Meghan Markle : A Less Than Royal Narcissist : Part 37.3 The Diana Duplication

40 thoughts on “Meghan Markle : A Less Than Royal Narcissist : Part 37.3 The Diana Duplication

  1. lickemtomorrow says:

    I had to find a place to put this comment by conservative black commentator, Candace Owens.

    “I cannot say enough that Prince Harry is in an emotionally abusive relationship. Meghan has groomed him to believe that she is his mother reincarnate—only this time, he has a chance to save her.

    It is so disturbing to watch. Please stop putting cameras on him.”

    My sentiments exactly. And it’s obviously getting worse … so interesting and ultimately disturbing to see Harry bleat on about his (as yet unknown to him) narcissistic parenting while all the while being in the clutches of another narcissist (which we know is common, but how high profile can you get?). He is absolutely blind to the reality of his current situation and it’s incredibly ironic to see him speak as though he knows what he is dealing with … he is going to be totally crushed if/when he finally realizes he has put himself in an even worse position and all the while carried on about how it was his ‘escape’ from what he knew before. A match made in hell. And the more he talks, the worse it gets.

  2. Horseyak says:

    Made me laugh, Bubbles, but they also lay low before they’re getting ready to unleash a really nasty one.

  3. Strawberry ice says:

    Do you ever notice how she often looks like a completely different person from one photo to the next. Like there’s not a continuity in her core personality. At times She is almost unrecognizable. I also have wondered if she has bulimia, also like Diana. Her weight does appear to fluctuate and at times her face is very swollen,puffy as can happen after a binge/purge. Her face was very puffy in the interview but it kind of looked like she might have had some cosmetic work done and also she is pregnant. But I think it’s telling that in her history with the royal family her face will be taut and thin one day and very puffy and full the next, with puffy eyes. Did anyone else think she had cosmetic work before the interview? She looked very different and not just because of the eye makeup.

    Also while I’m here I just want to bring up how she basically has Harry hypnotized and is feeding him his thoughts and memories.remember in the chicken coop when she’s talking about the wedding and telling the lie and she looks directly at Harry, then with her hand signals to him pointing back and forth between them, and lifting her eyebrows and nodding her head, like she’s telling him that he remembers. And thenHarry is like, duh I remember.”
    I can see her with a watch fob swinging it back and forth and saying to him, When I snap my fingers you will remember that you were trapped,that you were unhappy, that we were married three days earlier, etc.etc. Etc.
    I find this level of control to be disturbing and frightening.

  4. The Silent Majority says:

    HG I would love to know your thoughts on the type of relationship MM would have had with Princess Diana had she been alive. Would she see her as a threat to her control over Harry and isolate him from her as well? Or would she consider the facade of a strong relationship with Diana as a huge residual benefit? Of course if Princess Diana hadn’t died perhaps Harry would not have been so susceptible to her machinations?

  5. Kayee says:

    I just saw this article today. Not related to Prince Philip’s passing, but it was linked in an article that was hence the timing. All the dubious behaviour listed in the article and comments together with your excellent commentary about her – yep she’s a narcissist

  6. A Victor says:

    These are amazing! So helpful in understanding character trait acquisition and the astounding level it can be done at. I find it quite creepy really. It also shows the lack of the sense of self in the narcissist, helpful in understanding as well. What is Meghan’s actual personally? Does she even have one? The pauses, her stillness, her speech patterns, all similar to Diana in some of the interview I have seen with Diana. I wouldn’t have picked up on these things though without these analyses, thank you HG. Once pointed out, just so creepy.

    1. WiserNow says:

      Hi A Victor,

      The way you describe the character trait acquisition as ‘creepy’ is quite interesting to me.

      When I listened to HG’s videos describing the ‘Diana duplication’, I read the YouTube comments and saw people describing it as ‘creepy’ too. I can understand why. It conjures up impressions of a horror movie character like Frankenstein, or a villain like Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. It’s a bit frightening and difficult to relate to.

      When I saw it described as ‘creepy’ though, it gave me a spontaneous feeling of sadness though. In a way, I do feel compassion for narcs, even though they manipulate, lie and cause harm and trauma.

      From a distance, when they’re not actively trying to harm me or make me feel their energetic ‘chaos’, I can see and feel how they have a very difficult and distorted inner self. I can see how the lack of empathy and conscience make them ‘outsiders’ in a world that is generally always talking in terms of ‘love’ and ‘doing the right thing’ and being ‘honourable’ etc. To them, they probably think they ‘are’ doing the right thing or being ‘honourable’ in their own way and with their own worldview … and they are being constantly blamed and rejected for it.

