Does Harry See The Lies? Understanding the Mindset of the Victim of a Narcissist

36 thoughts on “Does Harry See The Lies? Understanding the Mindset of the Victim of a Narcissist

  1. Truthseeker6157 says:

    I watched HW’s speech of yesterday. I think she has been coached and advised to appear more relatable. My skin crawled watching her and I tried to figure out exactly what riled me so much.

    It was dripping in false humility and the utter insincerity turned my stomach. I saw it reported that she is an excellent orator. I disagree with that. You have acting and you have charisma, two very different things. HW acted the speech, I think it was the most obviously fake that I have seen her to date.

    Something else struck me. She reminded me of someone, It took a while to dawn on me. I think she is copying Julia Roberts, or trying to. Give up HW, you’re no Julia.

    Lastly, what is it with this conspiratorial whispering she has suddenly adopted?
    She did it when she spoke about Mariah Carey’s diva comment. She did it again in the speech yesterday. Is this a thing now? I recognise the attempt to speak directly to the audience, a show of vulnerability, but the whispering thing is new to me. I do think it’s very much like she is performing in a play, almost like a scripted aside to the audience.

    Her narcissism is showing. She’s rattling through personas trying to find one that works and she’s beginning to look very unhinged.

    1. Asp Emp says:

      TS, when you mentioned Julia Roberts, I wondered if you were referring to HG’s video on Harry’s wife at the polo match with Harry? It was also reported about Harry’s wife being compared to the character that Julia played in a film, something to do with the polka spot dress. Do you think Harry’s wife’s narcissism, with it being less evolved, can show up more when she is in the unaware mindset of “all this fuel, all these people, they’re all looking at me, they’re all here for me”, at the same time, delivering a load of bullet points from a script (the tele-prompter) to deliver the speech about her?

    2. Viol. says:

      Apparently, they’re quite popular in Germany. But then, so were David and Wallis.

      Ironic that she considers the UK bigoted. The “bigoted” UK was part of an alliance that stopped Germany from taking over world–and Germany’s bigotry didn’t consist solely of saying things that hurt one’s feelings.

      1. Asp Emp says:

        Violetta, I watched a programme about the Queen and 4 of the Prime Ministers that she worked with during her reign. Churchill was one of the PMs, he wrote in a letter something to the effect of the then Princess Elizabeth was really bright for a 2 year old. She put Tony Blair in his ‘place’ by implying that she had worked with quite a number of Prime Ministers and there had only been one Queen to date (at that time).

        So, was Churchill a good man doing a job that no-one else would have succeeded at?

  2. FYC says:

    Excellent post HG.

    I’d like to attempt to address some of the questions raised by commenters regarding why Harry does not see the manipulations of his narcissist. Many people tend to scrutinize (or blame) the person involved with the narcissist (N). Not out of malice, but from a safe place of observation at a distance and without emotional investment in the narcissist. As a safe, and especially well informed reader of KTN, it seems so obvious. That is until you consider all that is at play.

    1) Harry lost his mother at age 12. Considering public information, it is likely Harry’s primary attachments were to his mother and brother. When a child loses their parent, especially one they are bonded with, they are at least 30% more likely to suffer depression as an adult. Losing both his primary attachments after marrying his narcissist is not uncommon. Ns unconsciously or consciously make efforts to separate their targets from family and friends. This makes the target more pliable and desperate to retain the “love” of the N. Harry’s loss of his mother would only enhance his fear of loss (abandonment) would naturally be much higher than the average person.

    2) Harry has a N parent and relatives. Children are born with a set of genes that may or may not be expressed depending upon a variety of factors. Further, the neurological development of a child’s brain is a dynamic process and greatly influenced by caregivers and their environment. Harry would have been exposed throughout the development of this neural synapses (thought and behavioral super highways) by the behaviors and actions of his parents and others close to him. N parents are exceptionally good at manipulating and shaping the acceptance of their children targets. They do so through the methods that HG so clearly delineates. And it works. Often throughout life.

    3) Being from royal lineage, a great emphasis is place on appearances. Shame, blame and fear are utilized to keep those in the public view in check. Harry’s extended family would no doubt used this as a pressure. This can leave a non-N child in a quandary. They actually love their N family members, even when they know something is very wrong with their behavior. They also feel responsible (due to manipulation), unlike the N. So even if Harry does know that this is not what he envisioned, and that it feels wrong or is clearly amiss (as we all readily see), he would be reluctant to cut his losses. Not to mention the added influence of addiction created by intermittent reinforcement.

