The Ten Types of Victim the Narcissist Hoovers

I make repeated mention of how we always come back for more. This of course is the brilliance of the hoover. Some people struggle to comprehend that we will always keep returning for more fuel, if the opportunity arises. Why would we not? We love fuel. We love your fuel (after all that was why […]

The Blast From the Past Hoover Part 2

    (If you have not read Part I – you may do so here ) Part I explained the dynamic that is applicable (nearly always) to the healthy dynamic between those operating with emotional empathy with regard to friendships, past romantic relationships, colleagues and family members. This enabled you to discern the difference between that […]

The Blast From the Past Hoover : Part One

    Why does a narcissist seemingly appear out of nowhere to hoover you? Why does a narcissist from the past re-appear, often years later? What causes a narcissist to hoover you after a prolonged period of absence?   Many of you will be familiar with The Blast from the Past Hoover. Somebody from your […]