Knowing the Narcissist : Quick Calm

Seize the power with EIGHT fantastic Quick Calms to assist you in bringing calm to your life when faced with various problems.

Each Quick Calm contains both a speech only video and one with musical accompaniment and will provide you not only with an injection of logic but also will calm you instantly.

Available in the Knowledge Vault using the links below

I Just Can’t Do This

They Won’t Leave Me Alone.

What If They Aren’t A Narcissist?

Stop This Feeling!

I Wish I had Never Met This Person

I Won’t Meet Anybody Normal.

It’s All My Fault.

The Hoovers Won’t Get Through.

3 thoughts on “Knowing the Narcissist : Quick Calm

  1. Asp Emp says:

    I had purchased one of these some time ago. I found the words “Why am I involving myself with someone who makes me feel less than what I am”….. people do not always think ‘outside’ the box. This, indeed, can be ‘applied’ to service providers, especially those that do not make the effort to understand from the customer’s ‘stance’ (situation, position, difficulties, disabilities, cognitive ability / capability etc), even when the evidence & facts “speak” for themselves, and, it had been a consistent in ‘place’ for a number of years without a break (this is my whole point on this so-called “service provider”!!). The information about the Laws are easily accessible, no excuse there, plenty of advisory ‘guidance’ online, again, no excuse there either! Either it is poor quality training, or, just some total and utter tw*ts!!!!!

    So, I issued further challenges. Use the system to back it up. What is worse, it is their own system that I am using against them.

    Ok, rant over. Thank you, HG x

  2. Kate says:

    Horrible thoughts about death and worse

  3. Kate says:

    I still feel a bit (very) freaked out but I’m trying to be rational. Still trying to see what’s what. What’s real and what’s not. Takes time I guess.

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