Knowing the Narcissist : Good God

I know a number of you have been curious as to what I look like so I thought it was high time I posted a picture so there you are. Just my little joke. I don’t have a beard. No, the question of spirituality is one that occasionally surfaces. I know of several of my kind who embed themselves in religious groups and congregations because there is a surfeit of care givers and do-gooders available to target. Not only are those who attend worship more likely to be empaths they are also beholden to a set of rules that exhorts them to behave in a thoroughly empathic manner. It is a double whammy of delicious goodness and evidently too good for some of my brethren to pass up.

Where does religion enter to elsewhere into our lives? I was asked recently whether I believed in God. I asked why and the questioner suggested (with fair reasoning I will admit) that she suspected that most narcissists are atheists. The reason for this is that we could not stand to believe that anything more powerful than ourselves exists. It is a good point and I know that it is an applicable one to some of my kind. But not me.

I attended church in my youth at the instruction of my parents. I found it tedious, although I did like the idea of having a pulpit and a captive audience. The history of organised religion interests me – now there were some master manipulators. I should imagine even I could learn something from the archbishops of yesteryear. I also attended a church school. I enjoyed school. It was where I first began to practise my craft and it also provided me the necessary interface with lots of different people, enabling me to study them and gauge their behaviours and reactions. You might regard this as being ahead of my time but I had a good teacher and of course daddy dearest was the headmaster as I have explained way back somewhere on this blog. I had no option to avoid religion. It flowed through the house and school and consequently my life. I was brought up to believe in God and complied with that, for the consequence of rejection was not one I wanted to suffer.

That explains my foundation in my belief but what of now? Has the passage of time and the progression of adulthood eradicated those beliefs? Not at all. If there was no God then how is it that I have been chosen to be as special as I am. Who else would lead and create and test. His power flows through me, I am his instrument and I am blessed with his power of judgement. He chooses many people to further his works and he invests each of them with a fraction of his might appertaining to different facets of his glorious being. The surgeons, nurses and charity workers are chosen to extend his tender caress across the world. The clergy are his mouthpiece, spreading the word and organising those that follow. The brilliant authors, artists, entertainers, inventors, sports stars and musicians have been blessed with an element of his almighty talent and power of creation and they are charged with bringing joy and enlightenment to the masses. For me, my role is to dispense with those who are not of his exacting standard, to challenge the impure, to test those who proclaim to be unblemished and loving and root out those that are the charlatans who do not deserve His perfect love. So yes, I believe in God for his power flows through me and I undertake his works.

50 thoughts on “Knowing the Narcissist : Good God

  1. Candied Pansy says:

    Dear Bubbles,
    All of these groups, new and old, are narc creations and playgrounds. Same old story, like you said! The prime aims!

    It’s sweet that your friend was memorialized under someone else’s tree. I’m glad a rare gem like him was part of your life.

    Uniquely vintage, you can bring wine! I’ll bring candied pansy cookies, apparently a thing. All we need is protein (or insulin)! 😆

    1. Bubbles says:

      Dear Candied Pansy,
      Exactly….our ‘dear ol friend’ was different! His brother however! 👿 he wrote his life story and handed it out to people like a pamphlet …… I was mentioned in it 😱 he blasphemed and lay accusations against others, it was disgusting ! He did it to show himself in a ‘god like’ manner 🤮 he waffled on about Lord’ , yet his actions were the complete opposite. Our greater friend, after a health scare, went ‘religious’ for a brief moment….. that stopped suddenly haha. My mum now goes to all the church services, Catholic n all . My covert stepdad was religious, had his bible and scriptures well marked and underlined, he never said a word!
      They all sit there their pretentiousness and underneath you wouldn’t know !
      Prime aims ….hell yeah !!!

      You’re on! Hehe 🥂🍸🍷🍹🍻
      We have sensational wine Down Under and I’ll put a roo or prawn (protein ) on the ol barbie 🤣
      We are now coming to the end of our winter, venturing into spring here and about to plant pansies. Our seasons are nuts! Just had our first blossom, even though it’s been raining every day haha
      I like anything candied btw! 💕😉

  2. Candied Pansy says:

    Hi Rebecca, thank you for sharing that info is on Knowing HG. I flit between wanting to know HG, and not wanting to know HG. Sometimes I learn and regret it.

