Jada Pinkett Smith : School and Cadre


You have listened to the expert dissection of what she is, but do you know her school and cadre?

Find out now if you used your knowledge accurately

Obtain here 

3 thoughts on “Jada Pinkett Smith : School and Cadre

  1. The ex says:

    Do Jim Carrey.

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  3. Asp Emp says:

    You have done a brilliant job on this series. Doing ‘series’ types of work on narcissists from different schools and cadres of your classifications gives so much more insight into those with narcissism. At the same time, in some circumstances, giving some insights into the victims of narcissistic abuse. Some of the behaviours and the ‘language’ remains similar (as if a shared ‘principle’) ie Narcspeak (ie Found in Translation; Decipher) and ‘Why Do Narcissists Operate From the Same Book?’ – yet the ‘variations’ can be observed because of the differentiating backgrounds of individuals, and their ‘classification’. Amazing work, HG. Thank you x

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