Harry’s Wife Part 70.1 Birthday Bulletin

5 thoughts on “Harry’s Wife Part 70.1 Birthday Bulletin

  1. Ms Mikie says:

    Before I choke on the vomit 🤮 that seems to find its way up my esophagus every time I read something about Harry’s vile Puppet Mistress, I wanted to make a prediction about what I see coming down the pike for these two twat waffles.

    Once the statements and investigations of royal staff who quit is compiled and complete, I am certain the outcome will reveal ALL the lies Harry’s PM has told. Given she is a Narcissist, I’m also certain the following never happened:

    1. No one made comments about Archie’s potential skin color. (The race card was only played to garner sympathy.)

    2. There was never a miscarriage. It was merely a pity play to (again) garner sympathy.

    3. She’d never “off” herself due to the stress of fitting into royal life. She thinks herself too important to ever stoop to such a level. Again, it was only to play on the heartstrings of Harry and the public to garner (fuel) sympathy.

    Once the truth comes out, I also predict those two will slowly lose everything, BUT Harry’s wife will file lawsuit after lawsuit to counter the lies if only to begin stocking-up on money to squirrel-away once the whole s#*+ show blows up.

    I also predict all the deals they currently have (Netflix etc) will fall apart. The corporate lawsuits will then begin, and they will find themselves in even deeper fiscal jeopardy.

    Their home will inevitably go into foreclosure.

    Their staff will ALL quit. (God forbid either of them has to change a diaper!)

    The Hollyweird minions will all fall away, and through it all, Harry’s wife will sling mud, tell more lies, expose others, and do whatever she can to cling to the facade.

    She will again talk about or perhaps even feign an attempt to take her own life which, as we all know, is a solid sympathy play out of the handbook “Narcissism 101.” Not certain what chapter and verse although, I’m certain HG will clue me in!) 😉

    Again, Harry will rush to her side and claim history is repeating itself with regard to his Mum (and now wife) being hounded by the press to such an extent she “no longer wants to live.” (I feel the bile rising again) but I digress.

    Those of us who understand the manipulation of Narcissists see the writing on the wall. There is SO much press “out there” on the Internet that speaks to the incredulity of everything that comes out of that (middle-aged) woman’s mouth, one would have to be deaf, blind and undergone a frontal lobotomy to not recognize her for what she is.

    Oh! And as a dog-lover, did anyone EVER uncover exactly how her sweet Beagle ended up with two broken legs after his arrival in the UK? I saw the photos online along with ZERO explanation as to what truly happened. 😡

    I’ll wrap up now, but thank you, HG, for your ongoing series about Harry’s Wife. Your smarmy commentary keeps me laughing! You’re the best! (But you know this already so there’s that!) 😊


    Ms M 😘

  2. Asp Emp says:

    Seriously?! 40X40 Project?!……how almost ‘404’, HG! Excellent!

    The sarcasm by HG is top-notch as usual.

    Unbelievable, that so many people cannot see ‘it’ (the narcissism and the facade at work, everything). Yet, more people are seeing the ‘actions’ that are a bit, hmmm, ‘off’ (laughing).

    Even now, the so-called Press have not, as yet, mentioned the narcissism. Why? Are they ‘blind’ too? Or, are they afraid of getting fired for even mentioning narcissism and pointing the finger at Ms 404-Empty-Warehouse-Shelf?

    I agree, they could actually give money to charities all over the world, since they are going to be earning millions – they can afford to donate money and get tax breaks for that, pay wages to people – instead of expecting other people to give up their time (which they probably do anyway).

    Yes, HG, you do give a lot of your time to people. A lot of time. Thank you, so very much. I really enjoy and love your sarcasm in these videos.

  3. lickemtomorrow says:

    I think I’m ageing with this series 😛

    I’ll expect my health to deteriorate accordingly.

    I noticed how I automatically ‘switched off’ when you started reading her blurb on the initiative. Same thing happened when I read the Sussex’s statement on Afghanistan today. The word salad is so obvious, as is the lack of sincerity. I don’t know how anyone can read that verbal diarrhoea and actually think it’s genuine. Maybe it’s more of an empath capacity to see through things. Or maybe she’s just that obvious. Either way, it just makes me want to throw up. For how disingenuous it is.

    Much like the video she put out with Melissa McCarthy as well. Like so many other attempts at rubbish humour lately related to the RF. And Harry’s the biggest clown of them all.

    Glad you gave us a break, HG. Now I’m looking forward to 70.2.

    1. Asp Emp says:

      LET, I enjoyed reading your description in your main paragraph (I laughed, so I really enjoyed reading it) 🙂

      1. lickemtomorrow says:

        🙂 x

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