    Hi Jordy, if certain alleged rituals are real, maybe he would “fuck that shit sky-high” and bounce. Whatever he does, even if it’s in a group, it’s for himself. He’ll never be a “hail hydra” guy, except a required minimum of lip service.

    I spy the floor! The Kardashians have used it. In a comment I didn’t submit to another article, I mentioned black/white and other opposites. I’ll put it here.

    @ HG
    You’re like Sauron, who tried to establish order, and Loki at the same time. I saw a charm with Chaos on one side, Order on the other. It’s divided like the black and white thinking of a narcissist, yin yang, as above so below, the inside is reflected out kind of thinking. It also alludes to your dual believer / iconoclast nature.

    1. Jordyguin says:

      Hi Pansy! …🙊…(can’t spoil but 🤫 don’t to jump to conclusions)
      When I read KHG Series…..💔… The Knowing HG Series 1-9 / The Clue Hunter Files, come with a password protected section of the blog, where we can learn and discuss i.e. clue-hunt more about HG and his Legacy. When you join (possibly one day) you’ll see what I mean.
      A glimpse into HG’s past, present, future.

      1. Candied Pansy says:

        Hi Jordy, that broken heart is foreboding! Everything I’ve read of his childhood makes me sad and wish I could save him. It achieves nothing for either of us.

        Maybe someday I’ll bite and join, but not yet. 💕

      2. Rebecca says:

        Hi Jordyguin,
        I had so many emotions running through me during the Knowing HG series. I’m still haunted by some of it, especially his twin sister. Xx

    2. Rebecca says:

      Hi Candied Pansy,

      I think you and I have similar views of HG. I see the good he does for people and I’ve heard the bad he does, he tells us himself…, but, I still think of the good mostly about HG. I guess because he’s helped me so much and I’m grateful for that help. I prefer to focus on the good, maybe it’s my empathy at work, my ET, but I avoid knowing more about the bad, like you, I don’t want to see that side. I shy away from it. I know it’s there, but I prefer not to focus on that. Willful blindness….whatever you want to call it….He’s a blessing to me regardless of the bad, I still see the good side. Xx

  3. Nadine says:

    Wie immer sehr gut geschrieben! Ich liebe Deine Ironie, HG!

    Und Du weiß ja selber sehr gut, die Narzissisten sind die Verkörperung des Teufels und weit weg vom Gott entfernt.

    Sorry, im writing in german, bit you can automaticly translated

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Narcissists embody both God and the Devil, it is all a matter of perspective.

  4. Candied Pansy says:

    🎵 “I said war! Huh! Good God, y’all.” 🎵 Your title slowly woke up the song. It’ll haunt me until I pass it on, like the videotape from The Ring.

    “It was where I first began to practise my craft and it also provided me the necessary interface with lots of different people, enabling me to study them and gauge their behaviours and reactions.”

    I fear you’ve started many personal and other wars, HG, as part of your craft.

  5. Bubbles says:

    Dear Mr Tudor,
    You are seriously phenomenal! I literally just finished watching Thomas Markle slam dunk his psycho nut case half sister and there you had it up n running on YT. God must’ve realised the workload was getting too much and knew your calling hehe
    Congrats and well done on your successful YTubes Mr Tudor, they are sensational and substantiated by its success with all your up n coming followers. It just keeps getting better. Good onya! 👍🏻 (that’s Aussie ) hehe 😜

  6. Anna says:

    Excellent post HG. Thanks for sharing. I also believe in God. I think there is a plan for everyone of us. I do also indeed think that this blog and information is exactly what God intended you to do. Thanks again for all this information. It has helped me alot. I just wish I had had access to it 20 years ago. Maybe then my life would look alot differently, my mind as well.

  7. Contagious says:

    Maybe watchman.