    4) Confirmation bias is a process that we all use unconsciously to aid us in feeling certainty and safety. The problem with this psychological phenomenon is that once we make a decision (in this case to marry a N), we unconsciously seek out “facts” that match and “confirm” our skewed vision/decision. This is not Harry’s fault, it is something everyone does. But in Harry’s position of alienation, he likely *hopes* to keep the family together and *hopes* things will improve. He may also be dulling his pain in a variety of ways to remain in denial–something not uncommon for targets/victims of N/APD partners.

    5) Harry needs HG to sort through this. HG is likely the only person to possess the awareness, experience and knowledge of this situation from all its many angles.

    1. Asp Emp says:

      FYC, great comment. Thank you for sharing it, good to see your valid points that you raise here 🙂

    2. WhoCares says:


      That’s quite an informed and balanced commentary on Harry’s situation. I appreciated reading it – it’s sometimes difficult to read a few of the uninformed and more vocal opinions on Harry in the commentary sections of the YT videos on Harry and Harry’s Wife.
      I see the effects of what you pointed out in #1 in my cousins who lost their empath mother at a young age and are now tied to their narcissist father and can’t seem to break away. The deep depression that I see in them at times is definitely a demotivating factor when they consider taking action.

      1. FYC says:

        Hello WhoCares, Thank you. I believe unless you are a ACON, it would be most difficult to understand all of the effects of that experience–they are complex and long lasting. I know we share that POV. I’m very sorry to hear about your cousins. What a painful loss, and it is entirely understandable that they suffer from depression. I hope they seek a greater understanding of what is at play and find a way to escape that life-draining influence. But we both know how difficult that is. We love our family even if we don’t like them. It’s very complex. Thank you for sharing that. Hope all is well with you.

    3. WhoCares says:


      This is my second response to your well thought comment. In addition to the phenomenon of “confirmation bias” and you pointing out that Harry likely hopes things will improve – I think that also pride may play a role. I have read many places that Harry has longed, for quite some time, to have a happy family like his brother William, and of course, in the golden period he probably thought he had found the woman he would make that happen with. So, while at one time he will have thought he finally achieved this goal…more recently he may be questioning his choice in a wife but unable to admit to himself or anyone that this is the case. It is so much easier to remain in denial, especially after achieving what one has longed for, for so long.
      I know this also from my own personal circumstances.

      1. FYC says:

        Pride can certainly play a role, but I believe the stronger influence is likely his early abandonment experience with the loss of his mother and likely their shared attachment style.

        My guess with Meghan and Harry is that she (unconsciously) performed her best version of his late mother during their golden period and temporarily fulfilled his needs–or so he thought. Combined with the seratonin/dopamine high we all experience when “falling in love”, it was enough for him to buy-in to her happily-ever-after vision, not unlike many of us who become ensnared by a N. Harry felt he was correct and he strongly desired to be right about what he believed. I understand that. Plus he was shaped by his family Ns to feel “at home” around Ns.

        Time and experience allows us to begin to realize what has been denied or repressed, but usually only when we are ready to do so. Often the pain of remaining the same must be so great that we are ready to consider a POV and take action on the new knowledge that can no longer be unseen.

        On a separate note, we once had a discussion on Carl Jung. Since that time I have read about Jung’s life and read some of his massive collection of works. He had very interesting and unique perspectives long before most would have considered them.

      2. lickemtomorrow says:

        WhoCares, we can remain in denial for a very long time, partly because we had a dream the narcissist fed into, as you say, and partly because it’s hard to admit we may have got it wrong. We try to make it right, perform incredible feats of rationalisation to make it so, bend over backwards to obtain those respite periods so longed for which we thought would be our forever after. When I look at it that way, it’s not hard to see how Harry could be so blinded still with the combination of her traits and his own.

    4. Joa says:

      FYC, I’m so glad you “stood up” for Harry.

      I probably do not understand the nuances of the “dependence” of the English on individual members of the Royal Family, but I do notice a HUGE sense of empowerment to comment, make judgments, verdicts and instructions about who should live. And most surprisingly, I learn, what this man feels and experiences from people who don’t even know him 🙂

      I hope, Harry will live the way he wants – making mistakes, facing the consequences, having happy and worse times. This is his life, his wife, his children, his family. His mind and his feelings. His life path.

