Kanye West and Kim Kardashian : What Is He and What Is She?

16 thoughts on “Kanye West and Kim Kardashian : What Is He and What Is She?

  1. Hamna Mirza says:

    Bet Awards Kanye West Makes Appearance At The BET Awards To Honor Diddy

  2. lickemtomorrow says:

    Looking forward to getting the lowdown on these two, especially in terms of their current conflict.

    Kanye has an obvious “God complex”, which in some ways all narcissists have, but his may also be attributed to other mental health issues (Kim stated he is Bi-polar). There will be plenty of material to draw on here! Went from Yeezus to Yeezy to Ye and can’t seem to decide what his name should be in the cosmic order. There is also a current Netflix documentary about his rise to fame and I’ve watched half of the first episode, which is movie length. It’s very interesting to see how he started out, and the efforts he made to become famous. Apparently he was known for music production prior to becoming well known for his own music. You can even see people ‘fobbing him off’ in the beginning. I laugh when I think back to the time I first heard Justin Bieber and went to a music store to ask for one of his CD’s for my daughter where they told me they’d never heard of him šŸ˜› It’s always interesting to discover more about someone’s climb to the top.

    When it comes to Kim, well she had a much different trajectory that didn’t rely on having any kind of talent, or maybe it did šŸ˜› I’ve had no time for her since the beginning (unfortunately my daughter’s have), finding it all fake and desperate for attention in many ways. What I do have some sympathy for is her current state of harrassment, and Kanye definitely appears unhinged. Sometimes frighteningly so … it’s the price you pay for wedding a narcissist, but how will this narc on narc action play out going forward?

    I’m interested to find out.

    Kanye: Greater – he’s got a huge streak of malice going on right now and obvious to the world. He’s got the hallmarks of wealth, fame, huge fuel matrix, knows what he is (hence his “God complex”), malice is an indication also (he wants revenge on the former IPPS).

    Kim: Upper Lesser Somatic or Lower Mid-Range Somatic – Definitely Somatic (all about appearance), does have a facade, not a victim or self pitying for the most part (holds her own), not Cerebral so therefore can’t be Elite.

    1. Leigh says:

      Hi LET, having a Godlike complex doesn’t necessarily mean you have awareness and you’re a Greater narcissist. My husband is extremely arrogant, grandiose and has a Godlike complex. He believes he is the best thing since sliced bread. He barely makes any money & only works 8 months out of the year. He doesn’t even own a car. He dropped out of high school at 16. He tells people all the time that he should be cloned because then every woman would be happy. He thinks he’s smarter than everyone and knows everything. He thinks he’s an incredible father and yet his children can barely tolerate him. My husband has no awareness of what he is at all. But in his delusional world, he is perfect and people are blessed to have him in their lives

      I don’t know enough about Kanye to say whether or not he’s an aware narcissist. I just wanted to say just because a narcissist has a godlike complex doesn’t necessarily mean they are an aware narcissist.

      1. HG Tudor says:

        Correct observations.

      2. Alexissmith2016 says:

        Awww Leigh, I feel for you being with him but how you describe him (for an onlooker) is very amusing x

        1. Leigh says:

          Alexis, I find it amusing too sometimes. Sometimes I just can’t get over the size of his balls and I have to laugh, lol. The balls are shriveled up but he thinks there enormous, lol!

      3. lickemtomorrow says:

        Ah Leigh, appreciate your input here. HG has confirmed you are correct and you’ve given a perfect example! Your husband thinks he’s God’s gift, even though others wouldn’t see him that way, so definitely fits the delusion every narcissist shares. Kanye is definitely delusional, and his bid for the Presidency goes to show that. Also the way he names himself at times. I had to wonder at my kids taking an interest in him and his music, the whole thing with Kim just adding to his ‘mystique’.

        Over the top romantic proposal (my eldest daughter is relying on a similar spectacular proposal now, lol) goes to show he was seeking huge amounts of fuel from her and others. Interestingly, he rarely appeared on the Kardashian series (I nearly said “Sleeping with the Kardashians” šŸ˜› ) and I wondered why he kept such a low profile there. If he wants to be seen, then that was the perfect vehicle. Where was the ‘control’ in that experience for him? Maybe staying out of it when they might have liked him to join in was a means of control. So, I might conclude from that narcissists are not always seeking the limelight, but rather they are seeking control. If that means stepping out of a certain limelight, then I guess it’s something a narcissist can do.