  8. Contagious says:

    Oh my HG! I would never guess that you were a believer. And that you see yourself as an agent of HIS works. You are obviously not a literal follower of the Bible. My guess is you were raised Anglican. I love and respect all religions and find it interesting that the major ones are not far apart time wise if you consider the length of time this planet has existed or mankind allegedly first appeared. I know many will disagree but I believe God spoke through many in many ways forming religions based on love. For me, it is Jesus. The Prince of Peace. His child. I once commented here that I see you as a gatekeeper knowing both sides so well. Or perfectly in every way. I don’t know the extent of your sins or if you have asked for forgiveness for them. That’s none of my business. But this blog helps people. Education is power. It allows good people to spot those who are harmful to them quicker or if ever thanks to you. And this is God working through you in my belief. Your work cuts off fuel or harm to the people who want to better this world. If NC is successful, of course there are 9 billion in the world so the wider your education the better the world is for it. And while you get fuel ( money, fame, influence, accolades etc…), you didn’t have to do THIS. You could have developed a blog that helps narcissists and psychopaths target empaths. You would certainly have a following and maybe more fuel ( if we are to believe narcs and psychopaths are more likely to rise to the top versus line the prisons). I won’t name them but there are many social media types who do just this ( some have been arrested for trafficking… hint hint). And when I say gatekeeper I don’t mean the boatman to hell or the person who helps those get to heaven. I mean here on Earth. Someone unique who so intimately knows how each human ticks and separates them or tries by educating them and concluding with the same firm message: no contact. Only God could change a narc or psychopath unless intervention at an earlier state of that child’s life. Even then…. You are a warrior. It’s a war. A war to protect the good and isolate those who harm them. The fact you recognize God made you is amazing to me. Thank you for sharing this. May your legacy grow and expand ( and that your focus is on this ….gathering fuel from sources who appreciate your help while helping people with your education ) versus any other any sins along the way;)

  9. Enthralled says:

    Interesting considering I have recently been watching ‘How to become a cult leader’. One could say Hitler was the most successful, but what stands out is how ultimately they destroyed everything they built.

    Haha yes, the narcissist can twist their understanding to believe in god should it suit their requirements.

    Perhaps it is my conection to energy and emotions – but I have always thought that our belief in god is possible – ‘as a human higher consciousness to which we are all connected’. There is some scientific evidence that may relate to this – but will not go into that 😉 It was strange to see these ideas reflected by Carl Rogers and also comforting to know I was not the only one to have such thoughts…

    I personally do not believe nor disbelieve in god – I have no authority to know either way. I do question if such is a separate entity from ourselves tho…

  10. Asp Emp says:

    “of course daddy dearest was the headmaster”.

    Some people attended schools when a parent worked there too. Some would have been proud, others may have been mortified.

    Did your father ‘detach’ from you because of your attending the same school where he worked, or did that occur prior (in your earlier years)?

    “my role is to dispense with those who are not of his exacting standard, to challenge the impure” – not just referring to narcissists.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      It was for reasons I have previously explained.

      1. Rebecca says:

        You have said before, when it suits your purpose, your beliefs change, that includes religious beliefs…this is a prime example of that chameleon like change of the narcissist. New target is religious, suddenly so is the narcissist. Great article showing the turn on a dime the narcissist can do and does. Thank you HG for the knowledge and sight. Xx

        1. Contagious says:

          HG said he became a believer earlier in life in this article. I have never heard him say or read he was an atheist. I assumed so. Is there proof that HG stated he was an atheist? That he has changed positions.? Either you are pregnant or you are not. Same with believers.

          1. Candied Pansy says:

            Hi Contagious,

            I know your comment was to Rebecca, but here is where HG told me he was an atheist, unless it suited him to not be.


            It’s close to the bottom of the comments section, May 29th.

          2. annaamel says:

            He doesn’t believe, Contagious. He’ll pretend to if it benefits him. But it’s a facade.