      1. FYC says:

        Hello Joa, Thank you for your kind comment. As an ACON, I cannot help but understand some of the dynamics at play. After stumbling upon KTN and studying HG’s works (I still read and reread them), I then studied all contributing factors that affect us (ACONs) neurologically, psychologically, and emotionally. I wanted to understand how all things work together. I felt if I could do this, I would have more choices to be free.

        ACONs often repress memories and feelings. They deeply feel their experiences, but coping mechanisms are unconsciously utilized to avoid pain. (Interestingly this is not so different from Ns–just very different coping styles). In reality, it would be impossible for anyone to know “more” than the person in question about what they think or feel. Telling others what they think and feel is a common boundary violation of Ns.

        With regard to people being openly critical and judgmental of someone they do not know, I find it often indicates something they are not happy with that lies within. Mark Twain said, “Nothing so needs reforming as other people’s habits.” Or we could go biblical, “Seek first to remove the plank from thine own eye before seeking to remove the splinter from another’s”.

        Your comment about others making judgements on who should live is ironically funny, because all people and organizations that seek to determine who should live and how they should live never include themselves on the list of those who should not.

        I love what you said about making our own decisions and learning from the process (of failure and success). This is how all people learn. No need to judge and demonized the process. If humanity were less critical, we would have the freedom to explore and learn far more and fearlessly. Thank you, Joa.

  3. oldcrow says:

    Actually I wonder how many psychologists and psychiatrists have noticed harry and his wife. The dynamics is quite an example of a teaching tool.
    For me, I’d like to know what disorders Harry suffers from. It’d make it easier for me to pity him.
    My heart goes out to the Queen and Prince William. They must be suffering. It’s hard to admit there are times you have to let go of a family member, to save yourself and the rest of the family.
    What’s most worrisome is will she become physically violent towards Harry or others around her.
    Once upon a time I was a police officer. I saw many people much like Harry’s wife. Some became extremely violent, when they lost control of the plot and chaos was the end result.
    Hopefully Harry’s wife has her next target in sight. She’ll go ahead with the discard. Then and only then it will be safe for Harry’s family to help him pick up the pieces.

    1. lickemtomorrow says:

      oldcrow, that last paragraph was quite comforting compared to the one that came before it.

      I think Harry’s wife is too much of a cowardly mid-range victim narcissist to become violent in the circumstances. What she could push Harry to is another story. That is also a concern when it comes to the victim of the narcissist. There is a big question mark over who (if either of them) will end the relationship, but it’s coming close to the end of its 7 year tenure. I think she’s still got too much riding on him, but at different times the cracks have shown in public and the concern there is also they are a high profile couple which means even if things are bad they – or Harry – may be inclined to put the ‘happy face’ on things for the sake of the public persona. He’ll be gripping to it even more tightly knowing how many bridge he’s burned to get to that place. I do believe an element of pride also keeps Harry bound. Some of his own narcissistic traits are keeping him there as well as hers. Best case scenario is the one you offer where she gets bored and moves on.

    2. Joa says:

      I think not many. And that’s at most in Great Britain.

      In my country, most people don’t even know who this couple is. Completely irrelevant. Nor is anyone much interested in the English royal family. Rather, it is treated as some isolated oddity, relic and bizarre obsession of the English 🙂

      The story of Diana is known – from an ordinary girl to a palace life + a tragic ending, such a story will always find admirers.

      Whereas, the world of global politics and the politicians of many countries themselves, including their private lives, are commented on more widely.

    3. Viol. says:

      Will she try to provoke him into violence towards her so she can be the Victim?

      1. WhoCares says:

        Oh wow – Viol. – that’s one I never thought of. Harry does have significant anger.
        My mother was very good at, attempting, to provoke violence in empath’s (or putting herself in harm’s way, so that she could then claim the victim.) She did it with me, with my father and with her second husband.
        We, all three, escaped her before that could occur – none of us were actually violent people. Just abused people.

        1. Asp Emp says:

          WhoCares, I agree, Harry does seem to have anger that is visible. I don’t think he lashes out on people, or animals, maybe a door or two? “just abused people” – yup.

      2. Witch says:

        I doubt she would do that deliberately, and I think she would be in complete shock if it ever happened. I believe she quite literally thinks she is a child of god and nothing like that would ever happen to her because she’s such a good person.

  4. lickemtomorrow says:

    Lots of factors to consider in terms of Harry’s non-response to his wife’s lies.

