Poison In Thine Ear – No. 1

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A Very Popular Narcissist

2 thoughts on “Poison In Thine Ear – No. 1

  1. Dave says:

    I went and read the article you link to about Taylor Swift. Not only was it very entertaining but you break things down in a ‘real’ way that helps make sense out of people’s behavior.

    Thanks to your work I can see these manipulation everywhere now. In fact I was listening to pop music remixes this weekend and I would say that there are so many references to nassissism that you probably have and endless supply of material to write about ‘Narcissism in the Music Industry’ – there’s a good sub title.

    I’m new to your work and have been binging on it. Can’t wait to see what you do next.

    What do you think of Rasputin? Lover of the Russian Queen. There was a cat that really was gone… there was a good series about him I think it was on Netflix.

    What about Trent Reznor? Was listening to Nine Inch Nails and I think in his lyrics he’s admitting that he’s got some issues. I was thinkin that the song ‘Only’ could be referencing the false self or else mpd maybe.

  2. Witch says:

    “Cause you know I love the players”
    Is also projection and blame shifting (I’m just attracted to bad people, that’s why all my relationships are volatile.)

    The ex middle midranger said this was one of his favourite songs lol
    (I’m not quite sure if he’s Elite or Cerebral. I thought he was Elite, because he was still interested in sex, and was very sociable, had experimented with drugs, but he also has very strong cerebral traits as well – high verbal/written intelligence, academic interests, poor fashion sense, terrible dancer, not particularly interested in status symbols, liked bird watching as a child…)

    I’m a remembrancer ain’t I? (Or whatever it’s called) I remember way too much in detail

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