Knowing the Narcissist : Understanding The Malice Campaign


Here are the views of those who have utilised this advisory about Understanding The Malice Campaign.

“I realise now that I was worrying unnecessarily about what was happening to me. HG´s clear explanations have made me feel so much better. He is a saviour.”

“This makes so much sense. HG always know how to explain all things narc.”

“For the first time I actually feel able to do something about the way I am being treated. Nobody understands his kind the way HG does. He should be read around the world.”

“This information is worth a hundred times what HG charges for it. It is essential reading for everybody involved with a narcissist. Thank you HG.”

The Malice Campaign is feared by many who have entangled with a narcissist. It is however misunderstood, both in terms of what it looks like, why it is used and what you can do about it. Rather than be paralysed by fear and mired in confusion, you need to understand what the Malice Campaign looks like, you need to be able to recognise when it is happening and just as importantly, when it is not actually happening so that you can gain reassurance and peace of mind. You also need to know what you can do to avoid them and what you can do when they are being used against you so you can gain control and freedom.

This premium content will enable you to receive a detailed and clear Advisory which will cover

What does a Malice Campaign actually consist of?

When does a Malice Campaign happen?

Am I actually on the receiving end of a Malice Campaign?

How to recognise that it is a Malice Campaign?

Why might I be mistaken about the Malice Campaign and if I am, what is actually going on?

Why is the narcissist using it against me?

What caused the Malice Campaign?

What do I do about the Malice Campaign?

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