    He is being manipulated.

    He is also a prisoner. Each time he accepts her narrative or allows it to be presented without countering it, he becomes complicit, thus adding another bar to the cell where she keeps him imprisoned. It would be very hard after the fact for him to come out and disagree, ultimately discrediting her. It would be like discrediting your own self. She has so thoroughly intertwined their stories that you cannot have one without the other, or the salt without the pepper as she suggests. She has convinced Harry that her resentment is his resentment, her envy is his envy, her goals are his goals. He is her and she is him – children are not the only extensions. Stepford wives become extensions of their narcissistic husbands. Harry is a Stepford hubby and has become an extension of his narcissistic wife. It might be a lovely prison, but it’s still a prison.

    Harry’s wife also has a habit of alluding to things without coming straight out and saying them. This is infuriating and has been picked up by one Real Housewife of New York, Bethenny Frankel, who unloads on Markle in the press:

    “[Meghan says things like]: “I want to separate myself from the royal family, I was treated horribly [but] I’m going to [say] this in these hidden messages, this Morse Code to the public that’s not going to directly say what I’m saying but everyone in the royal family and in Great Britain understands exactly what I’m saying.”

    ‘At least say it! Rip the goddam Band-Aid off. Say they’re a bunch of a***oles, they’re uptight, white racist a***holes. Say it or don’t!”

    At the same time she better have the evidence to back it up.

    One journalist commented the veiled threat she issued to the RF in The Cut article was the equivalent of leaving a horse’s head in the Queen’s bed … pretty much says it all.

    That is the point where it becomes harder for me to have empathy with Harry. She is offering a threat, albeit indirect, to his family. At the same time, she has created a situation where he now sees her and their children as his only family. She has convinced him that all threats come from outside now. All the while he is not seeing the biggest threat lies within. What will it take?

    1. Asp Emp says:

      I like what you wrote here, LET. Oh, yes, Bethenny, she’s a character and a half, isn’t she? I have watched the ‘Real Housewives’ programmes, they are entertaining! When they have their claws out, they can really go for it! Harry’s wife will not have much evidence to ‘back up’ on because the lies are ‘bouncing’ back on her. I think Harry’s co-morbidities further impact on his ET / LT, I cannot ‘see’ what it could be specifically because there is not a great deal of video ‘evidence’ as such to observe it over a longer period. I think people also may have forgotten that the narcissism can be genetically passed on, alongside with other neurological ‘differences’ which makes both narcissism and the ie ADHD more difficult to ‘separate’ and determined. A prime example, Johnny Depp (narcissistic) and ADHD, but maybe because he had, some how, “conformed” to society (“moulded” himself / by others) to fit in and his ‘differences’ became less obvious as he got older (apart from the times when he was filmed at home, while under the influence of drink / drugs). Harry, being slightly younger and not having spent any real time to ‘learn’ what he is, has not ‘developed’ his own characteristics that are not “created” by conditioning from other people? That may be partly why he has not ‘created’ his own backbone? He had always been “forced” to rely on others following Diana’s death, granted, not all those people are / were narcissists. Good to read what you wrote, LET 🙂

      1. lickemtomorrow says:

        Hey AspEmp 🙂

        Not a Real Housewives person myself, but when I read what she said I think she hit the nail on the head. She came across in that very straight talking, no bullshit, NYC way (if I could call it that). She reminded me of Trump in that way, too. Maybe I should check the Housewives out because I’m sure it would be entertaining 😉

        Apart from the ‘innuendo’, the lies are definitely bouncing back on her. She’s managed to offend people in just about every English speaking country who also supposedly put her at the top of the Spotify tree. Something definitely doesn’t add up there. The South Africans are livid! Brits can’t stand her. Aussies think she’s a “tosser”. Americans don’t seem to have much time for the Duchess, apart from those attempting to promote her.

        All this, of course, only hurts Harry as he must feel like they are battling multiple fronts of antagonism. I liked HG’s description of soldiers in battle and the breakdown that can occur when the floodgates begin to open under enemy attack and retreat becomes spontaneous. They can’t keep fronting up to battle when the weight of her lies threatens to overwhelm them. At the same time, I’m yet to see sufficient evidence that they’re giving up any time soon. It will be interesting to see how this week goes for Harry, and his favourite cousin, Eugenie, is now living overseas, so they’ve lost what little family backup they still had in the U.K. They should have given up the lease on Frogmore Cottage, but that equates in Harry’s wife’s mind as giving up control and they’re able to leave a nice little thorn in the side of the RF by keeping it for their occasional unwelcome visits.

