Crush Emotional Thinking : The Mirror Technique


Emotional Thinking continuing to plague your life?

Emotional Thinking making you fear the narcissist?

Emotional Thinking derailing your no contact regimen again and again?

Do you want the pain caused by Emotional Thinking to go?

Coming soon The Mirror Technique which will enable you to crush your emotional thinking.

One thought on “Crush Emotional Thinking : The Mirror Technique

  1. KindofKosher says:

    I’m so looking forward to this, HG!
    Because of your work, I recognize my emotional thinking more and more and even saying ‘no’ to my dog will activate it. I’ve realized as a Majority Contagion – I can feel the stress/dissatisfaction energy that my dogs give off when I say ‘no ‘ and it then becomes a battle with myself to either stick to my ‘No’ or to give in… silly

    When it does activate – I have to remind myself of the logic and in an attempt to befriend the emotional thinking, I assure this energy radiating in the center of my heart, that I’m looking out for all of me. It’s tough, but I’m grateful I recognize what it is.
    I imagine that the coming mirror technique is going to be incredibly helpful.

    Thank you!

    On the edge of my seat here… 🙂

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