise – the Hunger Games (apologies in advance, HG!).

    “Why is it that a tyrannical regime is toppled only to be replaced by another one? It is because when narcissist number one is removed, it is invariably because of the challenge of narcissist number two who has created a different herd mentality and thus the winds of change are actually just the same winds as before, but this time they are blowing from a different direction.”

    In the movie we see President Snow being toppled by the “rebels” and President Alma Coin being installed as the next President. She has been planning the takeover of the Capitol for some time, but needed the spark that Katniss Everdeen lit, and her charismatic presence, to ensure the takeover would be successful. It becomes apparent after the success of the rebellion that Alma Coin intends to assume the powers of the Presidency in much the same manner as Snow himself … she is going to institute a new version of the Games using the Capitol’s children and is uncertain how long the term of her ‘interim’ Presidency will last. Katniss Everdeen has slowly become aware, albeit adjoining her mentality to that of the herd, that Alma Coin is no different to the former President. She is granted her request to be the one to kill Snow and the scene is set. It will take just one arrow to finish what started long ago and to finally achieve justice. In a shocking final twist to the story, Katniss Everdeen determines the arrow intended for Snow now has a new target. The “different direction” from which the winds have blown are just as treacherous, and a second narcissist had been enabled to take the place of the first. With the call to aim her arrow “straight and true” she directs it exactly where it needs to go. Right into Alma Coin’s narcissistic heart. The people of Panem can finally have true peace with a non-narcissistic leader at the helm.

    There is real tragedy in the world aided and abetted by narcissists, notwithstanding the point also made that narcissists can make great contributions if they have a mind to do so. For me the Hunger Games comparison gives an insight into what has been said in this article, and while we may despair at the possibilities at times due to the amount of power narcissist’s inevitably hold, the truth is there are those who are able to counter some of their machinations with truth and love. That would be the empaths, and we need to become resistant to the lies we are told and the inevitable chaos that they bring. This article highlights the uphill battle that we face, but at least it clarifies what needs to be done and how a different perspective might be taken on what is happening on the world stage.

    I hope it reaches many, many people. Thanks for more outstanding insight, HG.

  4. Asp Emp says:

    There is currently ‘discussions’ about whether the police in UK should be given more powers in relation to protesters / demonstrations – I agree. I am appalled at how people gathered and ignored social distancing as soon as the Lockdown ended…… disgusted about the amount of refuse left behind on parks and so on…… there was more respect for our countryside 30 plus years ago…… what has changed? Society….. so, Yes, the police in UK should be given more power – within reason.

  5. MB says:

    Happy Easter HG! Is this a new book? I’ve read the George Floyd piece, is this an expansion on that information?

    1. HG Tudor says:

      No, it is not a new one MB.

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