Hoover Time – Sphere One (Lesser, Mid Range and Greater Narcissists)




There are many different hoovers but the ones which attract the most attention are those which take place post disengagement or post escape, namely the Initial Grand Hoover which is the bombardment which follows you escape in order to drag you back into our world or the Follow-Up Hoovers (either Benign of Malign) which take place later and happen irrespective of whether the method of cessation of the Formal Relationship was your escape or our discard.

The Initial Grand Hoover is the most concentrated post escape hoover and its efficacy depends on the type of narcissist you are dealing with and the defences you have created as part of instigating no contact. If there has been no IGH owing to Discard or the relevant factors have not caused on to happen post escape, then it is the Follow-Up Hoover (“FUH”) which is often discussed by victims because that is the one which is most feared, the one which is most expected and most recognised. In some instances, it is even the case that this hoover is actually wanted by the victim for reasons I have expounded previously. The fascination with the FUH is such that people wonder when it is going to happen, how it will happen, will it happen at all, will it happen many times and so forth. I always explain that whether a FUH takes place is primarily determined by whether you have entered one of the six spheres of influence. The first five are entered by you doing something or being in a particular place. The sixth is when you just happen to pop up in our mind for whatever reason. However, the fact that you have entered the relevant sphere of influence is not the only deciding factor as to whether the FUH will take place. There always has to have been an appearance in a sphere of influence for the FUH to be triggered. Whether it is then executed against you depends on other factors. Those factors are as follows: –

  1. The narcissist’s current fuel supplies;
  2. Did you escape or is that you were discarded;
  3. The manner of this escape or discard;
  4. The ease of contact with you;
  5. The nature of the fuel to be obtained;
  6. Potential obstacles.
  7. The type of narcissist you are involved with.

These factors have differing applicability subject to the school of narcissist that you have been entangled with.

How then does our kind approach the prospective hoover? I shall explain what (if anything) goes through our minds, what we consider and how we might go about it by reference to each of the schools of narcissism (Lesser, Mid-Range and the Greater) and by reference to each sphere of influence.

Accordingly, the first sphere is the one where you are physically proximate to you. This is where you are within earshot of us and we are able to get near enough to you to talk to you and see your reactions. It might be the case that you have called around to see us for whatever reason, you may have to interact with us at a school event where our children attended or you may be in a bar or restaurant that we have walked into or vice versa. What is our response?

  1. The Lesser Narcissist

The Lesser is not going to turn this opportunity down when it is presented on a plate for him. If his fuel supplies are good, for instance he has a new primary source and/or he is fuelled from supplementary sources this will increase his energy level to hoover you. If his fuel supplies are low (he has not yet secured a new primary source and supplementary sources are low functioning for him) he will still seek to hoover because this is much needed fuel. The fuel levels will affect the type of hoover. Higher fuel levels are more likely to lead to a benign hoover, lower to a malign hoover. This is because the Lesser will not have the energy to charm but rather needs a quick fix when those fuel levels are low. Furthermore, the fact he has no primary source in place yet will of course be your fault because you escaped (a narcissist will not discard without an alternative being available).

If you were disengaged from, he is not going to ignore the opportunity and if you escaped he will certainly not ignore this opportunity. There is a score to settle and if you escaped this also increases the likelihood of the FUH being malign.

The manner of your escape or discard does not matter to the Lesser, he will not be considering this as he is like a ravenous beast who has just seen a fresh piece of meat placed in reach. He is not considering whether the meat might trigger a trap or be poisoned, all he knows is that he is hungry for that juicy flesh again.

The ease of contact is also not something that the Lesser is bothered about. You are in front of him, that is all that matters. It does not matter who is there or where this proximate contact takes place the fact is you are there in front of him, tempting and inviting. This appearance overrides such considerations.

The nature of fuel is not a major concern either to the lesser in such a situation. Once again he just knows there is fuel available and he wants it. He does not concern himself with how much you used to provide, how potent it was, whether you will still yield this fuel or not, all he knows is that he is going to feel far more powerful by interacting with you. Remember the Lesser is not aware of what fuel is, how it governs him, all he knows is that when he upsets you, makes you smile, makes you praise him and so on he feels so much better. That is the dominant thought running through his mind. He is not concerning himself with whether he is going to secure the resumption of the Formal Relationship with you. That may or may not happen. That is like asking the ravenous beast whether he is going to eat five or six carcasses. He does not know or care. He just wants to sink his teeth into the first one and then go from there.

