Do Not Eat Or Drink Whilst Watching This

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  1. Alice NW says:

    Harry has always been a bad boy, rebellious- not unlike his mom.

    He married an American of Mixed Race- so was he a victim or was he rebellious?

    He uses his Mother’s death for his own Sympathy.

    He was raised to be a Royal, and might just be a brat.

    If he left because of the paparazzi, why doesn’t his family go away and live a quiet life then?

    Why would he pursue celebrity, fame, and paparazzi, riding on his Royal title?

    Why does he still use his Royal title? He certainly degraded them in his Oprah interview.

    For a narcissist, Meghan isn’t very good at charming the public or me. I wasn’t a fan of Suits. I thought her wedding was a bit racially pretentious.

    It wasn’t necessary for her to go to Uvalde School and lay flowers. It was out of place.

    1. Marcia To says:

      I agree with you on every point made. I deeply dislike her for what she has done over the past three years, and going to Uvlade was the most sickening act and PR stunt ever.

    2. annaamel says:

      ‘He uses his Mother’s death for his own Sympathy.’

      Alice, I have to take issue with this. I am amazed at how he has survived her loss. That image of him walking behind her coffin as a child is forever seared into my memory. I think many of us just wish him happiness.

      1. Viol. says:

        Compare his mentions of his mother before meeting Duchess Sizzler and after.

        Notice anything?

        1. annaamel says:

          I haven’t noticed anything, but I have not really followed him or things he’s said. Still, I can’t imagine anything he could say which would make me feel he does not have the right to mourn his mother in whatever way he wants.

          1. Alice NW says:

            Hi Annaamel

            The boys definitely were dealt a bad hand with both his parents divorce and his mom’s death when they were just children.

            I have just noticed that since Harry’s been married, he’s used his mothers death quite a lot. It was his excuse for leaving the Royal family, to protect Meghan, but during his Oprah interview, he brought up what an awful institution the whole Royal family was. It seems like he uses Diana to keep the public’s sympathy for everything he does and talks bad about.

            He and William used to be so close, and now they’re estranged, and I think that’s perhaps even sadder.

            William shows his love for his mother. He shows respect to the Royal family, and I think it’s a duty he takes on. He doesn’t bring up his mother’s death unless he’s asked about it in an interview, and then he’s candid and honest, not seeking pity.

          2. annaamel says:

            Hi Alice. I am going to reply to your post – sorry it took me a while. I wasn’t sure whether to respond or not.

            I think you and I must look at different content online or in the news because I have a very different impression of all of this than you do. I don’t have any problem with Harry at all, and I didn’t have one with his mum either. I don’t think William is doing a better job, just a different one. I don’t think Harry is ‘using’ his mum or her memory in any way nor do I think he came up with ‘excuses’ to leave his duties and move out of the UK – I think he had reasons for stepping down that William did not have. Harry was much younger than William when he lost his mother and is a different kind of person – more sensitive (he’s been judged empathic while William is ‘normal’) which means he may feel things more or be anxious in ways his brother is not.

            I think Harry is acting like an adult man making decisions that he feels are best for him and his family. That’s commendable from my perspective. I think he married Meghan because he fell in love with her and thought her good for him. That’s why most people marry and he looks like most people to me. I don’t think his wedding was pretentious either racially or in other ways – I thought it was nice and I liked that it was different to other Royal Weddings and offered something special to many viewers. Finally, I think he has gone away to live a quiet life. We notice the public surfacings, and media platforms amplify their public ventures so that they are even more noticeable, sometimes then criticises them for being in everyone’s faces, and it all goes towards creating the the impression that everything the couple does is public while it’s not.

            I know there are readers here who feel strongly and negatively about the couple, especially Meghan, but I’d note that if her worst crime is being a narcissist and doing things that narcissists do (remembering she is unaware so doesn’t even know she’s doing it) we know other narcissists who are aware of the mischief they cause and continue to do it, who we not only accept but praise and promote, perhaps because we benefit from them in some way. We do have choices in how we see or refer to any individuals and their behaviour, narcissistic or not.

            Some will no doubt think I have been fooled by the mainstream narrative (which is potentially being controlled and paid for by the Sussexes or the Sugars or whoever else), and I can’t do much to convince anyone otherwise if that’s the angle they see it from. But I feel compelled to point out that promotion of these critical and conspiracy-laden angles makes for significant revenue, on a range of platforms, and therefore there is a vested interest in maintaining the narrative that Harry and Meghan are highly problematic people who are causing huge amounts of damage in various ways.

            Finally – to agree with you on a few points Alice – do I think that the Oprah interview was an ideal decision on their part? No – I think it was an error of judgement. Not because it ‘degraded’ the RF – I don’t think it did – but because I believe the only people who really benefited from it were the media companies who ran it. As for Uvalde – I also don’t think she should have gone, and it was another error of judgement – but I would still suggest that in the grand scheme of things, it’s not a big problem. There are so many terrible, terrible things going on in the world that are much sadder and more frustrating. Out of interest, before replying here, Alice, I looked at some of your other posts in other threads and you and I agree on those issues (what I’d say are those big, serious issues) quite a lot. Which I thought was good and it made me feel a bit better that I was going to disagree with you here. Hopefully in further conversations on the blog, we will be more in sync.

  2. Don’t Remember says:

    You are funny. It’s interesting how much you hate your own kind sometimes. Some you admire and some you hate. I wonder if Harry didn’t want to be a Royal anymore because of the paparazzi, why are they continuing to promote themselves as celebrities then.

  3. Viol. says:

    Me Stig you long time!

  4. WiserNow says:

    oooohhh, baby…. stig it to me….yeeaahhh

    I dunno HG – I get the impression you enjoy recording these Stig videos just a little…

    …as evidenced by that last declaration of “fashawwwn” at the end after your usual sign-off haha 🙂

  5. A C says:

    Now you tell me…

  6. Sweetest Perfection says:

    HAHAHAAAA! This is hysterical!!!

  7. Asp Emp says:

    Oh! Wwhhhyyyy nnoooottt?

    Hahahahaha. Fooking hell, HG, this video was hilarious. Ermmm…..let me think, was I consuming foods, or imbibing liquids as I read this video (never mind looking at the pictures, smirk), no, I don’t think I was. I didn’t choke on anything if I was 😉

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