A Letter to the Narcissist – No. 8



Dear Lesser Narcissist,

Remember how wonderful it used to be? How much we were in love. How you treated me like a princess. The romance, flowers, jewelry, and making love. Oh wait you don’t remember. Oh that’s right, none of that ever happened. What really happened?

Let me refresh your memory.

Remember when I was only 13 and you got me pregnant you told me to have an abortion because I was only 5ft2 and 90 pounds and that having a baby would kill me? So I had the abortion. And then I lied to my parents about it.

I felt shame.

Remember when you grabbed me by my neck and choked me unconscious?

Remember when you pointed the gun to my face and then went outside and fired it off?

Remember when you kicked me in the side of the face?

Remember when you would punch holes in the wall?

I felt scared.

Remember when you had sex with me while I was passed out drunk?

I felt violated.

Remember when you were driving and you said “Do you want to die?” And I leaned over and slammed my foot on the gas pedal and jerked the wheel and I said “We are all going to die.” You said “You are fucking crazy.”

Remember when I slashed the tires on my own car?

Remember when I was driving down the street and you kept running your mouth? You kept calling me a sore loser over and over and you wouldn’t stop. So I slammed on the brakes and punched you in the face. You said “Ouch! Have you been working out?” I was laughing and crying.

Remember when I smashed my car into your car? Good Times!

I felt like a crazy person.

Remember when you ripped off those guys and they whipped your ass with a fan belt? I had never seen you cry before.

I felt sorry for you.

Remember when you shared me with your friend because you owed him money?

Remember how we always watched porn?

Remember how tiny your dick was? I do.

Remember when you would tell your friends they could have sex with me if they paid you $20 dollars  then you would get mad at them for saying yes?

Remember how you always accused me of wanting to have sex with other guys, just because I was talking to them?

Remember when I cheated on you? I slept with your brother. Well I have a confession. I slept with both of your brothers.

I felt nothing.

Remember how you still live at home with your mommy?

Remember when I finally left you?

Remember when you try to scare my new boyfriend away and he kicked your ass? So I married him.

Remember when you told me not to push my religious beliefs onto to you? And I said don’t worry because when I die and go to heaven you are the last person I want to see there. I meant it.

Remember how you didn’t want to pay child support, so we had custody battles until our daughter turned 18?

Do you remember?

Well it doesn’t matter anyway. There is no reason to bring up the past.

If I send this it will just cause a hoover and give you fuel. You see I have read some of HG Tudor’s books and he taught me about narcissist. Oh never mind you wouldn’t understand. It is really unfortunate that you became what you are. I forgive you. Don’t think that I am being soft or that I give a crap about you.

I am crazy remember.

Feeling content.

So where is the delete button?


Narcis…. I mean Empath



3 thoughts on “A Letter to the Narcissist – No. 8

  1. Rebecca says:


    Having my stepdaughter move in with us, she was supposed to have stayed with us just a couple of months, but she ended up staying 11 months. She would quit jobs, not save her money to move out , have guys over and spend the night, trash her room, leave her crap in every room, complain about whatever she could think of, and we weren’t charging her rent. The stress living with her is why we started fighting more and more, and why I was ready to leave and why I served MLSOMATIC divorce papers…while she lived with us, we fought and fought…it was all just too much to deal with, I was living with two narcs and dealing with drama of my stepdaughter’s creation and then at this time, I meet LMRSOMATIC and things just got worse from there….for a while…she moved out and LMRSOMATIC transferred out of where i work and things slowly calmed down… and they’ll flare up with my stepdaughter’s drama, that MLSOMATIC gets involved with, so it goes up and down…this letter, HG, does sound so much like my stepdaughter and I think she’s a narc…definitely Somatic, Midrange because she has a pleasant demeanor about her, before she let’s her mask slip and once the mask slips, she’s like fk it and gets violent, so I would say LMRSOMATIC, just like bonehead from work. Her lesser is stronger, so maybe she’s a Lower Lesser because her facade does not last long. What do you think, HG??

  2. A Victor says:

    Oohhh, relatable! Wow!

  3. Rebecca says:


    This person sounds so much like my stepdaughter, especially the parts where she hit him and acted crazy in the car with him. The parts where she complained about being choked and used for sex with other guys, are just the kind of things she does and gets herself into and then later complains about being used, but laughs about it and says , she had fun.This letter just reminded me of how out of control she can get and I think she’s a narc,just like I think the person, who wrote this is a narc..

    Her last three boyfriends abused her and she abused them, It sounds like this person is having the same relationship issues , as my stepdaughter.. I think it’s two narcs dating each other, both the people in the letter and my stepdaughter and her boyfriends. It was hell living with her too. I won’t be doing that again. A narc definitely wrote this letter, no doubt. If she’s not a narc,I’d be very shocked.

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