Potential obstacles do not cross his mind either. The risk of being rejected is not a consideration, the potential for wounding will not cross his mind because you are there in front of him. Remember, the Lesser has very little self-control and he is chomping at the bit to interact with you.

The Lesser will immediately stop what he is doing and make a bee-line for you and launch into a hoover. The only consideration with a Lesser who sees you in the first sphere of influence is whether this hoover will be malign or benign in nature. He will have no regard to his surroundings as he will adopt tunnel vision as his you his prey is presented square in his sights. He will either bound over with puppy dog eyes and slavering tongue or pounce on you with snarls and teeth bared. You will always be hoovered by a Lesser in the first sphere.

  1. The Mid-Ranger

The effect of the fuel supplies with a Mid-Ranger are reversed compared to that of a Lesser. If the Mid-Ranger has high fuel supplies (he has a new primary source) he is likely to be malign because he will not be able to resist bragging about his new girlfriend/fiancée/wife etc. in order to provoke a jealous reaction. He will also comment about how much happier he is and how he is better off without you. If his fuel levels are lower (no primary source yet found or it is not performing) he will present in a more pitiful manner and therefore will be benign. He will sign your praises, explain how much he misses you, how empty life is without you and so forth in a bid to draw positive fuel from you and draw you back into the Formal Relationship. By appearing in front of him he cannot forego this opportunity to take centre stage in his own pity play and hoover you.

If you escaped expect the pity to increase. If you were discarded expect the nature of the hoover to be arrogant. The nature of cessation and also its manner will have an aggravating or diminishing factor on the effect caused by the nature of the fuel supplies. The influence of the fuel is greater than the effect of the cessation and how it occurred.

By way of example, if the Mid Ranger has high fuel levels and you escaped, he will be boastful but at the back of his mind he knows you escaped him and he is alive to that fact now. His comments will be passive aggressive in nature,

“Yes well you did what you did but it is okay I forgive you because I have Jessica now.”

If the Mid Ranger has high fuel levels and he discarded you he will extoll the virtues of his new supply without any restraint, singing her praises in order to try to upset you.

If the Mid Ranger has low fuel levels and discarded you, his pity will still be the overwhelming consideration but he will exhibit contrition, as the fact of the discard will temper the contrition somewhat.

If the Mid Ranger has low fuel levels and you escaped, the pity will flow like a river and it was all your fault, you were awful to him and how could you do that to someone like him?

In terms of the ease of contact, since you are in the Mid-Ranger’s close proximity he is not going to pass this opportunity up and therefore, subject to the other considerations, the ease of contact will increase the likelihood of a hoover.

With regard to the nature of the fuel the Mid-Range will be a little more circumspect. Whereas the Lesser will just see prey and bound towards it to nuzzle it or devour it, the Mid-Ranger will exhibit some evaluation of whether the fuel provision will be good or not. If he is able to note that you are still numbed form the encounter with him and therefore less likely to provide potent fuel, he will still hoover (because you are there) but he will not expend a lot of energy in doing so. The conversation will be brief. If he recalls how excellent your fuel was and sees no reason for this to have changed then he will latch on to you for a good feed of fuel.

In respect of obstacles, the Mid-Ranger will have some regard to them. If he perceives that you are going to wound him again or humiliate him (perhaps you are with friends or a new partner) he will still attempt the hoover but the engagement will be brief. If there are no obstacles and subject to the other considerations detailed above, he will hoover you and either be pleasant yet pitiful in order to draw you back in or exhibit arrogance in order to draw negative fuel and lay down a marker in the hope of causing you to feel upset and dismayed you are no longer with him (thus priming you for a different kind of follow-up hoover after this initial skirmish).

The Mid-Ranger will always hoover when you appear in the first sphere. The main considerations are the type of FUH and how sustained it will be.

  1. The Greater

What then of the Greater?

If fuel levels are high then expect a charming hoover which will be a combination of praising you, declaring how well you look, him showing off about his latest achievements, discussing his new car or new paper that he written. He is feeling powerful but also generous with it. You can share in his grandiosity. The Greater will flirt with you even if the new primary source is there. This is too good an opportunity to miss to draw fuel from two sources and copious amounts of it.

If fuel levels are low the Greater will actually be wary. This is because he knows that there is a risk that he will be wounded (see the other considerations) and therefore he is mindful, owing to his awareness, that significant damage might be done to him. He will therefore evaluate the situation carefully before proceeding.