          3. Rebecca says:

            Thank you Candied Pansy. Xx


            I believe HG also said he was an atheist in one of the interviews with Doug, Dazed, but not confused. Xx

          4. Contagious says:

            Candied and Annamel this makes no sense. HG is always so consistent. Maybe HG questions now? This happens to all Believers. Yes he is a narcissistic psychopath. Yes. But God never eliminated anyone from Him under certain circumstances;) HG didn’t NEED to do this blog or create this particular legacy. Why this? Why empower people? Unmask narcs and psychopaths to the degree we can get scape them in daily life. Is this all to achieve some intellectual legacy? Some guru like following? OR is there a Light flowing through? We don’t know. Nor would HG if chosen. But my gut says HG is different. HG has proven to be outside of labels and conditions even when applied. I think any evolved human, like Stephen Hawking, any genius, comes to the ultimate question. Death. What’s next? I have known ASPD, to hedge his bets, life is short but eternity might be long. They play both sides. Could that be it? Or is HG seriously trying to deal make with God? I know what I am. What I have done. If I take this gift you have given me and use it for good not bad, well? Anyone can see how HG could help psychopaths and narcs and how financially rewarding and thrilling that would be. But HG with all his genius went the other way. Why? When I first met him I said it felt like a cold freezing air. He joked better than hot air. I felt this each time. He is who he is but he is a man. This isn’t a case of Jesus and a song “ I don’t know how to love you…”from Jesus Christ Super Star for me ( I cry every time hearing this song.) But it adds to the enigma that is HG. I think he is like a watchtower.

          5. Jordyguin says:

            „But HG with all his genius…He is who he is but he is a man. This isn’t a case of Jesus..“

            Woop! Hold on there. Jesus repeatedly stated that he is not above any other human and that he is a man. Furthermore he bothered in particular with his own folks who placed themselves above others. In fact he bothered with them ONLY and not with other tribes. There is evidence in the Bible where a woman of another tribe is passing by and wants to take part in Jesus’ teachings and he is like „Keep going, this is not for you. My people only! Bye.“ Wonder why he gave narc vibes at times? Because he had to deal with those same people (offspring) the grand priest Moses took prior to the desert for the 40 years of programming of *you are the better humans — the chosen ones*. A prominent narc slogan is it not?!

            Moses’ project originally targeted a specific tribe and placed them into a Lack of Control Environment where the new generation would face 40 years of isolation in a brutal desert survival. Coupled with cult-practices of the carrot and the stick, pedestal-dogma, god-complex = narcs and psychopaths breeding ground accomplished.

            Jesus was stressing about the deprograming of his own tribe, but faced many obstacles. Just to name two of them – mommy dearest Mary and Peter the Apostle couldn’t control him as they craved to (Bible evidence) and would seek out to do that later. The church is based on mother Mary and Peters’ doings/prime aims. The final control of Jesus by the control of Jesus’ teachings ― made into global teachings, which was not its purpose originally and inflicted global turmoil.

            However, Jesus almost has this flair of the Ultra, I’m inclined to think. Though Jesus failed, he did not, as there seems to be a trace embodied within his teachings. Almost as if he seemed to know what his folks would do post his death, he outgunned those who thought they could control him. Within their own territory.
            In my view, HG and Jesus have more in common, in certain areas, than “true believers” may actually realise.

            Still, the majority of people (with exceptions) put Jesus on a pedestal and pester him or rather their own fantasy with their knee bending delusion, he – in reality knowing who he is – wouldn’t care less about. Their choice, their chains. Not his problem after a while. He never took responsibility for the failings or laziness of others, when he lived. Though it is presented differently by forcing the crucifix in peoples’ faces on a daily basis, wherever you look, you can’t escape it. People are taught to WANT to keep him/ picture him on the cross and painfully suffering. Not removing (him) themselves from the “cross” (altar of punishment, suffering and stagnation in their own daily existence).


            Another candidate for the Tudorscope popped into mind, HG!
            Johannes Anglicus 9th-century — Pope Joan — SHE f*cked the church!

            Also Lucrezia Borgia! She was uncontrollable and historically smeared by those who couldn’t control her. I’m curious, as ’what’ you would classify them. Both – Joan and Lucrezia – mighty and challenging!

  11. Allison says:

    Hmm…natural theology. Interesting.

