Achieving NoFuc


Achieving NoFuC is the way to force the narcissist to leave you alone.

If you are being pestered by someone trying to seduce you who you have no interest in.

If you are being badly treated by someone who is bullying you.

If you are being repeatedly harassed by someone you were once in a relationship with.

If you are being smothered by someone who seems pleasant but is behaving over the top at the outset of your involvement with them.

If he or she just will not leave you alone.

You are in all likelihood being hoovered by a narcissist, whether it is in seduction or whether it is devaluing behaviour. Whether it is at the outset of the relationship, during the relationship or after the relationship such behaviour where this person will not leave you alone exhibits the behaviour of the narcissist.

To deal with them, you need to achieve NoFuC.

To understand what this means, what needs to be done and what it achieves, use this useful logic bulletin today.

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3 thoughts on “Achieving NoFuc

  1. Whitney says:

    Hi HG my God
    I don’t like using “logic” as you call it, to make decisions. I decided I’m going to make all my decisions based on my feelings and emotions.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Well that is quite simply a recipe for disaster.

      1. Asp Emp says:

        HG, I totally agree with you. Using emotions is the wrong way to ‘guide’ one’s ‘path’ in life. Your work is the only right system that has proved to be effective. I have also learned a very important ‘lesson’ by applying your education to my LT / ET and that has helped me greatly in situations where I would have got so stressed out with high anxiety levels in the past. I have now started to tell myself and others (where applicable) that I do not need the ‘stress’ especially when it is unnecessary and is ’caused’ by ‘faulty’ systems that have not worked as ‘stated’ – so I make sure I do my own research and then I have facts to hand when it comes to “dealing” with problems. Your Assistance Package, in how to deal with narcissists at work helped me in regard to what I have just explained. So I really do appreciate your work. Thank you, HG.

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