The Dark Cupid Series

Understand more about the dark side of intimacy.

Click on each tile to access more and embrace Dark Cupid.


2 thoughts on “The Dark Cupid Series

  1. KitKat says:

    It was a nice touch to add that you were cleansed by the rain in between. You say you aren’t a kind man, but that is awfully considerate, and did not go unappreciated.

  2. Carole says:

    Dark Cupid is the ultimate series in my opinion, possibly the one that I repeatedly listen to and never tire of 😉

    HG you are an excellent storyteller and you excel yourself with Dark Cupid, thank you for hours of enjoyment.

    Are these stories fictional or have they actually taken place or is it a mixture of both ?

    If they are genuine events that have taken place, were they IPSS or IPPS or neither ?

    Thank you, sending you love xxx ❤️❤️❤️

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