      I know this probably sounds like my empathic viewpoint is going way off the charts into the territory of delusion, however, although I am not condoning it, I can see the narc in a way that is not ‘evil’ or ‘wrong’ but as a human who can’t stop the behaviours and feels that the behaviours are actually ‘superior’ and justified, even though the behaviours cause harm to others and can be very destructive.

      So, yes, the acquisition of character traits can be seen as creepy, however, the ‘creepiness’ turns into ‘sadness’ or compassion to me because I can see a person whose inner self has not formed in a healthy way and they are compensating for that.

      1. A Victor says:

        WiserNow, a bit of background, my ex, during the Golden Period, started showing up dressed in the same pastels and light denims that I wore routinely. It was the eighties but he would arrive that way, so similarly dressed to me, that I would actually asked him about it, he would laugh it off with “we just think the same” or some such. I found it odd then and, looking back over the years have thought it was creepy, it should’ve been a red flag but I didn’t know about narcissism then. That said, I also see the sadness, he didn’t have his own sense of self, so got it from me. And to come full circle, following the GP, he destroyed my sense of self, which was easy to do as it wasn’t strong to begin with given my upbringing. So, though I do see the sadness, it is not where my thoughts fell here. WhoCares mentions fascinating below, I am not there yet, to me it is just…sick right now. As my understanding and healing progress, these will likely come to the fore more. I look forward to that. Thank you for helping me sort through it.

        1. WiserNow says:

          Thank you A Victor, and you’re very welcome. I can understand what you’re saying.

          Believe me, while I do have compassion and feel a sense of sadness, it also creeps me out and makes me feel angry and irritated when narcs do the things they do. I can see it from both angles. When those red flags come up, I feel the tension and the anger and my instinctive gut reaction is to ‘fight’ against it. But now, when I feel the tension and anger, I ‘know’ why, and I can think my way out.

          Back when I had no awareness of narcissism, if your ex showed up at my door for a date wearing the same kind of outfit as me, I would have thought, “Bloody hell, hasn’t he got any creativity? Can’t he see we’re going to look odd wearing double denims in public?” But, my empathy would have kicked in and I would have made an excuse for him, like, “maybe he’s a guy and he doesn’t have much style-sense and he likes my choices in clothing”… and in a weird way, I would have taken it as a compliment.

          Now that I *know*, that red flag would be flapping in the wind, drowning out any other thoughts. I would now see his outfit choice as a major signal of something being wrong and I would make an excuse about not being able to go on the date. My empathy is still there, but not to the extent of allowing a narc to play mind games.

          So, I know where you’re coming from. I think we’re all at different places when it comes to our learning or understanding or distance or whatever the case may be. How we look at things is unique to each one of us and all of our thoughts are ‘valid’ in one way or another.

          Thank you A Victor, for your comments. This conversation has been helpful 😘

          1. A Victor says:

            WiserNow, I laughed at your description of how you would react if your date showed up dressed like you!! That was super funny and also my reaction! It was too weird but, I twisted it into an odd compliment, just like you said. Not anymore!!

            You’re welcome and thank you also! It has been an interesting and informative conversation for me as well!

          2. WiserNow says:

            A Victor,

            Your comments and replies are always so kind and accepting. Thank you for that.

            Please know that I understand your emotional pain and I feel how difficult this experience has been for you. It’s a truly life-changing thing to go through and it makes you question yourself and other people and everything you see and hear. To me, it feels like a case of life before awareness and life after awareness and the two are starkly different. I understand how painful it is.

            I read in another comment that you said you are finding that your emotions are a bit volatile and you feel different emotions for no apparent reason etc. This could be a case of emotional flashbacks. It could also be a case of your emotional self-regulation being unconsciously ‘hi-jacked’. I have experienced (and still do at times) both of these things.

            Emotional flashbacks are tricky things. They are a symptom of c-ptsd, or so I have read. Because they are ’emotional’ they come over us and change our mood or frame of mind or motivation or sense of security. However, because they are not ‘cognitive’ or part of an easily spotted trigger or cognitive memory, the emotional reaction doesn’t seem to have a valid underlying reason. There is a ‘reason’ though, and that may be that the experience or thoughts you’re having at the moment are an ’emotional’ reminder of something else that happened in the past. The ’emotional’ reminder is then causing your emotional brain or amygdala (or cell memory, or nervous system response) to react in a defensive way.

