The Addiction Double Package



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As part of the implementation and maintenance of your no contact regime, it is necessary for you to understand a very important person – you.

You need to understand that you have an addiction, an addiction to the narcissist.

Why do you have this addiction? What is its foundation? Why is it so powerful? Why does it prevail even when you gain extensive knowledge about escaping the narcissist? Why do you know the narcissist is bad for you yet keep engaging with the narcissist in some form? Why is it so hard to overcome? Why does it have such a grip on you?

This Assistance Package answers all of these questions and more and is a FUNDAMENTAL necessity of achieving freedom from the narcissist.

The addiction to the narcissist creates the Enemy Within – Emotional Thinking.

This Assistance Package addresses questions including –

What is the relationship between the addiction and emotional thinking?

How does emotional thinking affect me?

How is the addiction fed?

What do I do that increases my emotional thinking?

What are the three things which arise from the existence of emotional thinking? What do they look like?

What is the impact of the three things which arise from emotional thinking?

What will emotional thinking do to me

Is emotional thinking permanent?

In order to escape the narcissist you need to understand everything about the narcissist to defeat the Enemy Without but you must also understand yourself and the addiction to the narcissist, which includes the Enemy Within.

This Assistance Package is provided through a detailed audio file, packed with information and examples. Obtain it here

2 thoughts on “The Addiction Double Package

  1. Asp Emp says:

    I highly recommend this Assistance Package that I found to be very insightful, full of information that provides a good introduction to what Emotional Thinking is about, how it impacts those with an addiction to narcissism. I originally obtained the triple package version very early on in my journey to understanding about narcissism and I also learned aspects myself as an individual. An excellent part of education that would benefit anyone who wishes to understand about narcissism as a whole – the victims and those who have it.

  2. WhoCares says:

    Yeah. It had to be the addiction/emotional thinking that over shadowed everything. I recall, in the beginning, him allowing me to meet his two children from his previous relationship. I remember thinking how flattered I was – that he must really trust me in order to do that. He even, very briefly, left his youngest in my care and I thought, “Wow, he must really trust me.” And I was charmed, because his other children were adorable – and mini versions of him, with their big brown innocent eyes.

    Looking back it never occured to me how that action, so early in our relationship, was an actual disregard for the well-being of his children. To so earnestly trust another person, he knew so very little about, with his children and introduce a virtual stranger into their lives demonstrated an absence of emotional empathy.

    Narcissists are not the only ones with a skewed perception of reality.

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