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  1. lickemtomorrow says:

    This one took me by surprise, the fact she was an Art Historian, but then she mentioned she’d been entangled with a narcissist which is what has brought about her interest in your work. She was able to relate it to her field, and various art forms can be seen from a different perspective when viewed through the lens of narcissism. You’ve shown us that before through music and film, also literature. An interesting conversation with some wishful thinking thrown in on her part regarding ‘compassion’ … we’ve all been there. We feel it even if it’s not being offered. How strange. Good you clarified, HG.

  2. Asp Emp says:

    Tudor Academy. Hmmm. Sounds really good. I liked your explanations on how it would be structured to aid various ‘paths’ (ie work, family) of learning in relation to narcissism. This would assist those, for example, working in Law firms to read up about narcissism to understand the ‘dynamics’ of a narcissist in court, should the case arise.

    Yay! RE: the Ensnared series and the Ashley, Ian and Peter ‘trio’. OMG though, it will be interesting to re-read my comments on the videos and compare these with your upcoming ‘analysis’ on who is what and so on. I am looking forward to that 🙂

    LOL “as to what those rascals have been getting up to”. Oh, yes?

    That would be absolutely excellent for you to narrate and have as you suggest, maybe the BBC to dramatise. I can just imagine you, sat in a chair and narrating it, just like Roald Dahl did when introducing ‘Tales of the Unexpected’.

    I have described you as ‘groovy’ in your approach to educating and entertaining people about narcissism, and other pieces of literature / poems. Groovy, indeed.

    Being the ‘Ultra’ sets you apart because you explain the affects of narcissism from both ‘perspectives’, the narcissist and the victim. You support and empower the victims yet maul the narcissist.

    Where you explained, clearly, the difference in intimate relationships where there are no narcissists compared to those involving a narcissist (or two) – where a narcissist is involved, it is as if someone is continuously pressing on the ‘fast-forward’ button of a ‘dialogue’, so in some cases, a victim may appear to be ‘slow’ in catching up with the narcissist. There may be other cases where the victim who has been ‘continuously’ under the influence of narcissism because of their addiction (to narcissism) and not having a break in between narcissistic influence from one narcissist to another (ie back-to-back relationships, on ‘rebound’) and so the victim would not necessarily ‘see’ it as being too quick (to ‘rush in’), even if those outside the relationship point it out to them.

    Laughing, because you’re explaining and then I’m reading….”in the pulling of hair and leaping around and everything’s rainbows and unicorns”. My mind stops and I think ‘what?’. LOL.

    That was interesting to read about Scandinavia and the need to create an ‘outlet’, hence producing narratives that are fictional.

    Similar yet a different ‘slant’ to a narcissist and their ‘magical thinking’. In saying this, it reminds me of the psychotic dissociative spectrum. Hence people, including non-narcissists producing ‘masterpieces’ in art, film and so on. Creativity from those who have experienced both ‘dark’ and ‘light’ in their world can be astounding to those who have not experienced it, thus bringing forth awe. Effectively, those that have not had to ‘live behind’ a mask may not have the talents, or creativity, at times, lateral, logical and analytical ‘thinking’ approach.

    It was good to read your prospective plans for ensuring your Legacy continues with expansion of your work to further fields and continuing to educate, and inform others about narcissism. I hope it all goes to plan and I have no doubt you will succeed in all you aimed to do originally. Congratulations and well done, HG.

    It is a very good interview and it is different from those you had with Doug. Thank you for sharing it with us, HG.

  3. A Victor says:

    This interview was amazing, not the interviewer, but many aspects of things you said HG. I am so happy the consults are going to continue to be an option. Also, you handled the question about your morality etc with finesse, it was very impressive and I breathed a sigh of relief at your reply. I felt that you toned down the cold, hard logic a bit but were still very straightforward about how negative manipulations work for you. It was great to hear it, done in that way, but still true to what we have learned here. Thank you for sharing this here, much nicer than commenting on YT, for me anyway.

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