HG Mauls Your Narcissist



You have discovered you are ensnared by a narcissist. You have established which school and cadre through the Narc Detector and as part of your weaponisation you have implemented the GOSO Regimen (Get Out, Stay Out!). Excellent work.

Now, as that last parting shot, to reinforce precisely WHY you must implement no contact, it is time to let the Ultra maul and roast the narcissist that has caused you so many problems as only the Ultra can.

To aid you in driving down your emotional thinking, to ensure you draw a line under the sorry episode involving the narcissist, you can provide HG Tudor with details about your narcissist so he can get medieval on the narcissists ass!

With up to 1000 words at your disposal, you can describe the narcissist in detail to give the Ultra the bullets to fashion and fire. Identify all those annoying, despicable, infuriating characteristics and foibles of the narcissist you were involved with and include a photograph too (if you wish) and HG Tudor will dismantle your tormentor with his acidic vehemence par excellence!

No detail is too trivial, no characteristic too obscure, include as much as you can, ranging from the fact the narcissist use to cry at episodes of Friends, to the fact he would break wind and find it amusing, to her obsession with posing with a trout pout through to have the most annoying shrieking laugh you have experienced. Furnish HG Tudor with the details and you will then receive a bespoke sound file as he provides you with a 10 minute mauling of the relevant narcissist which will entertain you and allow you to achieve finality without the risks associated with entering the five arenas of interaction and breaching no contact.

Consider this your reward for embarking on no contact, the last hurrah before you cast the narcissist into oblivion and what a way to do it, with the Ultra mauling the living daylights out of your narcissist!

Get your maul now here!

Vent Your Spleen! (Please see the Rules in Formal Info)

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