  12. Bubbles says:

    Dear Mr Tudor,
    Awww bless, that was truly a godsend to read ! 😇🙏🏻✝️

  13. Candied Pansy says:

    Way to dispel rumors of a God complex! 😉 You told me you’re an atheist, unless it suited you to not be. Maybe narcissism believes, to make you only second to God. Are you a new Lucifer, here to enlighten us? Is psychopathy an atheist, but narcissism a believer? I shouldn’t take it seriously, but I’m part cat, and curiosity kills me.

    1. How many years of church school? I did 3.
    2. Have you been in a Freemason lodge?
    3. Have you been a Freemason?
    4. Are you one?

    1. HG Tudor says:

      5 years.

      1. Contagious says:

        My father was a freemason

        1. Sweetest Perfection says:

          I prefer 🌹🎚️That’s where it’s at.

        2. A Victor says:

          Hi Contagious,
          Some of the writers of the US Constitution were freemason’s also, as well as several Presidents. I’m sure you’re aware of this. I had not read before of any connection HG had to them, that is interesting but not surprising given what he’s shared of himself and his family. I will need to re read the KHG series again with this in mind since I didn’t catch it before.

          I am curious about how your dad being a Freemason affected your life with him, if at all? Was it just something he went and did or was it brought into dinner conversations at home etc? If you don’t feel you can share, I understand.

          1. Contagious says:

            Hi Victor! My father was a Vietnam vet, total empath, lost all his friends in his class in Vietnam, was derailed by this and drank. My father was also the type to join clubs, he was a musician sang and played at the Blue Note in NYC was offered a record deal, was a baseball player who was offered minor leagues, but Vietnam came. He joined the legion, the Jaycees, the vets, the local baseball league serving as a volunteer for years but my poor brother was an artist not a ball player yet my father still volunteered and a mason. His father was one whose father both were from Friesland Netherlands and once owned the biggest bread factory in NY. My fathers family are all kind, very empathetic, slow talking, big families, unassuming but devoutly religious types with almost zero materialism. Devout family types. I doubt he joined the masons for any other reason than business connections. But he had the ring, the temple meetings and the secret handshake. He rarely spoke of it. nothing interesting to tell.

          2. Contagious says:

            To add to my reply Victor, profiling is indigenous to HG. Why not go to Elon Musk and offer his services to rid pedophiles from this Earth. Elon has made a stance to help fight trafficking. There is so much HG could do, and maybe he is? We will find out. No one wants to discuss Sound of Freedom. Why? HG?

          3. A Victor says:

            Hi Contagious, thanks for sharing, that was interesting actually. I think a lot of freemasons may have been, or may be, like your father, family men, trying to expand their connections. I have no doubt that there are some dark dealings also but not everyone is necessarily involved.

            I have not seen Sound of Freedom, though several people have told me i should. Tough subject matter.

    2. Bubbles says:

      Dear Candied Pansy,
      Great observation! Freemasons ?! …perfect … (I didn’t even think of that)
      HRH The Duke of Kent is the head of Freemasons in London. The Royals have a long association with the Freemasons.

      Our ‘dear ol friend’ was a Freemason! He served others all his life without seeking reward and always underplayed his achievements (even on the world stage) and still felt he hadn’t done enough. He was one of life’s true gentleman. Thankfully, his recognition and contributions have been enshrined permanently…it’s just a pity he’s didn’t get to see it.

      He showed me his apron and white gloves, however, I can’t divulge anymore…’s a secret hehe 😉

      1. Rebecca says:

        Dear Bubbles,
        My husband’s grandfather told me about the freemasons. I found them very interesting and watched a recent documentary on them.

        Dear HG,
        My brother went to Catholic Middle school, but I think church school is different for you, or is it?? He was having behavioral problems in Middle school and my mother put him in Catholic school for three years. He did go to a regular High School, after Middle school. My mother wanted him to get extra attention in school, she felt he needed the extra guidance because of his behavioral issues in class. He was setting fires and throwing stink bombs and getting into fights, and he would get into fights with me at home and torment me with ridicule and poking comments. I was triggered earlier, sorry if I caused problems from my comments earlier today on the blog. Xx

        1. Rebecca says:

          I wanted ro correct an error here. My brother went to a Baptist Academy, not a Catholic school, my mistake. Xx

      2. Candied Pansy says:

        Hello Bubbles,
        Thank you! I see HG in the role that Lucifer has for some Freemasons, a bringer of light, yet evil to others. They’re big in England, as you said of the royals. HG knows more than he lets on! I want to sneak in his mind palace.

