BREAKING – Harry’s Wife – Exposed ! The Knauf Texts

20 thoughts on “BREAKING – Harry’s Wife – Exposed ! The Knauf Texts

  1. Violetta says:

    Metro UK, Nov. 14, ’21 article “Meghan and Harry sing Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes with refugees.”
    This took place with young Afghan refugees at a military base in NJ

    Per “Page 6,” on Sept. 11, ’21 article “Jennifer Garner visits Afghan refugee center”:

    “There is also a clip of her singing ‘Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes’ with a circle of small children” at the “Afghan refugee center outside of Washington, DC.”

    I grant you “Head and Shoulders” is a childhood classic, but so are “The Itsy-Bitsy Spider” and “The Wheels on the Bus.” Also, there are plenty of non-Afghani children in vulnerable situations.
    It’s typical of Wifey to do at what somebody else just did.

    All together, now, Tudorites 1, 2….

  2. blackunicorn123 says:

    It doesn’t make Harry look all that great either as it demonstrates he knew his wife was lying to the court! It goes to show how deeply he was enmeshed in her reality at the time. I wonder how he feels about it now. Surely he must realise it makes him look bad, surely he must realise it makes them both look bad, surely some alarm bells must be starting to ring somewhere???

  3. Duchessbea says:

    This is very interesting. With the Oprah interview and now these texts, the true intentions and personality of Harry’s Wife are very much showing and to the fore. Her mask is dropping, and she is very much showing who she truly is and who HG has said she truly is. The fact that she has apologised to the Court, for misleading the court is a very serious thing, and it will be interesting to see how this will pan out. I have to say, Harry’s wife looked well in the red dress when attending a function with Harry in New York, but she still was not a patch on Kate in the gold gown. Kate looked stunning beautiful, regal, elegant, classy and fabulous.

  4. Asp Emp says:

    What is it with people and pork pies, porkies, roasting, porchetta…..

    The latter one was on tv earlier and I thought to myself, WTF’s that? Then I thought, why can’t they call it pork? Pork is pork. Just like pig is pig……laughing…..

    The melt-on mow-bray…..laughing…..they taste delicious BTW 🙂

  5. Violetta says:

    Oh dear, now I’m really hungry for Melton Mowbray pork pies. Damn you, HG!

    1. Joa says:

      I’ve never eaten it. Meat in pie – a quirk 🙂

      We do have “dumplings” with meat and breaded meat, but this is something else.

      I prefer our ensiled cucumbers, “pigeons” and herring in oil, ha ha ha 🙂

      1. Violetta says:

        Americans have chicken pot pie, but pork pies seem to be a British specialty. Amazing stuff.

  6. Eliza-MorrisDancerFan says:

    Love these HW installments HG ! I remember seeing the letter somewhere and thinking about the use of calligraphy to write a supposedly serious letter ? So weird, she really is a ‘legend in her own lunchtime’ .

  7. A Victor says:

    “Is HG Tudor being targeted by sussexsquad and Christopher Bouzy?” – YTer Tarot corner Of dew

    HG, your name is getting out…this is really great!

    1. Truthseeker6157 says:


      I just looked that up. She’s very complimentary about HG in the way she words what he does.

      I wondered how the Ultra channel would fair if placed under the targeting Harry’s Wife microscope. Given all the other video content not related to Harry’s Wife and the disclaimers at the start of each video, I think the Ultra Channel would be tough to close down on that basis. It does concern me a little though. Then I think to myself, “HG is a narcissistic psychopath TS, I think he’ll be ok.” Haha! “

      1. A Victor says:

        TS, yes, she is complimentary, I saw comments that were as well. She was the one on the top when I searched for him under Newsweek and so on, based on comments on one of his YT videos. It is exciting, I found several other references to him in a variety of places. And mostly people were of the opinion that he is safe from being shut down and also stating that he has great material, it’s all advertisement!! HG will be fine, he makes no racist or otherwise inappropriate statements whatsoever, it is all based on her behaviors, and you can’t dispute them. I did read that YouTube has been contacted about him though, so it will be interesting I think, to see how they respond. It may show how “woke” they are, or not, haha. Also, why does anyone care that he’s mono-tised (sp) ???? That really pissed me off, he is a business, he needs to charge for his expertise! But they’re making comment about him charging $150 for consults! That’s not even about YT!! I don’t get it. And “claiming” that the customers cross time zones, who f*cking cares?! It seems they are really grabbing for straws, imo. I believe like you, he will be just fine and they will only serve to get his information spread more.

