Amber Heard Part 13 Conclusion

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  1. lickemtomorrow says:

    This is an overwhelming list of evidence in support of a diagnosis of NPD.

    The whole saga hurts my empath heart, to the point that after reading a couple of earlier articles in relation to the trial I decided to take no further interest in it.

    This is an ugly, ugly relationship and I dislike the behaviour of both people involved.

    Why I thought it had been determined that Depp was an empath I have no idea, but now feel that idea can certainly be laid to rest. I’m not a Depp fan, though I have enjoyed some of his characters and was especially taken with Edward Scissorhands, even though his “scissorhands” were extremely threatening.

    Anyway, this is a dark relationship and I am repulsed by it and the circus it has created.

    Two writers in the Daily Mail have shared their perspectives on it and the individuals involved, making it interesting to see how the narcissist is able to pull the wool over people’s eyes – in particular one Dan Wootton who continues to rally to Heard’s defence. Sigh. Jan Moir provided a classic piece of journalism that didn’t attempt to enter to the fray in support of either side with a headline describing her take on it as “gripped and appalled in equal measure.”

    I would have to disagree in the sense I am not “gripped” by this trial, as much as “grossed out” by it. We could do with a lot less information on these two, and God help the surrogate child delivered to Amber Heard over a year ago. What chance does that poor child stand in the midst of all this?

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