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“If only I had found your information 5 years ago, HG.”

I have lost count of the number of times I have heard this refrain. So many people have expressed their wish that they had had access to my material some time ago so they would either have escaped the narcissist sooner, made sense of things far quicker or even avoided ensnarement altogether.

Now, you CAN have the knowledge beforehand.


How much money would you have saved in legal fees or therapy fees if you had warning of what you were getting into?

How much agony would you have saved yourself if you had only known what lay ahead?

How much aggravation, wasted energy, pain and misery would have been removed if you understood ahead of time what was going to happen?

How many other people, your children, friends, colleagues, other family members would have avoided the hell you were put through and the impact on them also, if you had been given advance notification of what was waiting for you?

The cost, monetary and otherwise, of narcissistic entanglement is huge.

This Logic Bulletin delivered by audio file which is emailed to you will give you ADVANCE and unique information to protect yourself in the future.

You may think that because you have escaped the narcissist, or because you have resisted attempts to lure you back in following disengagement, that you know all there is to know about beating the narcissist.

You do not.

You have continued risks and you need to know what they are. To fail to acquire this information is setting yourself up for failure. The Logic Bulletin provides :-

Information about the various Future Risks that you face

A ´roadmap´to enable you to see the problems before they affect you

Comprehensive information about each Future Risk which includes how to deal with the Future Risks

Information as to how The Vagaries of Life pose a risk to you

Detail as to why A Shift In The Fuel Matrix will cause you problems if you do not know what this means and how to prepare for it

Information about which Hunting Grounds you must never go in

Plus more Future Risks to enable you to secure your Future Protection.

This Logic Bulletin is direct, simple to understand and most of all highly effective.

Do not allow yourself to be caught again. Do not allow THAT narcissist to reappear like some resurrected zombie.

ANYBODY affected by a narcissist needs FUTURE PROTECTION in their defences.

Want to ensure the beaten narcissist stays beaten? Get Future Protection., which is available for just US $ 14.99.

Want to avoid the huge cost of narcissistic ensnarement? US $ 14.99 is a tiny investment as against the cost if you do not make this investment in your future self.

Build your Future Self and invest in Future Protection.

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