10 Lies the Narcissist Will Use : Part Two

3 thoughts on “10 Lies the Narcissist Will Use : Part Two

  1. jasmin says:

    Lately I have been visiting the golden archives and from my understanding you actually believed that you did “love” back in 2015/2016. You do not want to reveal your age (which is fine) but where are some clues given in your articles and comments..
    I don’t want to discuss your age but what I want to say is that you apparently spent many adult years unaware of your incapacity to love. Therefore it appears to me that not all greaters will be awere of the fact that they are lying when they tell the victim: -I love you. That it depend on if the greater have yet reached the understanding or not?

    1. A Victor says:

      Jasmin, what a great question! I had seen this also and connected that HG’s understanding of what love is must’ve been confused in his mind with the infatuation. And once the understanding of what love really use became apparent that he was able to see the difference, maybe why he’s the Ultra? But the stretch to other, greater, narcissists had not crossed my mind. I think it may be that they know they are narcissists but don’t understand how their terminology is different from ours?

      1. A Victor says:

        Shoot, I bumped send before I fixed the autocorrect errors. And before I finished my thought. So mid rangers will probably always think they truly love and lessers probably don’t think about it but greaters could come too realize it…?

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