        Interesting that you are wondering if Harry has any neurodevelopmental issues which could affect his thinking and his actions also. I’m wondering if it’s possible for a narcissistic woman to strip a man of his ‘backbone’? A man doesn’t need to be macho, but it will be obvious when he is cowed in the context of a relationship. I think Harry was traumatised by his mother’s death and possibly sought to please others as a way of gaining approval and regain the love he lost when his mother died. I imagine Diana would have accepted both her sons unconditionally – that’s the type of mother she was – but without her he was possibly caught in the narcissistic dynamic with other family members and we know for the most part that means pleasing the narcissist. I could go on, but I’ve said enough already in terms of making conjecture about Harry, just wanted to acknowledge that if he is CoD in nature it’s quite possible he never had the chance to develop a strong backbone and the manipulations of the narcissist will have made every attempt to remove the challenge a backbone can bring.

        You have given me more food for thought, AspEmp, as always <3 Thanks for inspiring a level of lateral thinking again xox

        1. Asp Emp says:

          Hello LET 🙂 RE: Real Housewives, I don’t avidly watch but there are different locations and I honestly cannot choose one specific, they all seem to have a diva or two, shall we say? 😉 Yes, Harry’s wife is actually running out of countries to try to make her “mark” on the world. In my view, the RF should remove any properties that belong to the Crown away from the ‘clutches’ of Harry’s wife until he gets rid of her. Same with the titles. Not as a punishment towards Harry but to stop her using the titles etc for her purposes.

          Thank you RE: your consideration whether Harry has further neurological issues. Harry is a very vulnerable victim, in more than just narcissistic abuse. I think he does have a backbone, a strong one but she has his ‘pods’ in a vice. Diana protected Harry in a way that made him more susceptible to bullying, maybe? Yes, it was unconditional on her part but also ‘nobody will hurt my boys’ shielding.

          RE: Harry / CoD, probably most likely. Maybe similar in the way I may have been “created” but I am also independent, if that makes sense. It’s the understanding oneself that greatly changes a person’s way of looking at their inner’ self. Harry will not have had a form of ‘inner peace’ since his mother died and he needs guidance to assist in taking his ‘life’ back (as FYC suggested in her comment, she made some great points 🙂 ).

          Thank you, I always enjoy our conversations 🙂 Inspiration comes from being inspired 🙂 xx

        2. Viol. says:

          Bethenny may be a narc herself (the Real Housewives franchise pretty much requires narcs for drama), but if she is, she’s Trump’s kind: no facade, no filter. Duchess Sizzler’s hypocrisy will grate on her more than her need for attention.

          1. lickemtomorrow says:

            Viol, thanks for that feedback 🙂 You can definitely tell something is grating on her, and a lot of other people as well.

  5. Asp Emp says:

    I do feel sorry for Harry. He is coming to the UK very shortly. He will feel a lot worse at not being given the freedom to visit / speak with his family members in person – face to face. Even if with his present mindset, he may have said “I do not want to see them”, then gets onto ‘home’ ground, his emotions will come to the fore. He may display a “strong” front but he is human and someone with higher level of emotional empathy. Poor guy. To keep the children in USA, is another form of manipulation (in my opinion), not for their “security”, but as a “means” to “ensure” Harry goes back to USA (‘item retention’). It is about understanding the manipulations of the narcissist – their “game”. Harry’s wife is not necessarily sat there and saying to herself, “how can I trap him to staying with me?”.

    In my view, Harry’s wife is worse than Amber Heard. Because Harry’s wife’s ‘poison’ (I initially typed ‘tendrils’) reached out further to more people than Amber Heard did – based on what has been reported in the press, social media etc.

    Harry should consider divorce in the UK, through the UK courts – not in California. Because of the inheritance that was his years before he met / married her. Unless the UK law has changed since I last was aware of it – the spouse cannot make a claim on the inheritance of the other.

    HG, thank you for all your work on this couple. No matter what else is said in the press, by other authors and so on. You got there first. You wrote about her first. The evidence is present for all to see. The credit is yours. Thank you for moderating 🙂 xxx

    1. lickemtomorrow says:

      I’m still wondering how he managed to make that sideline trip to Africa on his own.

