Amber Hear and Meghan Markle -Why So Similar?

4 thoughts on “Amber Hear and Meghan Markle -Why So Similar?

  1. Asp Emp says:

    “the narcissism like a background app” – OMG, this is absolutely summarised in so few words. Then again, the instincts are probably considered the ‘background app’, even for those that are not narcissists. Interesting analogy, HG 🙂

    Your words explaining the different facades outside and inside the home (behind closed doors) reminded me of your article

    From minute 10:01 to 10:46 makes really interesting reading. I’ve seen this ‘behaviour’.

    “prone to talk in an exaggerated fashion” = catastrophising. Sometimes, to the point where someone may think ‘seriously?! WTF?!’.

    Laughing……“it glitches” and “prone to exaggerated arm movements”….. again, I have seen this ‘behaviour’. All these years, it was not clear as to why this behaviour occurred. Wow.

    Laughing……absolutely spot on, ‘Total Recall’ where the robots start misfiring and are malfunctioning.

    It’s great, it can be said in public “Total Recall moment” where a narcissist is observed, say, by me and a friend and the narcissist is none the wiser. It is this type of ‘freedom’ that learning HG’s ‘language’, ah, it’s so liberating 🙂

  2. Sarah says:

    Illuminating as always, HG!

  3. Duchessbea says:

    If we are honest, I think we all know an Amber Heard and a Meghan Markle. We have definitely all met at least one.

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