        Kanye seems impervious to any type of self reflection and also how he is perceived. That can be seen by his current antics. They are way over the top! I would feel sorry for Pete Davidson, but I’m sick of the whole celebrity culture and the need to be seen. They can all take a long hike off a short bridge as far as I’m concerned. I doubt anyone ever knows what Kanye’s next crazy move might be, but I did see someone comment over on YT that he’s changed dramatically since his mother died. I’m not sure what Kim had to tolerate, but I did feel sorry for her at one stage when she finally came out to say he was Bi-polar. That was after he said they had discussed aborting their first child, North. Being married to him would be some crazy making experience for sure. The thing I will be curious about is how HG factors in a diagnosed mental illness with any commentary on narcissism. That’s bound to make the analysis more difficult. Or more intriguing.

        I am always sorry for someone who seems to have lost the run of themselves, like Kanye. Perhaps a Greater would not be so open to criticism, in the sense they would be much more deft at playing people and reading circumstances. Backing off from the Greater notion for now. We will have to wait and see. I want to say “Hurry up, HG” šŸ˜‰

        1. NarcAngel says:

          If that dick is a greater, Iā€™m a princess.

          1. lickemtomorrow says:

            Let’s hope I won’t have to call you “Your Highness” after HG completes his analysis, NA!

          2. Contagious says:

            Lol. He was diagnosed bipolar. And he does not take his meds. BUT I think he is also a narc by his obvious actions. Not a greater too. You can have both.

        2. Leigh says:

          Hi LET, I really don’t know too much about the Kim and Kanye dynamic. I do remember when he went on stage when Taylor Swift won the VMA and interrupted her speech. He was definitely asserting control. Mr. Tudor has said that narcissists have to assert control over everyone that comes on their radar. For whatever reason, Kanye thought the best way to assert control over Taylor Swift would be to interrupt her acceptance speech. I don’t know if a Greater would do that. I feel like a Greater would be more cunning.

          I may be way off but I think Kim is the Greater narc. I think she knows exactly what she’s doing and she’s good at hiding it. She’s made a lot of money for doing nothing. She has no talent at all.

          Now you’ve got me curious.

          1. lickemtomorrow says:

            Leigh, yes, I was not happy with Kanye’s antics at those VMA’s. He made a real fool of himself and it’s likely a Greater would be more cunning. Certainly came from a sense of entitlement, but once again all narcs have that. Also boundary breaking behaviour. Perhaps I was focused on the wealth and popularity he has amassed, and the huge fuel matrix that comes with that. It seems he’s almost viewed as a god by some people. He also feeds into that narrative. Sometimes cunning doesn’t have to equate with stealth. He’s a showman and it all depends who he was intent on impressing at the time. I get the feeling it was Beyonce, so it may have been a very cunning way to show his loyalty to her. It might have been less about intimidating Taylor Swift. Unfortunately she got caught in Kanye’s display of loyalty.

            Honestly can’t see Kim as a Greater, so we’ll all be waiting with bated breath now šŸ™‚

        3. Leigh says:

          I’ve done a little research on Kim Kardashian and I see that she’s dating Pete Davidson now. Then I had to Google him. I’ve reconsidered my comment about her being a Greater. At first I thought maybe she was a Greater because it seemed she somehow managed to make a living just on being a socialite. Even marrying Kanye could be considered a good move because he does have a successful music career and that would open doors for her. I don’t see the benefit of dating Pete Davidson though. It doesn’t seem like a choice that a Greater would make.

          1. lickemtomorrow says:

            Leigh, Kim and Pete Davidson seem like an odd match, but I really don’t follow any of these people closely. It’s just hard to get away from them sometimes! Drama, drama, drama šŸ˜› I’ll be surprised if she turns out to be a Greater, and in that sense we’ll just have to wait for the expert to weigh in )

      4. A Victor says:

        Leigh, except for the cloning part, your husband and my mom sounds like identical twins. šŸ™„šŸ˜‚

        1. Leigh says:

          There’s two of them out there?!?! UGH! I’m sorry, AV. LOL!

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