Vladimir Putin:Part 2

10 thoughts on “Vladimir Putin:Part 2

  1. Alice NW says:


    I’m impressed with how quickly you have researched and pulled together this in-depth information. Now I see there’s already a Part-7 on Putin, which I look forward to hearing when it premieres this afternoon.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      It has not been done quickly, it has taken considerable time.

    2. Alice NW says:

      Thank you for the hundreds of hours you spent on this project. You do have a thirst for knowledge, and so do we. Thank you for finding the resources and spending days reading through them, and deciphering the important observations from all of it. Quickly to me only because it would have been a laborious mountain for me to devote myself to, so I’m impressed that you did it so much more quickly than I likely would have.

      1. HG Tudor says:

        You’re welcome, thank you for the compliments.

  2. Alice NW says:


    Nuclear Bombs are not about war, they are what keeps the peace. Narcissists always look for a loophole that allows them to do crooked things and get away with it. Putin is using the threat of a nuclear bombing to keep NATO from interfering with his absurd invasion. Since your mind straddles both worlds, perhaps you know how Putin’s murderous mind thinks. I’m wondering how would a like-minded narcissist counter this narcissist?

    I have to mention the viral video in the news of a bear climbing into a pigpen, and the pigs attacking and chasing the bear away is a very enjoyable parallel.

  3. WiserNow says:

    Fantastic analysis of Putin, HG! After listening to the six YouTube videos, Putin’s personality and character traits are much clearer. Thank you for the work and narration that went into this.

  4. Alice NW says:

    It’s funny Putin bringing up JK Rowling because he honestly keeps reminding me of how much he looks like Dobby. But did he really say “Sister from a different mister”? The only people banning books right now is the Far-Right club. Putin doesn’t need the West to cancel him out, he’s doing a great job of that all by himself.

    In the midst of all of his murdering, this serial killer wants to be lighthearted about how unfair the West is to him. A narcissistic ‘Just kidding’ about the invasion- all he wanted to do was liberate Donbas anyway. Yes because women, children, and maternity hospitals are such a threat. Whatever -just exit already. If Russians would stop getting themselves arrested and start throwing Molotov cocktails like the Ukrainians, it would be very helpful, but of course he doesn’t let them watch the news and they don’t have the internet to Google how-to’s.

    Yes, 5’6” Putin who used to terrorize the rats in his building as a child, is now the rat terrorizing the world – along with his pal Kim. The boy moved out of the slums, but the slums never moved out of the boy – or – you can take a boy out of the slums and put him in a palace, but you can’t make him stop terrorizing things.

    BTW, the Soviet Union sucked, and it didn’t last because it went broke. Just like it’s doing now. Great legacy. So sorry for all the lives he’s ruined getting Russia back to the end of the Soviet Union.

    I read that he watched the death of Gaddafi over and over again, beaten in the streets and bloodied by a mob of people he used to rule.

  5. Alexissmith2016 says:

    Ahh these are so interesting.

  6. Lane says:

    Plenty of superior actually FIT individuals doing good intelligence operations privately one would imagine. Which raises the question how is his head still sitting on his shoulders? So apparently not.

    1. Pam says:

      What do you mean by fit? Just curious. With or without STDs?

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