Amber Heard : The Jury Is Not Buying Her

7 thoughts on “Amber Heard : The Jury Is Not Buying Her

  1. Wendy says:

    Ok, so I live pretty close to where the trial is taking place and I have thought about standing in line for a seat in this trial. I would love to see the jury’s reaction to everything! I am seriously considering driving up there with hopes of getting in. If I do, I will report back to you guys! Lol

    1. Sweetest Perfection says:

      Wendy, TAKE MEEEE WITH YOU!!!

      1. Viol. says:

        There’s footage of a spectator who started laughing uncontrollably and had to leave the courtroom.

        1. Sweetest Perfection says:

          The all-time evasive Heyoka Empath!

        2. Asp Emp says:

          Violetta, yes, I came across that too. I laughed too, thought it was hilarious 🙂

  2. Asp Emp says:

    “The Jury is Not Buying Her”…..hmmmm, neither am I.

    Thanks to you, HG, your series on Amber gives so much insight that it’s basically yanked my eyes open even more (more clarity, more understanding) than before you started this series.

    I am looking forward to your analysis on Johnny. It will be interesting indeed when people have made a number of comments where Johnny is concerned, is he empath, is he narcissist, is he neither?

    Thank you, HG for the amount of time you have invested in these series, it benefits so many, including the increase your YT subscribers and your ever-growing Legacy.

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