Knowing the Narcissist: Golden Opportunity


Failure creates opportunity. It creates the opportunity for you to learn. We know however that sitting you down and explaining your failure to you is far too easy. That will not lead to a correction in your behaviour and neither will it provide us with what we need. A quiet word in your ear, a gentle touch, the whisper of blame and the suggestion of reparation will not serve either of us. You must be punished for your failure and in doing so I create an opportunity for you to learn from that failure and in turn I grant you absolution. I must confess that I dole out the savage sanctions for your transgressions to serve my purposes but happily there is a benefit for you as well.

The negative fuel which I extract from you as a consequence of the chastisement which I visit upon you is entirely necessary. I must have it for if I do not I run the risk of being destroyed and this world needs people like me. We are the achievers, the creators and the builders who act with clarity of purpose, absolute vision and without the blurring nature and hampering effects of the emotional baggage which hinders others. We are needed to succeed, create industries, entertain the masses, achieve sporting perfection, compose the sublime, paint the ethereal and shine. Without us the world would be a lesser place and that is why we must always exist.

Your part in this does not go uncredited. If it were not for you and your kind then I would not receive the fuel, both positive and negative which is required in order for me to exist and fulfil my purpose. I need you. I may not like to admit that fact but it is a recognised one. I need your fuel and in return I provide you with a period of brilliance and then a period of correction to allow you to recognise the error of your ways. I cannot just tell you what you have done wrong, that would be too easy and you would not become a better person if the way forward was made too easy for you. The harshness of my teaching, the horror of my manipulations and the savage lectures are all for your own good.

It is only through such stern and disciplined admonishments that you will begin to understand and then you will find absolution. You will eventually, although the lessons may take some considerable time, years in numerous instances, come to understand what your role is. Not only will you understand your role but you will willingly accept that position as a sacrifice which you much make for the greater good. By acknowledging your role in submitting to us you will find absolution. You will begin to realise that the sacrifices you have made, of your self-worth, your confidence and your self-esteem have been worthwhile because they have helped fuel me and thus you have allowed me to exist.

Consider that, you are central to the existence of one such as I. You prove to be an integral part in enabling me to exist and function and in turn it is through your involvement that I am able to bring my brilliance to bear on the world. Such an involvement should be welcome by you and you ought to give thanks for being allowed to contribute, to participate and to be involved in this manner. You, through me, are able to create a lasting legacy. True, you must ensure considerable hardship in fulfilling this role but in doing so you become a better person, a worthwhile person and a useful person. Through the correction that I shall administer to you, you will suffer but then when has anything that has been worth doing been easy and pain-free? Never. I share that pain. Do you think it is easy having to garner fuel each and every day? Do you think it is easy leading, guiding and forging a new path, always moving forward? No, we all have our crosses to bear and mine is heavier than most, but I exhibit the fortitude and determination that I know you possess in order to ensure that you realise your true potential.

I chose you because I knew that you would ultimately do the right thing. I knew you would provide me with what I needed. I hoped that it would always be good but I also recognised that even if you failed me in that aspect of your role I could count on you to endure the hardship and the denigration because you wanted to help me, you wanted to realise the role which I secured for you. You wanted to succeed just as I have wanted you to succeed. I am a harsh taskmaster but you brought it on yourself. You failed and therefore you must be punished for this aberration, yet through this failure you can redeem yourself. You can exhibit your true worth and make amends for your failings, your shortcomings and your betrayal. I know you can do this because that is why I chose you. I know you can do this because I can see it in you. I know you can do this because I will make you, no matter what and against whatever odd, achieve this. I only have your best interests at heart, even if my tongue and fists may seem to tell you to the contrary.

You will not like me because I am hard but it is this hardness which means that you will learn much from me. You will realise your potential and you will always strive, driven on by me, with my encouragement, harsh as it may seem, to achieve that is right for me, for the world and ultimately through that you will achieve your absolution.


10 thoughts on “Knowing the Narcissist: Golden Opportunity

  1. Melody says:

    If a clear counting is possible, how many women are waiting for your availability? (Only these currently waiting on the various strates or shelves)

    1. HG Tudor says:

      More than I necessarily would know.

      1. Melody says:

        That was a grandiose reply! 🤣👍
        Without kidding, it’s obvious they are legions as simply by looking at the comments on here or on Youtube.
        But more about your immediate environment: If you could give a percentage of women you daily meet that would be waiting for your courtship on 1 busy day, or an example by out of 10 for example?
        You can read macro even micro expressions so you must have an idea! Not knowing isn’t Ultra!

        1. HG Tudor says:

          No, it was accurate.

          What do you mean by “waiting for your courtship”?

          1. Melody says:

            You would see in their face they would want to experience some seduction phases with you, advances, attentions…! Don’t you court?
            Something you would more evidently don’t reply: How many intimate partners did you have the past fortnight?

          2. HG Tudor says:

            A more accurate reflection would be a positive response to my presence which goes beyond simple politeness and demonstrates an interest in me. To suggest they are ready for courtship is rather accelerated for a first meeting with somebody.

          3. Melody says:

            It wasn’t about first encounter but about women you daily or regularly meet, persons you would know to be waiting for your attentions openly or not.
            As formulated in the first message.
            They are unconscious tells and the difference can be easily spotted between a woman wanting to be court and another who wouldn’t need that phase. You are deflecting. You didn’t reply either about your current intimate situation. I haven’t had any intimate contacts for ages as preferring a real relationship to anything else. There’s no shame about that, on the contrary. The Ultra wouldn’t be less ultra either if same configuration. But no more question about that. Please accept my apologies if it felt out of limit and disagreeable.

          4. HG Tudor says:

            There are people who I regularly meet who want an intimate relationship with me, yes.

          5. Melody says:

            It was a way to get an idea on how badly your appearance/self confidence are effective as I’m sure you’re receptive to everything happening around you so seeing the signals. And having a measurements of it. I should have given you an example for the out of 10 in a given situation. Sorry again 🤐

  2. Allison says:

    Moth, meet flame.

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