If you were discarded and fuel levels are high, the ebullience of the Greater will override any potential adverse reaction you might exhibit. On the contrary he will think that you will be so delighted to see him that you will fall into his arms in an instant under another dose of concentrated magnetism and charisma.

If you escaped and fuel levels are high, the Greater will relish the opportunity to draw you back in and settle a score not by lashing out but by winning you over again to prove how masterful and commanding he is.

If fuel levels are low and you were discarded, the Greater will sense that fuel remains available and he will approach. If you were discarded with no explanation he knows that if you are angry about the manner of the discard, then he gains fuel. If you are upset about the manner of the discard he gains fuel. If you discarded with some kind of good-bye he knows that you will still hold out hope for the resumption of the Formal Relationship and therefore he will approach and hoover, being cautiously charming and respectful.

If fuel levels are low and you escaped, the Greater will be very wary that you may deal with him in a manner which will wound. He will carefully evaluate the situation. At this juncture he does not have the energy levels to seduce you but he sees an opportunity for fuel on his doorstep, therefore in this situation he will not be looking to charm you (that is more likely to happen on another occasion). Instead he will look to provoke a negative reaction from and lash out at you to shock, upset or anger you. This will be a vitriolic and savage verbal assault aimed at stunning you with is sudden ferocity in order to draw a concentrated burst of negative fuel which will sustain him and allow him to take delight in what he has achieved without further risk to himself.

The ease of contact is straight forward. You are there before him.

The Greater is the best at evaluating the likely fuel to be provided. He will know if you are likely to fountain with fuel and therefore you will prove extremely tempting. It just depends on whether he ought to press the buttons for positive fuel (see considerations above) or to opt for negative as just described. He will also be able to sense if fuel provision is likely to be low (for instance you are adopting low/no fuel techniques or your levels are low owing to the emotional state you are in). He will factor this likely level of reward into determining what he will do. The Greater is more likely to draw fuel (even if levels are low) from you, given his expertise and it is a question of whether it is positive or negative.

The Greater will also take into careful account any potential obstacles before making his move. He will handle any challenge from friends or a new boyfriend for example with ease if his fuel levels are high, by charming and deflecting any attempts to do him down. If fuel levels are low, he will look to draw negative fuel form your supporters as well in a similar way as he will from you with a short, sharp shock.

The Greater will assess the situation before making his move. He will either sweep in full of charm, effusive praise and grandiosity, sweeping you off your feet or slide a knife between your ribs, sink his teeth into your neck and bludgeon those accompanying you before darting away in a smash and grab of negative fuel.

For all three schools your physical presence is too much to resist and you will be hoovered. What is affected is the manner, duration and type of FUH you are subjected to. Accordingly, you should be aware that if you make yourself directly physically available to your narcissist you will be hoovered.

13 thoughts on “Hoover Time – Sphere One (Lesser, Mid Range and Greater Narcissists)

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  2. Isabelle says:

    I can’t believe it, I CANNOT believe it ! Bookshop narc, the one who brought me to your work, HG, has found a way of hoovering me! I am so angry! I have not opened his letter, and will not.
    I cannot believe it. Or rather, you are so right! The hoovers are never ending,
    Anyway: moving away soon, and he will not know where I live, so that’s that.

    Needed to vent, thank you for reading.

    1. lickemtomorrow says:

      Oh, Isabelle, what a nightmare! These narcs just never give up, do they?

      I’m so sorry he found a way to contact you, though you can hardly pick up sticks to suit the narcissist and your no contact regime. One of the hardest factors about going no contact, especially if there’s no one else to intercept your mail. Maybe a “return to sender” unopened should give him the hint, but the fact you are moving should finally seal the deal. It gives you even more sense of purpose in doing so – the fact you can finally be free. It’s amazing how even a more short lived relationship can keep them hanging on. Don’t despair, and it seems you aren’t and more likely angry at his ongoing efforts to ensnare you. Make sure you hold on to some of that angst in order to defeat him (though not recommending maintaining heightened emotional thinking, just hoping it continues to create a barrier to any more empathic sentimentality or emotional thinking).

      Hold the fort, Isabelle. A better future is beckoning <3

    2. Isabelle says:

      Ok, I have cooled down (letter in the bin, unread) but goodness, the exclamation marks… It is amusing to re-read as I can see my (er… dominant) narcissistic trait of Pride exploding there : “Who does he think he is, and of course: who does he think I am?” – well, an extension of himself who belongs to him till one of us dies so he thinks that he can pick me up and put me down whenever he wants – thank you HG. But at least he will never know how it made me feel – no fuel for him, just my silence. Which is an achievement in my case, given my other (huge) narcissistic trait of argumentativeness, haha. And this is where the empath detector is so interesting: HG had explained that my pride allied to my argumentativeness meant I would be tempted to reply and I had to watch this. So true, and I bear it in mind now.