        They’re in America too. Presidents have clubs (George W Bush in Skull and Bones). Celebrities do signs with their hands and wear certain rings, even athletes.

        It looks like your friend embodied what Freemasons are supposed to do. Gentlemanly lifelong service. It’s a shame when you can’t see the impact you had. There’s a quote about planting trees where you’ll never sit in the shade. I’m sure your friend knew he was planting some kind of trees.

        Haha tease at the end! Google will help 😉 I’ll just get some regalia on etsy and make my own order!

        1. Bubbles says:

          Dear Candied Pansy,
          Yes, I’ve heard of them, the power elite of Yale graduates incorporating sexual bonding undertones, boys will be boys haha
          We now have this newer updated version of Illuminati with ‘celebrities’ climbing on board….good grief whatever next ? 🤦‍♀️
          Same ol story, wealth breeds power and control !

          Funny you should mention Candied Pansy, our dear ol friend was memorialised under the shade of someone else’s tree. He was truly a good person with a kind heart and no hidden agendas. Very rare these days !

          Haha regalia on Etsy …..why the hell not, I like your style hehe
          I can relate, I’m uniquely vintage 🤣

      3. Bubbles says:

        Dear Rebecca,
        Is the documentary available to see, sounds interesting?🤓

        1. Rebecca says:

          Dear Bubbles,

          It was on Netflix recently, it was called, 33 and beyond: The Royal Art of Freemasonry.
          My maternal Grandfather was a Freemason, it’s on his tombstone, their mark. My husband’s fraternal Grandfather was a FreeMason and I had a conversation with him about them. His Grandmother is a member of the women’s version of the organization. She talked to me about it, too. I found them both interesting and asked a lot of questions, they answered what they wanted me to know.

          1. Bubbles says:

            Dear Rebecca,
            Thank you kindly, I shall look it up.
            Very interesting history in your family Rebecca. 😉

          2. Rebecca says:

            Dear Bubbles,

            I wish I could tell you some stories my husband’s Grandfather told me, especially the funny ones. 😁 xx

        2. Rebecca says:

          Dear Bubbles,

          I saw another FreeMason lodge, in my travels, this weekend. I haven’t been in one before, though I’ve seen a lot of them from the outside. I’ve yet to feel the need to go inside, where I wasn’t invited. I’m curious to see what there is to see, but I won’t make my own invitation. Until then, I’ll just imagine what’s inside and what’s discussed within its walls. Xx

          1. Allison says:


            We had a huge Freemason lodge where I lived in Texas. I disguised myself and infiltrated it one night. I’m down for the cause like that.

            They did lots of macrame and talked about their feelings. Didn’t expect that. I barely escaped with my life.

    3. Rebecca says:

      Candy Pansy,
      I thought the same as you because HG told me the same, hes an atheist.

      HG, my maternal Grandfather was a Freemason, it’s on his gravestone too, the mark. My husband’s Grandfather was one too and his grandmother is a member of the woman’s version of the freemasons…their name escapes me right now. My husband’s Grandfather told me about the freemasons, when I asked him about it. Things I won’t say here. 🫢xx

    4. Rebecca says:

      Candied Pansy,
      The Freemason info on HG is available in his Knowing HG series. Xx

    5. Jordyguin says:

      I red HG’s comment on Freemasons „You can fuck that shit sky-high.“
      In the Knowing HG Series and Clue Hunter Files, there is more on the Freemasons.
      Meanwhile here is a clue from the open blog. If you’re familiar with the interior of those lodges, you’ll see it in the image right away.

  14. Sweetest Perfection says:

    You got a sick sense of humor.

    1. Allison says:

      Verily, he sitteth in his high place, for Tudor Towers is his dwelling.
      And he doth taketh the piss…

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