100 K Interviews : Number Nine

20 thoughts on “100 K Interviews : Number Nine

  1. A Victor says:

    Aww thanks Leela! Why did I think you were Canadian? Not sure but back at you from America! 🥰😘

    1. ST says:

      Great interview A Victor(sorry I completely missed the “A” in your name until now)!

      You did bring out an interesting point of the varying outcomes of a double, single and nonAcon. And I wonder which group would be most susceptible to a narc. The nonAcon might have to be broke down to dysfunctional home vs functional.

      Of course, each person is different so the outcome within each family can be different. For example, my sister and I were affected differently.

      Then one would have to break it down even further to how the lesser, midrange and greater affect the children and then for the single Acon how the narc father vs the narc mother affects the children. It gets pretty complicated.

      I am not interested in reading Revenge either. I have zero interest in revenge. But I am interested in reading Sitting Target. Did you find this book is focused on the romance side of a target or targets in general?

  2. leelasfuelstinks says:

    AV!!! You sound very likeable and self-confident! Love from Europe 🥰😘

  3. Another Cat says:

    Wow so it’s you A Victor😊. Nice to hear.

    1. A Victor says:

      Thank you Another Cat!

  4. WhoCares says:

    So great to hear your voice. I really enjoyed that. 🙂

    1. A Victor says:

      Thank you Isabelle.

      1. A Victor says:

        Hmmm, WP just messed up my comments, haha, so my message to Isabelle posted here when I was trying to say thank you to you WC. I am glad you enjoyed hearing me. And I am also glad you are better, I had missed you and hoped all was well.

  5. Isabelle says:

    AV, I loved your interview!
    And thank you for what you said. I look forward to hearing what came to mind for you.

    1. A Victor says:

      Thank you Isabelle. I don’t know why but my first thank you posted under WC’s comment, WP issue I guess.

  6. Leigh says:

    Fantastic interview, AV! It was great to hear your voice!

    1. A Victor says:

      Thank you Leigh.

  7. Alicia says:


    Of the people who’ve done Narc Detector consultations with you, what percentage were involved with a Lesser, a Mid Ranger, and a Greater?

    Curiosity. Thanks!

    1. HG Tudor says:

      I do not keep a record which enables me to answer this with total accuracy, but in broad terms, of those who are found to be narcissists

      35% Lesser
      64% Mid-Range
      Less than 1% Greater

      1. Asp Emp says:

        64 dollars? Ah, the slight reference to the 64 million dollar question…..hmm….

    2. A Victor says:

      I have been involved in various ways with 3 mid-range and 1 lesser, that I’ve sent through the detector. The lesser was the shortest lived by far as his behavior was so far out there. But, he’s the one I had the most fun with by far also, and I never even met him!

  8. Isabelle says:

    AV, is that you? You sound exactly as I’d imagined, i.e great! Good to hear your voice. And well done.

    1. A Victor says:

      It is me, thank you! It was great to hear your voice also!! I can’t wait for HG to post yours here (if he does…🤞), I have so much that came to mind on listening to it! It was fantastic!

    2. Leigh says:

      Isabelle, I agree with AV. It was great to hear your voice too!

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