      Something about that felt like the old Harry, minus the drama his wife brings. Probably the first time I felt a level of respect for him in a long time, when he finally got away from her.

      In other words, there is hope if he can achieve his escape, though many pieces to pick up and lets hope it’s possible before the Queen or even his father pass away. The Queen is certainly withdrawing from a lot of events so that’s an indication she is feeling her age.

      1. Asp Emp says:

        LET, yes, I think you have noted a ‘chink’ in Harry’s former ‘rebellious’ self with regard to his trip to Africa on his own. Harry may be “weak” but has a strength within him but needs others for support. I was surprised but not surprised to read about that. Who knows? He could be planning an escape of some kind but not making any ‘noise’ about it? Yes, it is a pity about the Queen but she has been through a great deal in last couple of years, including the chaos over Andrew, losing her ‘rock’ the Duke. She has done well, despite that. Maybe the RF have made a pact to assist Harry (and the children), only when he is ready and not with her? Good to read what you say 🙂

        1. lickemtomorrow says:

          That trip really went under the wire and there was very little reporting on it, which in some way surprises me. Why are their joint trips getting more attention? It’s as though Harry on his own isn’t worth reporting on and that tells a story all of its own. The more subtle manner in which Royal style duties are carried out doesn’t stand a chance in terms of creating clickbait for the media. It’s one of the downfalls of media, in my opinion. Duty doesn’t nab the headlines in the same way superficial celebrity does.

          I wonder if he felt any different, not having his wife pawing and clawing at him the whole time. Did he feel free? Opportunities like that might just highlight the need or desire for escape. At the same time she Harry firmly entrenched as the pepper to her salt, or the salt to her pepper. SMH.

      2. Sean says:

        Not just to Africa. I’m also intrigued as to how he was able to make all these other whistle-stop visits he’s been doing recently. After all, his argument for snubbing the Queen during his current visit to the UK was the lack of adequate security. Yet he and the wife are currently in Frogmore.

        So the security bubble around the Queen is deemed insufficient to accommodate a visit from the Queen’s minor-royal grandson and his wife, but the pair of them have no problem wallowing in pity in Frogmore where security arrangements are likely to be much lower. Not to mention his trips to various European destinations as of late.

        Given the Queen’s advanced years, it is quite likely that this is the last time he will be on UK soil while she is still alive. This may well be the last chance he has to spend time with her, to talk and simply sit in the same room as her. He and his wife have stuck two fingers up at that precious opportunity, a decision he may well come to regret for the rest of his life if and when the scales fall from his eyes and he comes to his senses.

        1. Asp Emp says:

          Sean, maybe it is not just security on the Queen’s part? I saw a photograph of her shaking hands with the new UK Prime Minister (throat clearing here), the Queen looks so frail, my heart went out to her. I agree with your las paragraph, Harry will carry that ‘weight’ for the rest of his life.

        2. lickemtomorrow says:

          Hey Sean, it’s so hypocritical, isn’t it? They’ve willingly set up their own security arrangements to swan around the U.K. and Europe, and have no problem doing so to heighten their own profile, but when it comes to their family where they would be provided with the security they want, well they can go jump as far as Harry and his wife are concerned. It’s an excuse they’ve fashioned for their own purposes and to once again highlight their sense of victimhood. I’m not sure what the Germans were thinking sending a plane to fetch them, which the German people paid for through their taxes apparently. Take that U.K. The Germans treat us better 😛

          It is incredibly sad they’ve chosen to stick two fingers up at the opportunity to visit the Queen. They’ll never forgive her for putting the boundaries in place that stopped them in their tracks when they wanted to be part time Royals and ultimately suit themselves when it came to Royal duties and their lifestyle. I hope Harry does come to regret his current stance as well all do once the scales have dropped off our eyes. Regret looms large over the victim of the narcissist when they realise what they have lost and how some of that they can never get back. Still, there may yet be rejoicing if Harry ever manages to breakaway from his handler.

  6. Janet says:

    Harry can’t ever admit her lies- he is so tied to her it could be self destructive.

    1. lickemtomorrow says:

      My thoughts exactly, Janet. She has him nicely spun into her web of lies and mistruths.

    2. Duchessbea says:

      Janet, very much agree. Very sad. It is so evident to see Harry is a shadow of his former self. He and Meghan are basically a younger version of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith and we all saw how good that relationship is. HG did a great outline on that.

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