Why Does the Narcissist Compartmentalise Appliances?



As narcissists we often engage in compartmentalisation. This articles concerns how and why we compartmentalise various appliances in our fuel matrices.

We view our lives as a series of compartments. The compartments are linked and there is an archway from one compartment to another but this archway has been bricked up by us and only we know the secret word that will open up the archway and admit us to the next compartment. You will try and search for an opening so that you may move from one compartment to another but your search will be fruitless. You will rhyme off all the passwords you can think of from ‘open sesame’ through to ‘abracadabra’ but none of them will work. There is a simple reason for that. We want you to stay in your compartment until we come back to it. We do not want you interacting with any of our other compartments because then it makes each area harder for us to control. A greater need for control mean more energy expenditure which will mean that there is less available for me to use to gather fuel and that is not something I can allow to happen.

A blissful domestic set-up will be in one compartment where I play the role of doting husband and caring father. To the external observer who looks in on the scene through the Perspex it appears to be a picture of harmony and good relations. Yet the observer cannot hear the shouting nor listen to your sobs as you are on the receiving end of another tirade. The fearful cries and the scathing admonishments fail to air beyond this compartment. You are not able to escape to another place and reveal what is really going on in this compartment. As soon as I depart to the next one then the brickwork closes behind me with lightning quick speed, trapping you where I want you. Of course I will tell you all about what is happening in the other compartments when I return, so that you will be subjected to tales of my magnificence in the work place and anecdotes about the new ‘friend’ I have in order to create some triangulated jealousy from you.

My work compartment show me as all conquering and masterful yet those that have been subjected to my brutal put downs and suffered from my repeated dumping of work on them as I breeze around town are forbidden from escaping this compartment to pollute the carefully constructed image that I have made for myself.

The members at the golf club who find my boasting odious and have seen me mark down a lower score than that which I had achieved on my score card are unable to blacken my name to my admirers beyond this particular place. Instead I depart the golf club and scurry to the bar where I regale my hangers-on with another story of my five under par round which won the competition. They coo over my success oblivious to what has actually gone on.

Home life, work life, mistress, friends, club, family and more are allotted these compartments. In each one I am a god. I rule supreme able to do as I please so that I can carry forth my stories of heroism into another compartment and there drink deep of their admiring fuel.

I spend much of my time ensuring that the inhabitants of each compartment know about one another, to multiply my fuel of course, but rarely shall I ever allow them to cross paths. This might lead to someone squaring the circle and working out what is behind my carefully orchestrated campaigns of divide and conquer. A must never speak to B who must not be allowed to tell C what really happened. I must maintain my constructed world where these people are little more than dolls in a huge segregated dolls’ house. I put them in poses and play with them so that I can create a scenario by which I can brag to others in the next room about. If they ever escaped and managed to follow me through these archways so they could compare what I have said with what has actually happened I would be truly finished. Sometimes this happens and then the compartment must be set ablaze, scorched from the record and denied an existence. Next time this compartment will be refurbished, repainted and with new dolls put in place. I must control everything around me. Everyone in their place and a place for everyone.

9 thoughts on “Why Does the Narcissist Compartmentalise Appliances?

  1. Asp Emp says:

    I “compartmentalise” appliances too. Kitchen = kettle, toaster, dishwasher, erm….oh yes, tin openers, blender,…….lounge, both of them have a tv, lamps, (in one lounge) router (f^cken crappy piece of plastic)…..laptop, erm, oh, yes, printer…..scissors….oh, they’re not quite “appliances” yet still a useful tool…..(laughing now, RE: the video called ‘The Case of the Missing Balls’, poor Harry…..’You Should’….LOL)……

  2. leelasfuelstinks says:

    I heard of one psychopath who lead SIX relationship at the same time. He had six relationships with six different women at the same time! With some of those women he even had children! I wondered too: How the heck is that possible?

    1. A Victor says:

      Wow, that is pretty extreme. But, if they have a job in which they have complete freedom to come and go without excuses other than “Work called, I have to go.”, as mine did, they have a lot of ability to do anything they want. Those women must’ve been somewhat independent financially though, or he must have been quite wealthy if he was taking care of all of them in that regard. Which he likely wasn’t, I don’t think most narcs want to do that.

      1. leelasfuelstinks says:

        This was a psychopath. One famous book author in my home country does the same. He has three or four relationships at a time. And he´s not even attractive, not at all. They are master manipulators, guess they tell those women some stories, the women are gullible or gold diggers, who knows. But yes, something like that is possible.

  3. lickemtomorrow says:

    I listened to an interesting podcast recently where a psychiatrist was interviewed about her experiences dealing with psychopaths, some in prison. One thing she said related to this issue of compartelization. She mentioned one particular case where the prisoner (psychopath) was ‘running’ four different staff members at the same time (having them provide favours – sex, goods, etc.) and not one of them knew about the others. She had been to several prisons and talked to several different inmates and the story was the same. When asked how this was possible, the psychiatrist said it basically came down to how astute the narcissist/psychopath was at reading people and knowing their weaknesses. She went on to describe their method of seduction, but I won’t go into that here. It’s bad enough knowing it’s possible, and I was kept in the dark on many occasions in all my entanglements. Triangulation would have played a part in that, but there was also definitely some narc on narc action. I can see how the narcissist maintains an optimum level of control by preventing people from knowing about one another and keeping aspects of their lives/relationships in a separate box. So much easier to manipulate people that way.

    1. Asp Emp says:

      LET, thank you for sharing that. It was interesting to read.

      1. lickemtomorrow says:

        Thanks, AspEmp. One other thing she said was that she would always know who the psychopaths were in prison because they would divide the prison population – half would love them and half would loathe them! How’s that for being able to make a quick analysis?

        It did strike me as fascinating that the narcissist/psychopath was still able to do what they did in such a confined scenario. It’s a little easier to understand in the context of the wider world where things could more easily be hidden from others due to having the ability to move around and not be under constant watch.

        It just goes to show what slick customers the psychopaths and narcissists can be.

  4. Duchessbea says:

    On a scale of one to ten, how much does your kind hate a woke, knows what your kind are, Empath (super). Particularly when that Empath is making it very clear that they want nothing to do with the narcissist.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      There is no scale. If you are threatening our control in that manner you are hated. Full stop.

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