            I find that when I feel this kind of disproportionate or mysterious emotional reaction, if I talk myself into feeling safe or feeling free or feeling like everything will be okay, the emotional reaction slowly starts to change. The thing is, I think, to remember to make your own self feel safe and comfortable. It’s easier if you don’t fight against the emotion in an attempt to shut it out or blame yourself for it.

            The other thing I have found that helps is to work towards having more emotional self-regulation. This takes time and practice. After a while though, I find that it helps. When you feel an emotion (like crying or sadness or anger), try to be aware of the feeling and then think about how the emotion ‘feels’. Make your thoughts focus on the sensation of the emotion. Does it make you feel low, or despairing, or sad, or irritated, or resentful, etc. Then try to talk yourself into thinking that it’s only an emotion and you can choose to feel differently. You can feel the emotion, let it pass by itself and then gently bring yourself back into a state where you have let the emotion pass with a sense of gentle control over your feelings. Your feelings are valid, so let them come and go with a sense of allowing them to happen. At the same time though, try being aware of feeling them and telling yourself that they will pass and you will start to feel better again.

            After some practice at doing this, when the emotions come, you will find that it’s easier to ‘think’ about them, while feeling them and gently letting them go.

            I’m sorry if you already know these things or already practice them. I have found that they have helped me, so if they can help anyone else, that’s great. All the best to you A Victor xx

          3. A Victor says:

            WiserNow, thank you for the very practical tips, I am always looking for ways to improve how I do things and I have never before been so inundated with feelings, I repressed them from childhood. They were allowed to start coming out in my 30s and would come out in fits and starts, not often and quite far apart. When my ex left I was completely numb for 5 years. He will be gone 11 total this summer and just this last 6 months here has brought all these feelings to the fore. They were irritating at first but I’ve learned to let them come and go, they don’t usually last too long, a few hours tops. I will be putting your comment in my phone though because I would like to try these techniques. Renarde made me aware of the possibility of PTSD and having studied it probably CPSTD fits better but I don’t want to investigate that more at this point, if I can figure it out and just accept that at some level it is likely I have that, but not allow it to control me, that will be fine. If I still struggle with the moods in a while, I will check into it more. Thank you for this, feeling my emotions but being able to choose to change it sounds very appealing.

          4. Asp Emp says:

            AV, I did one article reading RE: CPSTD. I understood & related to what it was about. However, I am also diagnosed with Aspergers. So I took that into consideration when reading up on CPSTD – I only read about it a couple of months ago or so. But it does not explain anything we need to know about narcissism and how that affects us and is manifested into those who do have narcissism. When I did a small amount of reading about Empaths (before I joined KTN) – I noticed some similarities in Empath ‘characteristics’ and maybe those of narcissism in comparison to those of Aspergers.

            In my view, the past plays a ‘part’ yet is not really relevant. Keep your focus on your path of learning, to understand about yourself and educate your off-spring. You are doing ok. x

          5. A Victor says:

            Thank you Asp Emp, that is pretty much what I’ve been doing, learning about narcissism and how it affects people. The CPSTD is only there if there is stuff I still need to sort out once this education is more complete, you know, to fill in gaps if needed. I don’t think it’s an ongoing issue for me but I am keeping tabs on certain things, such as the way the memories hit me. I am glad to be aware of it but it is not my main focus at this time. Thank you for the encouragement, always welcome, today the learning has been very heavy so I do appreciate it! I am glad it’s Friday. Take care Asp Emp!

          6. WiserNow says:

            Hello Asp Emp and A Victor,

            Asp Emp,
            With regard to your comment that CPTSD “does not explain anything we need to know about narcissism and how that affects us” – I really must disagree with you on this.

            The symptoms of complex PTSD, including: anxiety, interpersonal relationship difficulties, emotional dysregulation, distorted perceptions of perpetrator, etc (there are additional ones) are *very much* the way victims of narcissistic abuse are affected.

            Complex PTSD is caused by chronic or ongoing trauma specifically related to interpersonal relationships. Children raised by narcissistic parents, particularly the children who are scapegoated, are very likely to suffer from CPTSD.

            Not sure what makes you say it’s not related to narcissism. I’ve read articles and books that specifically link the two.

