20 Things That Infuriate Narcissists



Are you puzzled about why the narcissist responds in an enraged manner, sits and sulks or storms off? This is because you have just infuriated the narcissist. Whether it is your partner, spouse, boss, colleague, friend or family member, you will infuriate the narcissist countless times.

Understanding why and knowing what it is that you have done which has caused this will liberate you.

HG Tudor identifies 20 common instances which cause infuriation and explains why this happens. Receive some logic for just US $ 9.99

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One thought on “20 Things That Infuriate Narcissists

  1. Asp Emp says:

    OMG…… just seen an article online – The Sun – it certainly will completely piss Harry’s Wife (MM) off if she and Harry are “ditched” from the Royal Family…… I’d be concerned about their chickens as soon as Megsie gets ‘wind’ of this press release…… bloody hell, it gets worse as time goes on…..

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