Amber Heard and Kate Moss : Fury Analysis

3 thoughts on “Amber Heard and Kate Moss : Fury Analysis

  1. WhoCares says:

    I was watching (closely) again, HG.
    That’s so interesting.

    I know you have stated in the past that narcissists must obtain control from moment to moment – but it takes you explaining it, step by step, to really grasp it. (And how even one word can threaten control. Fascinating.)

    I have witnessed this discomfort & agitation on the face of some narcissists in my personal life. I plan to watch more carefully in the future!

  2. WhoCares says:

    I love these video analyses, HG! This was so good to see it happen, with your play by play. Thank-you!

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Thank you.

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