    2. WhoCares says:


      The trait acquisition is both creepy, and fascinating, all at once. It speaks volumes, however, about their energy conservation in pursuit of fuel. Why develop your own traits, when you can just commandeer those of others?

      1. A Victor says:

        WhoCares, interesting observation about energy conservation, it seems counterintuitive to me, easier to decide who you are and not have to think about it going forward, thus conserving energy. But for a narcissist, working to ensnare and commandeer, using ourselves to make this happen, it makes some sort of convoluted sense. Ugh. Emotional today. The comments are really hitting hard. But pieces are falling into place like rain on the pavement, so it’s all good.

  7. Strawberry ice says:

    H.G.: Many people speculate Meghan and Harry will name their daughter Diana. However I do not believe this will happen. As A narcissist appropriating Diana’s traits to solidify her relationship with Harry, it’s my opinion Meghan will NOT want Harry associating Diana with the child in such a direct manner, because Meghan needs him to project his feelings toward his mother onto herself. Also, as a narcissist, we have to realize that Meghan is going to see this child as a threat and will be in intense competition with it. If they do name the child Diana, It will be interesting to see if Meghan comes up with another name to use since she needs people (especially Harry) to draw the mental association between herself and Diana, not between Diana and the child. Do you have an opinion, and i would like to hear what you have to say about the narcissist mother/ daughter dynamic. Thank you.

    1. Violetta says:

      What you say makes sense to me. Meghan would never consciously acknowledge that she is competing with her own child, so she might give her “Diana” as a middle name.

      Of course, she uses her own middle name rather than first name “Rachel.” It will be interesting to see how it all days out. She’ll despise the child if she’s not spectacular enough to reflect well on her, but be threatened by her if she is. Let’s hope the kid is a neurological Normal, because if she’s got the Narc genes, she’ll become another, and if she’s an Empath like Daddy, Mama will eat her for breakfast.

      1. Strawberry ice says:

        In my opinion, Being a girl is worst case scenario for the child. Harry will be happy about it which will make MM even more envious. For all her feminist talk she seems to not like women very much and needs to have every mans full attention. She will not like sharing Harry even with her own daughter. She may try to come between their relationship or even try to turn the daughter against Harry, thus isolating both Harry and the child.

    2. Asp Emp says:

      SI, interesting point about the name. I wonder if Harry will ask for suggestions of names when he comes to UK for the funeral.

  8. lickemtomorrow says:

    HG, thank you for all your hard work on this series. You’ve really delved into the various aspects and there are so many involved! While doing that you’ve done a wonderful job of enlightening us all. I, for one, very much appreciate your efforts.

    Fashion. Ugh! I’ve watched an odd video on the comparisons re: this topic and there are definitely similarities which you’ve managed to highlight nicely, HG. The one very dissimilar occasion I can think of, and which comes to mind, is the wedding dress. Diana looked every part the Princess on her wedding day with froth and frills enveloping her; Meghan’s style was completely understated. Personally, I thought it looked like she could have just picked her dress off the rack of a department store, it was so unimpressive to look at. Now, I’m saying that on the basis that no expense would be spared in terms of the occasion. If it was her choice to be understated then that is her choice – I didn’t happen to like it. Nothing about it stood out to me or made her look the part. This is one area in terms of fashion where maybe she chose to do the opposite to Diana, which could simply mean she will choose what elements of character traits of Diana’s to acquire for the purposes of the facade and for fuel and control. Even if she is unaware, I’m assuming she’s only taking what she’s needing and jettisoning the rest.

    It’s like scavengers – whether animal or human – picking over a corpse for prizes.

    1. Violetta says:

      The problem was Meghan’s gown didn’t fit: not in the literal sense, and not her body type or personality type. The wedding may have been thrown together (there’s even speculation on the cake: the traditional wedding fruitcake requires some mellowing before stacking and icing). Either there wasn’t time for a few more fittings, or Meghan, despite her fashion blog “The Tig” and modeling gigs, doesn’t really understand fashion. Models may have a sample garment held together with clothespins on the off-camera side, but Meghan couldn’t have anything tailored to her or she wouldn’t be able to return it or sell it while double-billing Charles for the price–possibly triple-billing, if the item was a gift from a designer in exchange for wearing it publicly. She couldn’t merch the wedding gown, obviously, but she is probably in the habit of treating all clothes like that.

