20 Things That Infuriate Narcissists



Are you puzzled about why the narcissist responds in an enraged manner, sits and sulks or storms off? This is because you have just infuriated the narcissist. Whether it is your partner, spouse, boss, colleague, friend or family member, you will infuriate the narcissist countless times.

Understanding why and knowing what it is that you have done which has caused this will liberate you.

HG Tudor identifies 20 common instances which cause infuriation and explains why this happens. Receive some logic for just US $ 9.99

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One thought on “20 Things That Infuriate Narcissists

  1. Asp Emp says:

    Re-reading the article ‘Never Mirror The Narcissist’ (and many other articles here too), I am seeing it with further clarity.

    “nullified the word salad” results in a change of manipulations, or even an escalation of such. Igniting the already in existence ‘fury’ can add further anger.

    A narcissist ‘responded / reacted’ as a result of:
    Numbers 2, 3 & 4 of ‘The 5 Hatreds of the Narcissist’,
    Or, a ‘dent’ in their credibility (from ‘5 Things We Steal From You’)
    Or, number 2, 3 & 5 of ‘The 5 Fears of the Narcissist’,

    hence the use of manipulations. If it’s not as ‘effective’ as it would have done in the past, the withdrawal of ‘The 3 Assertions of Control’ occurs and the narcissist moves somewhere else to assert control elsewhere, over someone else. But. They will be back. With another manipulation. Indirect smearing via triangulation with others, or something else (ie another subject = switching manipulations, or deflection) not relevant to that moment in time, maybe by applying direct ‘pity-plays’.

    For years, I felt ‘guilt’, ashamed, disgust with myself because I was conditioned to think it was me that was the “problem”. I will not (or be made to) feel, or think those ‘emotions’ in future because of the understanding I have gained here. ‘Murdering Without Felling’ springs to my mind.

    Jealousy breeds and ‘feeds’ resentment. And therefore the ‘lack of empathy’ can invoke ‘calculating’ to a ‘desire to exploit’ because of ‘self-interest’, creating a ‘lack of accountability’, which can include a bit of ‘malice’ with a ‘desire to punish’, driven by the ‘desire to win at all costs’ because the ‘spadework to succeed’ had been invested.

    Then there is the ‘5 Phrases the Narcissist Uses To Blameshift’, the carrying out of direct / indirect manipulations by way of ‘what do you expect me to do about it?’, effectively saying ‘deal with it’, ‘you caused this to happen’ simply because of the perception of ‘why do you have to spoil everything?’ and ‘why do you have to make my life so hard?’.

    So ‘The Eight Exploitations of Empathy’ are being used against someone because of, either the awareness, or no awareness, nor understanding, of the ‘facility’ to abuse the ‘trust’, ‘honesty’, the ‘decency’ by denying the ‘equality’ and to invoke someone’s questioning of ‘fidelity’ despite having the ‘tenacity’ while putting themselves through a period of ‘healing’, and / or for ‘loving’.

    My comment RE: Why empaths and normal people can be hurtful and why (‘Understanding Emotional Empathy : The Difference Between Empath, Normal and Narcissist’) “An empath’s narcissistic traits can be magnified during the devaluation / discard period and eventually become the narcissist’s narcissist through the negative and repeated treatment of the narcissist”. Thus the erosion of emotional empathy.

    So. There is more than 20 ways a narcissist thinks they are infuriated by……

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