You Hurt, The Narcissist Is Happy. What is Going On?



Following disengagement from a romantic entanglement with a narcissist the hurt is substantial.

To make matters worse, the narcissist is swanning around happy. Or is he or she actually happy?

What is going on?

Understand how your hurt is more dangerous than you realise and what you can do about it?

Find out what is really going on inside the narcissist – the answer will assist you.

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One thought on “You Hurt, The Narcissist Is Happy. What is Going On?

  1. Alexissmith2016 says:

    Such a good reminder! I had a brief interaction The other day with a mid range going through another reality gap. He was generally feeling sorry for himself but being pleasant to me. Although during the conversations he tried twice to upset/ cause me to panic by saying two different things. When neither had any effect, he asked me to change my latest WhatsApp photo of me sunbathing snd looking chill, he said it made him depressed to see me looking so happy. Oh god! Well that photo is not going to change any time soon then.

    If at first you don’t gain control, switch tack and when that doesn’t work either, leave hahah

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