        1. Truthseeker6157 says:


          I haven’t seen the monetisation criticism on YouTube, but I’ve seen it on other platforms. I think the problem there is expectation. You get so many ‘experts’ with channels or help forums that don’t charge, people start to expect free advice. The fact that HG’s work is extensive, researched, accurate and really has helped thousands makes no difference to these people. They expect free advice, where that advice comes from is secondary.
          For me, ‘you can’t fix stupid’ fits this scenario quite well.

          When recommending HG I tend to post a link and draw attention to the free videos and articles plus the fact that HG generously answered many of my questions free of charge and still does so daily for many on his blog. Then I leave it. If they are going to moan, they’re going to moan, but that link is still there and others will see it.

          The moaners are likely sugars, or narcs. Haha!


          1. A Victor says:

            Yes, I point people to the free stuff too. I am interested in hearing YT’s response to the question of HG being monetized on there however. It is something that we may never hear though.

        2. Violetta says:

          1. As Tudoristas know, there is plenty of free content. Bulletins are very reasonably priced, books are often discounted if you buy here rather then Amazon, and if the price of a personal consult is a challenge for someone in a difficult situation (although still cheaper than months of possibly useless or even destructive therapy), the Angels pitch in.
          2. Though my own financial situation is far from posh at the moment, I would pay good money to see what happens when a mid-ranger like the Markle woman tries to take down HG. This is beyond popcorn-watching: break out the Mead!

    2. NarcAngel says:

      Make sure to comment on those articles even if briefly about HG’s work. I did, and so far the comment is still there as well as others who have used HG’s name. There’s a crack opening and leading to HG’s work and we need to get it to trending to ensure others find their way here more easily than we did. It’s a way to pay back (HG) as well as forward (victims/targets) and costs nothing.

      1. HG Tudor says:

        Thank you NA.

      2. A Victor says:

        I agree and have done so whenever there is an opportunity. I will continue to do so. If we all do, HG will be a household name even sooner! 🙂

  8. lickemtomorrow says:

    Haha, HG, “porky pies” 😛

    I sat there looking at the image and I’m like “why is there a pie with a piece cut out of it?”


    I’m glad you used the word “calculating” and I was thinking “manipulative”, either way she processed what she was doing in order for it to have a desired affect. Right in this moment, I’m not inclined to allow narcissism to ‘excuse’ that, and though I know that’s not what you are saying, I’m entirely frustrated at this notion that she can do that and it’s “oh, that’s just her narcissism.” She should be able to be held accountable and it’s good to see that happening in this instance, considering she is so inclined to want to hold other people accountable.

    She knows what she’s doing, just like she did when she phoned the two Republican Senators using a private no. which would cause them to pick up the call assuming it’s important. Why else would one Senator say she thought it was Joe Manchin? Maybe the opposing Senator gave her that advice, either way it’s manipulative and she knows it. Everything about her is calculated. Sure, her narcissism is behind it, but once again that doesn’t excuse it. She’s not an idiot and the best thing others can do is wake up to her underhand tactics. In that sense she could possibly make a good politician, the slimy kind, and we already have enough of those.

  9. Truthseeker6157 says:

    I thought this one was brilliant. I struggle a bit with Harry’s Wife to be honest. I find that she irritates me so much now, sometimes I can’t give her any more head space. That said, when I do listen, I always learn something and the videos often help release my frustration with her. The humour enables me to indulge my sarcastic side!

    This one I thought was excellent, carefully explained and very HG!

    Tell you what though, Harry’s Wife must be rattling her brain trying to remember every text she sent. Haha! Could this be the first in a drip drip character assassination? Ooh I do hope so!
    Can’t wait for the haughty “I’m no bully. You should pull your staff into line.” texts. He must have some real doozies! Collateral consequences, brought down by her own hand. That would be perfect.

    Meanwhile, she’s banging on saying people should only be able to like or dislike comments on social media. That would just remove ambiguity from comments and categorise them more simply into positive and negative. It would make her falling popularity even more obvious surely? If the like / dislike idea was introduced, people who wouldn’t ordinarily take the time to comment could instead just press dislike. Far easier to register disapproval. People also tend to register opinion about things they don’t like, negative experiences / reviews etc rather than things they find positive. Harry’s Wife loses every which way. She negates threats to control on the one hand, but opens the door to further negative results on the other.

    Harry needs to think about sharing his crayons a bit more often.

  10. A Victor says:

    This was interesting. It gets more unbelievable all the time, the ways that she shows the entire world what she is.

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