      The gown itself is modelled after a medieval cotehardie. It’s a tricky style: if you weigh too much or too little or have your curves in the wrong place or no curves at all, it’s not very flattering. (Look up images of reenactors wearing cotehardies and you’ll see what I mean.) If you have the right body type, it can be stunning, but Meghan has a squarish torso. She refuses to accept and work with what she has, so the pencil skirts the Suits wardrobe people put her in looked stunning on her, but she abandoned the style and even mentioned in an interview that she wasn’t initially comfortable with the idea of wearing pencil skirts.

      I could go on about historically accurate under-garments so an item hangs properly, but I think you get the idea.

      1. lickemtomorrow says:

        Glad you have been able to make a little sense of my comment, Violetta, as in you’ve explained the outcome of the choice of dress/design very well. Simple can be extremely elegant, but this just looked gauche to me. As you say, maybe not tailored very well to fit her and also a design not suited to her body type. Apparently she had plenty of input so that wasn’t the issue. If someone had given her different advice she probably wouldn’t have taken it. That’s the issue with narcissists. I think Di’s dress crinkled on the wedding day due to the material used, which was neither here nor there when you saw how beautiful she looked <3

  9. BC30 says:

    Umm. It’s not working. 😂

    1. A Victor says:

      Nope, not even close!

  10. Horseyak says:

    I hope Harry drops her off at Oprah’s and goes solo to the funeral.

    1. Horseyak says:

      Guesses to how many times she bugs him on his cell phone next Saturday?

      1. Bubbles 🍾 says:

        Bzzt…bzzt …bzzt … bzzt… bzzt …bzzt….bzzt …. bzzt 🙉

        1. Asp Emp says:

          Ah, Bubbles, that really made me laugh. Thank you….. (laughing, again).

          1. Bubbles 🍾 says:

            So true, isn’t it Asp Emp ? It’s the same when our son drops in, his phone doesn’t stop lighting up, bzzt bzzt bzzt bzzt ……. guess who ooooooo ??? 😈

          2. Asp Emp says:


    2. WhoCares says:

      Haha – oh my, this made me laugh!

      1. Horseyak says:

        My guess? Once every two hours. Also capable of feigning a miscarriage to get the attention off Phillip and back on her. But I’m hoping and praying the fake duchess from Canoga Park ( Tucker Carlson’s great line, not mine, unfortunately) has more sense and class than that.

        1. Asp Emp says:

          Horseyak, I reckon it would be more often than 2 hours – she’ll be contacting all sorts of people around Harry too – the Coteries, Lieutenants….. there’ll be so many….. she’ll only have the chickens and the seagulls to keep her company 😉

        2. WhoCares says:

          “My guess? Once every two hours.”

          Yeah…”H, I’m just checking in to see how you’re doing, since I can’t be there to support you in person and I feel so bad about that.”

          “Also capable of feigning a miscarriage to get the attention off Phillip and back on her.”

          Ugh. I am sure it will be something interesting to achieve this shift in attention back to her. I have noticed they possess creativity during such occasions.

        3. Bubbles 🍾 says:

          Dear Horseyak,
          Luv your comments !! 😂
          You’re predictions are definitely on the cards, you just never know what sneaky little/big tricks she’s capable of
          Nothing would surprise me … appears she currently holds the full deck in her hot little mittens and very tightly to her cold blooded chest !
          We now wait !
          Luv Bubbles xx 😘

          1. Horseyak says:

            My gut is telling me that some royal higher up has had some sort of diplomatic come-to-Jesus with her, letting her know that she’d better keep her mouth shut, not create any drama etc., etc. This funeral is a big deal and she needs to lay low.

            What do you think, HG?

          2. WhoCares says:

            “letting her know that she’d better keep her mouth shut, not create any drama etc., etc. This funeral is a big deal and she needs to lay low.”

            If someone did so, it would only register, unconsciously, as a threat to control, and Meghan wouldn’t be having any of that. There will be something, but I think it fly under the radar – it will, of course, have some plausibility to it. Therefore, a health scare related to pregnancy issues is the easiest (low energy, most plausibility) way to draw Harry’s (and the world’s) attention back to her.
            She won’t recognize any awareness of the need to ‘lay low’ – that would require actual emotional empathy or more evolved cognitive empathy.

          3. Bubbles 🍾 says:

            Dear Horseyak,
            I thought the only time narcs “lay low” is when they’re dead ! ⚰️
            Luv Bubbles xx 😘

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