      I should’ve just laughed.
      One thing is certain: I would never have been able to get rid of the unread letter if I hadn’t learnt so much here. I would have replied to tell him to f**k off and explained why, giving him (challenge) fuel.
      Not now, not anymore.

  3. Asp Emp says:

    Watching the film ‘Ready Or Not’ (2019), it is a story about a bride who had just married into the family, living a very large old house. She has to “play” a game of hide and seek because she drew the card that ‘determined’ the game. Interestingly enough, I recognised the surname of the actress who plays the bride, it is Hugo Weaving’s neice, Hugo was ‘V’ in ‘V for Vendetta’. There was a member of the household making a pot of tea in the kitchen, and singing the ‘1812 Overture’, where the bride was hiding while holding a large gun…..it is a film I have not seen before, it has been entertaining so far……

    1. lickemtomorrow says:

      Sounds like an interesting film, AspEmp, and interesting correlation between the movie “V for Vendetta” and this movie. Hugo Weaving’s neice? I didn’t know she was an actress, but I did know one of his son’s has ventured into the field of acting using his mother’s surname 🙂

      I’m like Pavlov’s dog when it comes to that movie now 😛 Every time it is mentioned I start salivating! Not really, but it had such a big impact on me and I also got the hots for Hugo Weaving for the first time in my life after he played the part of “V”. His voice and accent was exquisite, and it goes to show what a mask, or lack of appearance,can do. Much like listening to a radio host and imagining them without ever seeing them.

      I’ve definitely got a thing for “V” and have reluctantly transferred my affections <3 xox

      1. Asp Emp says:

        LET, yes ‘Ready or Not’ was good. It was the opening credits with her name that made me google it. I think you’d enjoy it too 🙂 Now we know your ‘secrets’ ;-), LET. ‘V for Vendetta’ had an impact on me when I first watched it, now I understand the concept much better too.

        I’ve just returned back from lunch out with my friend and it was so good to see her and have a laugh. Yes, we talked about the narcissists of our past – she has no contact with any of them either. We both have ‘changed’ since leaving that place. We remain the same towards each other though. I’d bought a new phone the other day too, not transferring contacts / data over – absolutely refuse to. It feels good to know I have done this ‘journey’ 🙂

        1. lickemtomorrow says:

          AspEmp, so lovely to hear about lunch with your friend and it sounds like the perfect scenario where you remain the same, with shared experience to ponder, and a new outlook on life (leaving the past behind). I’m delighted for you and your friend <3

          Your new phone is a great sign of you moving on, too 🙂 Perfect way to make a fresh start and keep previous narcs out of your life. You've made spectacular progress on this journey and I'm so happy to have the opportunity to share it with you … you are an inspiration xox

          I'm going to look that movie up, btw, and my soul has been laid bare 😛

          1. Asp Emp says:

            LET, thank you so much for your words RE: me and my friend. Yes, it was so good to see her. We’d spend more time together but she has a full diary. RE: the phone, this is the first brand new one I have obtained in about 10 years or so, it is a cheap one but a ‘goodie’, no contract, nor on the sim (PAYG), which makes it easier to change the number again if I have to. My friend, at present, is the only contact in it. Yes, onwards and upwards 🙂 Thank you for being so lovely and supportive., it is so nice to have that 🙂 Great that you’re considering looking up that movie, it is one I would watch again because of the ‘freedom of speech’ aspect in it 😉 (laughing). Thank you, LET, for your words, thank you for being ‘you’ xx

          2. lickemtomorrow says:

            AspEmp <3

            Appreciate your response again, and the feeling is mutual xox

            I'm going to look that movie up now as I've been sidelined from watching for enjoyment more recently 😉

        2. Isabelle says:

          Hello AE,

          I have heard about ‘V for Vendetta’ but not seen it. You have made me want to definitely watch it now.

          I am so pleased for you to know that you have done this journey (crossed the emotional sea!).

    2. Asp Emp says:

      It was a good film. I enjoyed it and had a few giggles, more to do with what was said – that I will not repeat here (oohh, for once 😉 )

      1. lickemtomorrow says:

        Watched it! It was intriguing and the betrayals! OMG.

        The ending was even better – who said Karma doesn’t exist?

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